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nude boss

I know its that time and I hate to keep you hanging around but I haven’t been online last week. Normal service will resume soon.

20 Responses to “No Weekly Update”

  1. 1 cindy2

    Twelve minutes until her spanking? And if this happens, will the blinds be opened so she will suffer the added embarrassment of having the blinds opened so those on the other side will be able to witness her thrashing?

  2. 2 Becky

    I hate having to do corner time before corporal punishment or a punishment spanking like this. If I have offended severely having to stand hands on head with my dress or skirt lifted and my knickers already stripped to my ankles before the punishment is often the first part of what can be a longer overall punishment. Thirty minutes stood like this gives me plenty of time to reflect on my offences and the penances I will be receiving to punish me for these and deter me from reoffending.

    After the spanking or caning, having thanked HoH for my spanking and apologised again I always then get an even longer period of corner time, up to an hour, with my beaten behind exposed, hands on my head or shoulders and nose firm to the wall to take in the learnings. Do other submissive wives get similar discipline or worse? Becky

    • 3 cindy2

      I have had a boyfriend who has punished me with corner time before and/or after a spanking/strapping, Becky, but I can’t speak from the perspective of a wife. And we didn’t really have a HoH relationship (in part because we didn’t live together), although I’ve sometimes thought how such a relationship would be. cindy

  3. 4 Becky

    Thanks Cindy. I am not hoping to reduce the severity of what I receive when I break our agreed rules but I think it is important to learn from others (whatever their relationship) if there are other ways in which one can be disciplined if deserved. This is how the wearing of school uniform came to be included on our list of sanctions for severe or multiple offences and although I hate having to wear it, as a punishment it does serve to both punish me and deter me from repeating my wrongdoings. Becky

    • 5 cindy2

      Becky, my boyfriend did talk to me about wearing of school uniforms. We may be getting back together. I’m just not sure. Neither he nor I have had personal experience with uniforms when we were in school, but he and I to some extent have read up on how wearing of school uniforms can help deter adults from repeating wrongdoings. I have to admit that the very idea of dressing up that way is very embarrassing which is perhaps the very point. If we do get back together and he requires it of me, I will of course do what he asks. Spankings and punishment on my nipples were used as sanctions for offenses and I was required to “present” myself to him for these lessons. I have to admit what he did helped me and miss that we are not together at the moment. Perhaps that will change.

  4. 6 Becky

    Cindy, I cannot do anything but affirm that wearing school uniform is very embarrassing. Every time I have earned this punishment, which is only for sever or multiple rule breakages, it deters me for weeks/months from repeating such behaviour. In my case this means normally having to wear old fashioned thickly elasticated bottle green or navy knickers, a green or navy checked cotton dress reaching below my knees, with buttons from neck to hem, long sleeves wit button cuffs and a collar, grey or white knee or ankle socks and either a green or grey with green trim wool cardigan. As I am typically also grounded as part of a sweet punishment I have to dress like this at home with the exception of also having to attend Church dressed in this way. I am fortunate in part that because I always wear a plain skirt and blouse or plain dress together with a sweater or cardi when not at work as this underlines my role as Jack’s submissive wife to date no one has explicitly mentioned or asked me about my appearance when uniformed. However this does not mitigate the horrendous embarrassment I deservedly feel or that it makes me behave more like a school girl speaking only when spoken to for example. At home because I receive this only for sever offending it’s effecting making realise that my misbehaviour has lost my position as a submissive wife and relegated to me that of a naughty schoolgirl is underlined by the other sanctions I have deservedly earned. Having to sit in school uniform writing lines, stand in the corner with your hands behind your back or with your school cardigan and dress pinned up, large knickers around your ankles and my caned or slippered behind on display all drive home the lessons which have to be learnt if I misbehave. I also have a school tunic, blouse and tie which I have ben confined to, thankfully only twice in the last four years, instead of the school dress which is even more humiliating.
    This is definitely the most severe sanction on our agreed list but if I break our written rules I accept that I lay myself open to this punishment if HoH deems it appropriate. I would be really interested if others have written rules or sanctions like us and what they are?
    Like you Cindy if I have offended as a first step I have to present myself both to explain and apologise before HoH decides my punishments. I think having to stand straight with my hands behind my back and do this helps me to realise what I have done and accept the punishment and chance to learn which the penances applied will give me. Hope to hear from you again. Becky

    • 7 cindy2

      Becky, thank you for the description of the school uniform you are required to wear when you show penance and receive discipline from your HoH. I was thinking of asking you to describe it and appreciate that you told me about the outfits. It would be disingenuous of me to deny that I see, in my mind’s eye, you standing, hands behind your back, knickers lowered and around your ankles, tears falling from your eyes, and your well-chastised bare bottom on display after your caning. I know how embarrassed I have felt when required to stand in that position following a strapping and can just imagine how you feel. I can also imagine how you feel when writing lines. May I ask what the sentence you are required to write says (if I am not becoming too personal) and how many times are you required to write the sentence?
      When I was required to “present” myself to my boyfriend for my corrections, he did more than lecture me and require me to listen. He required me to actively participate. As an example, he would ask, “Cindy, do you know why you are here today?” And of course I knew why I was there. Because I had misbehaved. I said, “I am here because I have been a bad girl.” And he would invariably ask, “What happens to bad girls, Cindy?” If I only responded, “Bad girls are spanked,” he would follow up with, “Spanked where, Cindy?” requiring me to say, “Bad girls are spanked on their bare bottoms.” Requiring me to admit this fact–that bad girls are spanked on their bare bottoms and that I am a bad girl–was very difficult for me, very embarrassing, but I admit that my boyfriend’s method did help me in so many ways.

  5. 8 DJ

    Thanks girls and an interesting debate 🙂

    sorry I took so long acknowledging it

  6. 9 Becky

    Cindy, What lines I have to write depend on what I have done. An example when I last offended so seriously that I was confined to uniform was, “I deserve to wear schoolgirl uniform and attend Church in it, be caned, have my mouth washed with soap and water, do regular corner time and be sent to bed at 6 o’clock because I have been naughty, disobedient and immature”. I had to write this 250 times which took hours. Sometimes I have to write essays about my punishment or write out our rules and list of potential sanctions multiple times. Hope this helps. Becky

    • 10 cindy2

      Yes Becky, your description is very helpful. Thank you. I can see that your HoH requires that the punishment fit the crime so that in lieu of a standard punishment, he tailors your punishment to what you have done, and it seems that you have not been acting your age if I am understanding correctly. I would imagine–and only you can tell me if my suspicion is correct–that being put to bed at 6 o’clock is far more difficult for you in the summer when there is more sunlight than in the winter when dusk is approaching.
      You mentioned mouth soapings–another form of punishment with which I have had personal experience. I was required to stand nude in the tub with soap in my mouth because the unpleasant taste would make me drool and the tub would come in handy in that regard.
      We often hear of people who are required to do penance and do not do so sincerely. I get the impression that you understand that you have indeed been naughty, disobedient, and immature and what you are required to do in consequence may be very embarrassing and time consuming but has been earned and is for your own good.
      I am very curious about the essays you have written about your punishments. Have you ever shared these essays or excerpts with others? They sound as if they may make for riveting reading. cindy

  7. 11 cindy2


    Thank you. Becky and I seem to see things similarly. cindy

  8. 13 Becky

    Cindy, As I have said previously we have our agreed rules written down so any failure on my part to comply is deserving of appropriate punishments. Many of these, as you are obviously aware from your own experiences, are by their nature embarrassing and tedious as well as humiliating. As a 26 year old I accept that if I do not meet the very rules I want to meet and comply with this is very immature and selfish on my part and hence deserving of punishments which are childish in nature the extreme of which is to have to dress in public in a school uniform. I hate being sent to bed early at anytime of year as going to bed at 6pm is more like a four year old. To make it worse of course this means no sex and to underline my infantile status I wear an ankle length pink flannelette nighty with a peter pan collar which I had to make for myself as part of a punishment. Unfortunately I cannot share any of my essays because once I have written them and Jack has checked they meet the required standards I have to watch them being immediately ripped up – sometimes knowing I will have to repeat the exercise the next day. I have to write essays for example in sever cases like, “Describe your schoolgirl uniform, why you deserve to wear it including to Church, what you must do to earn the privilege of normal clothing and how your uniform could be harshened if you fail to learn your lesson.” I might have to write up to twenty sides by hand taking four or five hours. For lesser offences I might get 4 sides on, “How mouth soaping will stop me telling lies”. A big part of the punishment is having lots of time to reflect on the stupidity of my poor behaviour as well as the tedium of doing it. Sometimes I also have to write our rules by hand and punishment options multiple times. Do you or others have written rules or punishments you would be willing to share? Becky

    • 14 cindy2

      Becky, thank you. I did not have written rules with my boyfriend; rather, the rules were implicit and understood. More serious offenses on my part would warrant more embarrassing and more painful punishments and I have to admit that in the long run the shame I experienced had a more profound impact on me than the physical pain, although of course, I would cry when I received punishment on my bare bottom. I was required, under certain circumstances, to fetch a smooth backed wooden hairbrush from a table and bring it to him after I had already removed all my clothing and put on my pj’s with no panties. I must admit that I felt so little as I gave him the hairbrush, after which he removed my pj’s and asked me the embarrassing questions and required me to answer during my scoldings, as I described in a previous posts. As he guided me over his lap, my head slumped down and, looking under the chair, I could see my feet and toes dangling in the air on the other side. He would at times say, “Relax your little bottom for me, cindy. Bad girls need to relax their bottoms for their punishments.” The wooden hairbrush would focus the pain and in some ways was worse than the strap which he sometimes used on me but not over his lap. I have to admit it is difficult for me to admit this to you and to anyone else who is reading this. I feel like a little girl again when I am over his lap receiving my spanking. I am embarrassed to admit this, but if I can’t admit it here, where can I admit it? I wonder if you are similarly embarrassed in revealing that when you are naughty, you are required to dress up as a school girl and to write lines.
      You mentioned that when you are naughty and sent to bed early, you are not allowed to have sex. Sex is for adults, my boyfriend told me, and if I don’t behave as an adult, I’m not allowed to have that adult privilege. cindy

  9. 15 Becky

    Cindy, I am embarrassed by having to admit how I am punished if I misbehave but I know how to avoid this simply by complying. I have just received a maintenance spanking, which as you described, required me to be bent over Jack’s lap with my arms hanging stretched out and head down and my legs similarly positioned. On this occasion having folded back my cardigan and long skirt he lowered my knickers to my ankles before spanking me very firmly across my bare behind and thighs. By the end I was in tears. I was then sent to the corner with my knickers still down and cardi and skirt pinned up and arms by my side for 20 minutes. This allowed me to compose myself. As frequently, I was questioning why I should be spanked when I had not broken any rules but the time allows me to remember that maintenance allows me to affirm my submissive role and also prevents me from requiring more frequent punishment as it deters me from misbehaving. Sorry to hear you had no written rules to share but wondered if you had any novel punishments which have worked for you? Becky

  10. 16 cindy2

    Becky, I must admit that I do have some special punishments but I’m not sure if you wish to hear about them. These special punishments were usually employed when I was sassy or not dignified in the way I spoke. I was told that I needed to be made “clean” and this meant not only mouth soapings but a certain type of “internal” cleansing of another type. These special type of cleansings could be made quite painful or could be used in other ways in a more pleasant way as a reward for good behavior. I am more than happy to share these with you if you are interested. I’ll wait to hear from you.
    I can certainly understand how you are embarrassed in having to admit in a public forum how you are punished when you misbehave. As I indicated in an earlier post, I am embarrassed as well to admit that I don’t always behave as an adult and must suffer the consequences. I really appreciate you describing the maintenance spankings you receive–how you are bared and must suffer and cry even when you have not misbehaved, yet these very special spankings help affirm your position and help to deter future naughtiness.

  11. 17 Becky


    I have endured enemas during our once per year weekends when I serve as a submissive slave so that I understand the privilege of the limited punishments I have to serve if I usually misbehave. I have outlined below the normal punishment options available at other times if I break our agreed rules.

    I will accept all of the following forms of punishment in whatever combination or volume HoH decides is appropriate:
    a. Corporal punishment applied with the hand, slipper, ruler, hairbrush, paddle, cane or strap.
    b. Corporal punishment may be applied to the hands and behind and thighs. Applications to the behind and thighs may be to the clothed or unclothed target.
    c. Written punishments – writing of essays, lines, copying of texts. This may be done under detention conditions e.g. confined to a desk and chair in the box room if greater severity is appropriate.
    d. Corner time – should normally accompany all corporal punishment as well as a standalone punishment. Time may be spent simply standing or with nose or forehead against the wall, hands folded behind my back or on my hips or my head.
    e. Early bed time – I will dress in my nightclothes and be in bed by a suitably early hour with the lights off. This may be without supper where increased severity is appropriate.
    f. Grounding – I will not leave the house (unless for specific activities or under supervision) for a defined period.
    g. Curfew – I will not leave the house after a specified time.
    h. Mouth washing – I will have my mouth washed with soap and water under supervision. I will not be permitted to rinse my mouth or at least 3 hours after application. For severe or multiple offences I may be made to stand with a bar of soap in my mouth.
    i. Privilege withdrawl – the following can be removed or restricted
    I.) Use of car
    ii.) Credit card use/cash for spending.
    iii.) Watching TV
    iv.) Listening to the radio or other audio devices
    v.) Access to magazines or newspapers
    vi.) Access to the internet
    vii.) Using a computer
    j. Allocation of additional house or garden work
    k. Confinement to the wearing of a school uniform within the house and to Church events and activities.
    l. Additional work as penance, for example making school uniform for my own punishment, needlework exercises such as having to sew buttons to material for defined periods

    It is additions to this list of options I would be very interested to hear of. Hope to hear from you or others. Becky

  12. 18 G

    What about having to wear a Dunce’s hat or a board around your neck with your misbehaviour written on whilst doing your detentions? Or something more traditional like a tablespoon of Castor oil before your early bedtimes?

  13. 20 DJ

    Thank you everyone for the kind words and support. I was away when this post went up and missed these to a long queue until now. 🙂

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