The making of a spanking girl


OTK spankingI had this nice little email from Janey. She said she had been lurking on my blog and loved the real life snippets and decided to offer up one of her own.

She begins:

I would like to add my two penny’s worth to the debate as to whether spankos are born or made.

These days I read a lot of spanking blogs and spanking is a big part of my domestic relationship but if you had told me that I would turn as such a freak when I was 23 I would not have believed you. I wasn’t turned on to it until after I moved cities and moved into shared accommodation.

After college I moved in with three girls around my own age while I pursued a career in advertising. I hardly saw the other girls and we rarely socialised, most of them tended to crash at boyfriends much of the time. So mainly I was used to having the apartment to myself, although as it turned out so was Kathy, one of the other girls and it was just that our paths didn’t usually cross.

Well this one afternoon I had had lunch with my boss and a client and instead of going back to the office I headed home. As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by a Kathy yelling the place down. I rushed in to the main room to see her with her panties down over a man’s knee getting the bejeezus spanked out of her. It had obviously being going on for some time as her behind sure was red.

The man just grinned and told me not to worry as it was just an ‘attitude adjustment’ as he put it. Kathy wasn’t so happy about it and her face was redder than her bottom. But to my amazement when he let her up and sent her to the corner she just said ‘yes sir.’

I found the whole thing quite exciting and offered Jerry, the spanking guy, some coffee. It was totally surreal sitting drinking coffee with a strange man while Kathy my roomie stood in the corner with her hands on her head and her red bottom on show. Of course I asked all about it and Jerry made Kathy answer my questions although it was obvious she was very embarrassed.

Eventually he left but told Kathy to stay in the corner. But as soon as he had gone she pulled up her pants and rounded on me in a pissy way and told me to mind my own business.

That might have been the end of it, but a few days later I bumped into Jerry at the corner store and we got chatting. I told him Kathy had been giving me static just because I happened to come home to my own apartment and also that she hadn’t stayed in the corner after he had gone.

He laughed but told me a tattletale like me deserved spanking too and I blushed, although it didn’t stop me getting his number.

A few days later Kathy apologised to me and admitted that she had gotten another spanking and some corner time. She really hated saying it, but I guess Jerry had made her. But at least it gave me a chance to talk to her about it. She only shrugged when I asked her why she put up with it and I was even more amazed when I found out that Jerry wasn’t even a serious boyfriend.

When I next saw Jerry at the store he scolded me for not calling and invited me on a date. I blurted out ‘you are not going to spank me are you?’ He grinned and I knew that he would.

I don’t know why I went to meet him, but we had a great time. Then we went back to his place. Although he didn’t make an issue of it I kept going on about how I hardly knew him and barely ever even kissed a guy on a first date. I was nervous and couldn’t stop talking.

That’s when he turned to me and said ‘Janey you have a spanking coming and you know it.’

When we got to his place he didn’t even offer me coffee. He just took me over his knee on the sofa rolled up my skirt and after giving me a chance to protest, which I was too dumbstruck to do, he pulled down my panties so that I was bare.

The spanking hurt much more than I expected and like Kathy I yelled a lot.

‘Next time you don’t call when you say you will or tell tales I’ll spank you even harder,’ he told me. Then he sent me to the corner while he called me a cab to take me home. No kiss, no making out, just a spanking.

As I was going he told me tell Kathy all about it and to make sure I did. I didn’t, I was too embarrassed.

He called me two days later for another date and I agreed. We met at a diner down the street and the first thing he asked was had I done what I was told. When I admitted I hadn’t he told me the date was off and we were going to his place. I knew what that meant but although I was a bit flustered I went anyway.

This time he spanked me with a hairbrush and I not only yelled I cried. Then I had to stand in the corner with my bare butt showing. Afterwards we kissed and he called a cab.

I saw him a few dozen times after that and he almost always spanked me, totally opening me up to spanking and sex. I can’t imagine not having spanking in my life no, both the sexy kind and the punishments I get from my boyfriend. Go figure.

8 Responses to “The making of a spanking girl”

  1. 1 paul1510

    I find this a little hard to swallow. ;)_

    • 2 DJ

      Maybe – but if Janey wants to share and express her early experiences – then we are grateful.

      I have to say that as I often do – there was a lot of editing and ‘smoothing’ out of this story (with Janey’s permission). 😉

      I met a girl once who claimed she was turned on to spanking after overhearing a woman say to her friend ‘if you were daughter I’d give her a damn good spanking’

  2. 3 Jon

    Hard to swallow particularly in the context of how thin walls are in urban apartment buildings.

    What isn’t so odd is how we so often don’t know ourselves, at least about some aspects of life, until chance takes us there. The classic is whether one runs towards the sound of the guns or away.

    And in this litigation filled world taking chances is … chancy

    • 4 DJ

      and yet when it comes to sex we all do take them. 😐

      I have spanked girls on short acquaintance (when I was young and reckless) 😉

    • 5 bodack

      Yes apartment walls are thin but having lived in apartment for many years I know things like this are ignored. As far as taking chances, you only hear about the ones who get caught. I know a lot of people who have had sex at work. Only two were caught. One got yelled at and one got fired.

      Having worked with a lot of factory women over the years I find this quite believable.

  3. 6 cindy2

    DJ, I’m glad that Janey decided to write to you and that you decided to share what she wrote with us. I’ve seen a lot written on whether spankos are born or made, and Janey’s own personal account contributes to this continuing debate. It would appear on it’s face that for Janey, her experience in seeing her roommate being spanked and then receiving a spanking herself “made” her a spanko. But would everyone who observed their roommate being spanked and then facing the prospect of a spanking themselves respond similarly? I don’t think so. I would venture to say–and this is my nonprofessional opinion–that Janey, like so many of us, has a predisposition that inclines her to react to what she saw in a particular way. And predispositions tend to be innate, i.e. inborn, don’t they?

    I recall when I was young that certain tv movies had a decidedly different effect on me than on my friends who watched with me. So much different that they sometimes asked if I was OK afterwards. An example would be Mutiny on the Bounty that contains the infamous whipping scene. I assume that I was predisposed to react differently.

    As for Kathy, I can just imagine how she felt when her roommate came in as she was receiving a thorough bare-bottom spanking from Jerry. And I continue to think of the exchange between Kathy and Janey when Kathy admitted that she received another spanking and corner time. I wonder whether she looked Janey directly in her eyes when she told her or whether she diverted her eyes. It sounds to me that Kathy is really embarrassed especially because she shrugged her shoulders when asked why she tolerates the spankings, especially from a guy who isn’t even a serious boyfriend. My suspicion is that Kathy needs the spankings badly but is not yet comfortable enough to admit that need to Janey. And it seems as if Janey’s needs mirror those of her roommate’s.

    • 7 DJ

      Who knows what makes people tick.

      I once spanked a vanilla girl moderately playfully for throwing water over me in college. She blushed and said ‘your so strong.’

      Then mentioned the event at almost every meeting afterwards for about a year. Sadly I had a girl by then. Or not so sadly. 😉

  4. 8 Leigh Smith

    Glad you and Janey shared.

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