Solved Divorce Problem by Taking Wife Across Knee and Spanking Her


1911 otkTaken from the New York Sun-Syracuse Herald — March 1911

Evansville, IndIndianan, March 1 — “I don’t kneed a lawyer to fight a divorce case,” said Frank Kuebler when told his wife had sued him.

Kuebler is a wealthy farmer and an educated man. His wife charged him with cruel treatment. As soon as he was informed of the suit he drove home and there faced his wife. He took her across his lap and spanked her with a slipper, according to her statements to the neighbors.

Kuebler and his wife came to her lawyer’s office here and she directed the attorney to immediately dismiss the suit for divorce.

“My wife didn’t want a divorce and I soon showed her she didn’t,” said Kuebler.

2 Responses to “Solved Divorce Problem by Taking Wife Across Knee and Spanking Her”

  1. 1 gahollen

    never underestimate the power of a slipper it has shown many the error of their ways and put them back on a straight and narrow path.

  2. 2 John Pretzel

    What an excellent way to deal with a dis respectful wife, who thinks she wants to leave. My wife and I have just competed a messy divorce maybe I should have tried the use of the slipper on her naughty backside.

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