Woodshed Spanking


Embarassing sneak spanking picBeing taken to the woodshed is another part of spanking Americana that doesn’t cross the Atlantic too well. I first did some digging on this a while back when a reader sent in a selection of short anecdotes and ‘real’ woodshed spanking pictures culled from Facebook et al.

Most of them to be fair seemed to be candid’s taken of women of undetermined age being spanked in garages and the like and so for this post were off-topic. Although the picture above is more like a hay shed and came labelled marital spat.

I remember watching a short-lived US sitcom back in the 1980s where a new step father is remonstrating with his new family about discipline. The late-teen girl protests that she is too old to be included in ‘woodshed issues’ and the father looks significantly at the rather comely wife and mother and replies ‘a girl is never too old for the woodshed.’

The wife blushes and quickly changes the subject.

Later on a remember reading how a young woman lawyer was caught in a minor scandal was quoted as saying ‘this is a little bit more serious than a trip to the woodshed, although knowing my Dad that might not be completely out of the question.’

Beyond the comedy quips a discussion about marital spanking talked about the pros and cons of the being taken to the woodshed.

The main aim (traditionally anyway) was to keep the discipline form disturbing the house. Brenda suggested that with an extended family she was always grateful when her husband ‘handled things’ in the out buildings.

Mary96 disagreed. She claimed that the shed in the yard only increased the chances of the neighbours hearing or seeing something.

It seems that this has always been a point of contention; does the woodshed increase or reduce privacy and is shame of discretion the intentions? It seems intents vary.

I was sent a pic of a college girl having been spanked in garage and being camera-snapped by a cousin. Not sure about the ethics of using it so it is on hold. It is not particularly graphic, but the young woman is clearly in a partial state of undress much like the picture above.

For her anyway, the bedroom would have been a much preferred choice.

15 Responses to “Woodshed Spanking”

  1. 1 Tony

    My grandfather had a woodshed. It had a door on it, so it was more like a small one room building. It was used to keep the fire wood dry, store the feed for the chickens and goats and strap a naughty boy or girls bottom when needed. In fact a leather strap hung on a nail in the shed just for that purpose.

  2. 3 cindy2

    Those of us who grew up in America but not rural America generally never met the strap in the woodshed, but that does not mean that our bare bottoms did not receive the kiss of the strap when the need arose.

  3. Yes, post that picture. Let’s face it, if she were naughty enough to be taken to the garage she deserves all the embarrassment she can get.

  4. 8 fatherjim

    Please, you can NOT tease us with a description of a pic and then keep it to yourself. That is cruel and unusual punishment!

    • 9 DJ

      It really isn’t a big deal Jim. It is less graphic than the one above. I might include it in a collection of apparently real punishment pics I have been sent lately. But my in-tray is full and needs sorting. 🙂

  5. 10 Ann Blake

    We lived on an estate that had a horse stable. This served as a serious threat for not complying with my stepmother’s over the knee spanking. If I complained about the unfairness of getting an old fashioned spanking or did not react with obedience etc my stepmother would announce that we needed to adjourn to the stables and take of business there. Oh how I would cry at this news. Immediately my Father and mother would put their boots on while I whimpered.Once in the stable my stepmother would grab me by the arm lead me to a tall wooden table and unbutton my pants ( in silence ) take my jeans down to my ankles and position me over the edge of the table hands bracing the sides. She then would fold my shirt up an inch and safety pin it in place while telling my father that it was unfortunate that a 22 year old girl still needed her bottom reddened to behave but since that was the case a good whipping was in order. ” Lets get these panties down and take a look at this naughty bottom.”
    With that she would slip my panties down, slowly, side to side while I whined and sniffed. Patting my large bottom gently she would coo ” Oh now, a big bottom bared like this needs a good old fashioned warming, big white cheeks of yours are just begging for some one on one time with the palm of my hand. Don’t worry Sarah I’m going to spank your bottom good with my palm, warm it up toasty and hot for your Daddy’s belt., while pushing up her sleeves and flexing her hands.. My dad would stand on the other side and nod his head in agreement. Raising her large palm she would begin the smacking with one arm around my waist and the other soundly creating an even tempo on both cheeks and slightly increasing the tempo and strength with each round. Always pleased when I would begin to twitch and clench kicking out and crying. ” Oh now dear, look ath the show your sweet big bottom is giving us.” . I would cry and buck like always while stepmom would announce how tender my bottom was becoming just about ready for a good whipping. Once pleased with her work she would stop and appraise her work while I would weep my bottom so very sore. She would take her drink and sit on her tall stool with it’s cushioned back and get ready for the show. Daddy would pull off his belt and under my stepmothers direction, Mark my bottom good. ” John, take your time slowly, side to side and up and down Sarah has an extra big bottom needs an extra good whipping, she always improves greatly after a lesson in the shed, the redder her behind is the better her temperament. I would lets my lungs loose after each strike of the belt and my mother would encourage my dad not to stop but to keep it up ” oh cry those tears out Sarah nothing like a nice whipping to help you sleep tonight. After 6 or 7 strikes my stepmother would jump off her stool and push my back down farther and keep me in this position directing my Daddy to ” Mark those cheeks good John our little girl has been needing this for quite some time.” Daddy would go to work while I bucked twitched and kicked, all good signs I was once again learning the rules. Afterward in tears my stepmother would March be back to the house, sans panties and jeans pulled up to the tops of my thighs, framing my bright crimson globes. ” a good bare bottom march always help our little girl remember who is in charge. I I would still be howling and aware that anyone in the house would see my spanked bottom. Once inside I would spend a half hour in the corner, panties and pants down showing off my bright red bottom. Rare were these excursions to the stable but once again my stepmother was 100% correct, a good whipping was exactly what I needed to understand how to behave. My attitude was greatly adjusted and my manners became exemplary. Nothing like a good old fashioned trip to the stable and taste of the leather on my bare bottom to work it’s magic.

    • 11 cindy2

      Ann, I very much enjoyed reading your post. You know now but maybe didn’t know then that the punishments you received were for your own good. You had people who cared about you and realized sometimes that hand spankings may just be a warm up for the strap. I must admit that is true of me also even though the spankings and strappings were invariably administered to me in the house rather than a stable which we didn’t have. A good whipping is indeed what is needed to understand how to behave, and I can just imagine your shame and concern knowing that anyone has the potential to see your naughty bare punished bottom. cindy2

  6. 13 susie james

    I started spending some time during summers and vacations in the country with an older couple, let’s call them the Jones, that were friends of my parents. There were four houses on their road and an orchard behind the houses. Mr. & Mrs. Jones owned the orchard but everyone shared its’ use. The Jones’ house was one of the middle houses and had a large shed behind it on the edge of the orchard that was used to store tools, cut wood and other things. Everyone shared the use of the shed as well.

    Mr. & Mrs. Jones raised their children in that house but now lived alone. The first time I stayed with them was for 2 months and it was the first time I ever met them. I knew right off that they had kids because pretty much as soon as my parents left they sat me down and told me the rules of the house. Nothing too different then my parent’s rules but some different chores like feeding the chickens and tending the garden. They also wanted me to attend Vacation Bible School at their church. It was from 9:00am to 2:00pm Monday through Friday. No big deal, I had attend Vacation Bible School at home before.

    It was Saturday afternoon and after the rules talk they showed me around the property and showed me how to do the chores. We had dinner then after the dinner clean up they let me get settled in my room. It had been a long day with the drive to their place and we had church early in the morning so I fell asleep early.

    When Mrs. Jones woke me up I swear the sun was barely up. I got dressed and Mr. Jones showed me how to feed the chickens. This would be one of the first chores I was to do every morning. We had breakfast, Mrs. Jones and I cleaned up the breakfast dishes then we all went to church. I was introduced around, there was a social hour after church. Into town for some shopping and lunch, back home, chores, some free time then helping Mrs. J get dinner ready, clean up, some TV, then at 9:00pm Mrs. J comes over to me and says it’s time to get ready for bed, a bit early for me but what could I do. We go upstairs and she starts a bath for me. She tells me not to take too long. After I finish and in my PJs she comes into my room to “put me to bed”, it’s 9:30pm.
    5:30am Mrs. J is in my room waking me up. She has laid out a dress I brought for special occasions, shoes, ankle socks and underwear. She tells me to hurry up and get dressed so I can feed the chickens before breakfast. Chickens feed, me feed, breakfast clean up then she drives me to Vacation Bible School. She signs me up, says she will pick me up after school, kisses me goodbye and leaves.

    Nothing special that morning with Vacation Bible School. Lunch at 11:30 am followed by “recess” until noon. During recess a couple of girls, not in my class, introduces themselves to me and convince me to cut the afternoon session. They say no one takes attendances and since I’m new no one will miss me.

    We walked into town and got a soda. We just hung around a little then it was time to head back. I got back in time to meet Mrs. J when she can to pick me up. On the short ride home she asked me how school was and what I learned. I said it was fine and just stretched out what we did in the morning to fill the whole day.

    Back at the house Mrs. J walked me to my room. She had several dresses out on the bed, some nice, some plain. The dresses were her daughters and she wanted to see if they fit me or if they needed to be altered. She said the nice ones were for school and church and the plain ones were for home. I told her I had plenty of clothes with me but she said the pants and jeans I brought just wouldn’t do. She said girls around here wear dresses not pants. She had me undress and try on the dresses, some fit fine but some needed to be altered. She handed me one of the plain ones that fit and said “you can wear this one today”, I put it on then she told me to go do my chores.

    I was working in the garden when Mr. J came over to ask me how my day was going and how school was. I told him the same school story that I told Mrs. J.. He told me to stop what I was doing and follow him. He walked to the shed and I followed him in.

    He walked over to a pile of branches and started sorting thru them. With his back to me and sorting thru the branches he said he had hoped that it wouldn’t come to this or at less it wouldn’t happen so soon into my visit. I had no idea what he was talking about.

    He turned around and faced me, he had several branches in his hand. He walked over to a work table, picked up a knife and cut 5 pieces of the branches in about 2 foot lengths. With the knife he started removing twigs and attached leaves from them. He told me that Mrs. J had received a phone call from my teacher while I was working in the garden. My teacher told Mrs. J that I had missed afternoon class.

    Mr. J walked over to a large bale of hay and sat down. I started to get an idea of what might be coming. Mr. J said that not only was skipping school a bad thing but that I had lied to both him and Mrs. J and none of these things were going to be tolerated. He called me over and pulled me across his lap. I was quite surprised. He pulled up my skirt with his left hand and he yanked down my panties with his right. Now I was both surprised and embarrassed.

    Mr. J held me down across his lap with his left hand on the small of my back and with one of the switches he made in his right hand he started whipping my bare bottom very quickly. I barely had time to protest before the burn and the sting of the switch caused me to cry out. My backside was on fire and I was crying like a baby and promising to be a good girl within minutes. Mr. J continued to spank me for what seemed like 15 minutes. When he was done my entire backside and upper thighs were on fire. When I got up from his lap I did a little dance while I rubbed my bottom. I didn’t care that my panties were still down or what Mr. J could see all I could think about was the burning of my backside and thighs.

    This wasn’t the last time Mr. J took me to the woodshed during this stay or my other stays with them. All the other times I had to go out and make the switches myself.

    The last time Mr. J took me to the woodshed I was 19. I had stayed out too late. I told him I was too old to be spanked by him, that was a mistake. While I was over his lap with my panties down and my bare bottom exposed to him he told me he thinks of me as one of his daughters now and that no matter how old I get if he thinks I need to be straighten out I can expect a trip to the woodshed. The spanking I got from him this time convinced me that he was serious. He also grounded me and I had my “14 year old” bedtime reinstated for the rest of my stay. That was the last time I stayed with them.

    I’m going to be staying with the Jones again next summer.


    [Minor edits Ed.]

    • 14 DJ

      Thanks for the story Susie,

      What do you think will happen next time? How old are you now?

  7. 15 Dean

    Loved your story Susie. I can relate about having to cut a switch. My grandma made my butt look like a roadmap with all the welts she raised on it with a plum tree switch which I had to pick and cut for her to use.

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