The Sinclair Method (part 11)


1950s spankingOur story began here.

Muriel Baxter sat in the window seat, the garden behind her even as sunlight poured in to flood the room. Alice’s two youngest charges, Janet and Jenny sat cross-legged at her feet and stared up at her as if hanging on every word.

“Now tell me,” Muriel said conspiratorially, “Are you really sorry that you were assigned to the Sinclair Method rather than reform school?”

Jenny’s eyes were suddenly wide and she squirmed girlishly, “Ooh no Mrs Baxter, I suppose I was pretty much out of control before, and Alice and the others are swell,” she gushed.

Janet looked less certain and shifted uncomfortably as she scratched at her cheek.

“What about you Janet?” Muriel asked pleasantly.

“I guess, I mean, I suppose it is better than going to jail,” Janet answered.

“And you don’t mind getting a spanking now and again?” Muriel pushed them.

“I suppose we do have them coming and they are for our own good,” Jenny replied thoughtfully.

Janet blushed.

“Don’t you agree Janet?” Muriel asked her.

“I guess,” she said looking at her feet and squirming.

“You know I can get your status upgraded if you sign a two year voluntary agreement,” Muriel told them.

“Both of us,” said Jenny’s eager voice.

“Both of you, yes,” Muriel reassured her.

“Oh,” Jenny frowned, suddenly sounding unsure.

“Is it… is it because Alice’s is tired of us?” Janet asked sullenly, she was sure she must be. “I know I was a pain when we first came but no one ever cared about me enough before. You know, cared enough to… well you know.”

“No, not at all, Alice doesn’t even know yet, I wanted to know what you thought first,” Muriel assured her. “It is just that I want Alice to prepare Katherine and Mary for training to be governesses for the Sinclair Method and since she had done such an excellent job with you two I thought you would be ready to move on.”

“Do we have to be governesses too?” Jenny sounded worried.

“Would you like to be?” Muriel asked.

Jenny shook her head and gasped, “Oh no Ma’am, really I wouldn’t.”

“No, I didn’t think so, but I have another path for you. College perhaps,” Muriel confided.

“When you say move on, what do you mean exactly Ma’am?” Janet asked.

“To start with you could come back with me. It is a bigger house with many more girls. It will give you a chance to improve your social skills,” Muriel explained.

Both Jenny and Janet stared at her a little awestruck.

“Of course things are little stricter I would say. There is barely a time when a very sore bottom isn’t cooling in the corner and when I spank, I spank,” Muriel assured them. “I have to warn you switches, canes, paddles and many other things get employed too.”

Jenny’s eyes were wide in wonder but her enthusiasm seemed undimmed.

“I guess you’re saying we wouldn’t get away with much,” Janet said ruefully.

“Especially you Janet,” Muriel said pointedly.

“I guess that’s what I need though,” Janet winced.

Jenny was chewing her lip, the butterflies in her tummy even more excited than she was.

“Anyway think about it, it is in no way an easy option. But as volunteers you will be scot-free when you leave us and the world will be waiting,” Muriel told them.


Two hours later Alice and Muriel stood on the back porch watching the girls playing croquet in the garden. The girls were a way off and the conversation between the governess and her mentor would not be heard.

“I am not suggesting you actually train Katherine and Mary, merely break them down and polish them for me to train,” Muriel said, her tone clipped and authoritative. “After all they do need to be at a certain standard when they do come to me. I will want to use them as assistants as they progress.”

“Why me?” Alice asked carefully, “You don’t seem to trust me with Jenny and Janet.”

“Not at all, heavens above, you have done wonders with them. But these days I would rather our difficult cases be handled out of house for the first few months,” Muriel said sharply. “Now they are ready for my attention.”

“You mean my role was to break them in, like you want me to do with Katherine and Mary?” Alice said pointedly.

“Pretty much,” Muriel agreed, “After all I don’t think Mary would have thrived in a big house. We just don’t have time there for coaxing.”

Alice nodded thoughtfully, it was true, but this way Mary could be encouraged and developed as her confidence grew.

“Now young lady, we have another matter to discuss,” Muriel said in a severe tone.

Alice froze and shot a glance to where the girls were playing. Being called ‘young lady’ brought back such painful memories.

“It is about your smoking habit,” Muriel continued.

Alice’s eyes widened and she clenched her teeth a little. Then slowly, she allowed her gaze to meet Muriel’s now very determined expression.


Alice’s dress hung on the back of the door to her room leaving her in only her brassier and stocking-tops. She stood sheepishly shielding her pubic triangle with her hands as she faced Muriel sitting on the same backless chair that Alice used for the girls.

Muriel had allowed her the dignity of closing the window and she had been told that the next day the girls would be packed off to go to town under Katherine’s supervision so that Alice and Muriel could be alone in the house.

Alice knew what that meant. Tomorrow she would be taken to the woodshed for a more severe workout. This spanking was to be just a warm up.

“Don’t think I wouldn’t let them watch, but the girls are at a transition point I think,” Muriel had told Alice during the scolding. “So for now I am prepared to be discreet.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Alice replied, her voice thick.

“Don’t give me that look, you knew what would happen if I found out you were still smoking,” Muriel sighed. “And don’t think you are too old for this. No girl in my charge is ever too old for a good sound spanking.”

“No Ma’am,” Alice whispered. Her voice little more than a sigh as pools of hot blood gathered on her cheeks and around her ears.

“Your real punishment will come tomorrow. This is just to take you down a peg or two so you know what to expect,” Muriel said sharply.

“Yes Ma’am.” Alice gulped and bowed her head.

It had been a while for her but the sight of the hairbrush, her own, made her bottom tingle and set her mind racing.

“Come on then, over my knee,” Muriel said wearily.

Alice took half a step forward and then another until her thighs were level with the side of Muriel’s leg. Then gathering herself at a stoop, she leaned forward awkwardly.

Muriel responded by snorting impatiently and taking Alice’s arm to tip her forward across her lap. The girl weighed no more than any other she had placed there and like any other Alice shifted her nervous weight some as she squirmed.

“Ooh,” the prone girl gasped.

She was conscious that her long unspanked bare bottom was now round and exposed across Muriel’s knee and she blushed. She had forgotten; there was no feeling quite like it.

“Now my sophisticated young friend, how do you feel?” Muriel asked as she raised her arm.

The flat of the brush landed on bare flesh with a sharp crack and Alice responded by sucking air through her teeth. This was followed by a lip chewing pout as the imparted sting began to burn. The first spank was always like the first drop of rain on desert sand: keen and alien, and so very precious. Then it didn’t so much rain and begin to pour as the spanking came as an onslaught.

Out in the garden Katherine looked up and frowned. The other women were still engrossed in the game, but the eldest of them thought she had heard a shout followed by applause. But that was silly, wasn’t it? She looked over to the house for Alice and Muriel. They had sure been acting strangely earlier, like there was an atmosphere between them. Then Jenny giggled and said it was her turn again and Katherine looked away to forget about it. If she hadn’t of she might have noticed that the usually open window to Alice’s room was closed with the curtains drawn; a kindness Alice once or twice had afforded to Katherine.

If Alice had had any real concerns about the others knowing she had a spanking coming they were far from mind now. The spanking was like a raging fire, consuming all: Alice’s dignity, her alabaster skin, her thoughts and very shortly her ability even to sit down for a while.

From Muriel’s viewpoint Alice’s bottom was a goodly red verging on plum with mottles of dark over raw and little welty places where the unspanked flesh bordered the swelling soreness. Two oval pads had formed like donuts on the crowns of Alice’s bottom and little-by-little they were extending to take in her sit spots on the underside of her curves where most of the spanking was directed.

But for all that, Muriel was only just beginning, a situation that the often merciless Alice knew all too well. If she had had any sense she would have just surrendered and allowed herself to be distracted by howling out her sorry’s and riding it out. But she was a woman used to being in charge and pride was a bitch. So instead she gritted her teeth and grunted under the onslaught even as the burn consumed her tail end.

Not that such resistance could last. After 20 minutes or so, the laboured breathing and occasional angry growl gave way to withering grunts, and Alice began to mutter frantic apologies under breath.

“You may well be sorry Alice, but we are not done, not by a long way,” Muriel chided her, her pace and stamina showing no signs of giving out.

“I’m sorry,” Alice hooted, “I’m sorry,” and broke to great sobbing wails.

“Okay, okay,” Muriel soothed, not missing a spank, “You’re getting there, go easy. Boy you needed this didn’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Alice wailed miserably, but by now she had folded in a dangling heap as she received spank after spank.

“That’s it, that’s it,” Muriel sighed, finally easing off. “Good girl, good girl, shush.”

Muriel gathered the sobbing Alice into her arms and rocked her kindly. The tenderness now completely at odds with the purple rawness that marred each bottom hind perfectly.

“I’m sorry,” Alice honked as she hugged her mentor.

“I know, I know and look at you taking a long hard spanking, shush now,” Muriel squeezed back.

Alice cried for a while until final she nodded and pulled away.

“Now Alice Bowman,” Muriel said sternly, “I want that seared hiney of yours in the corner for a good long while.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Alice agreed ruefully and taking short tight steps she crossed the room to obey.

To be continued.

4 Responses to “The Sinclair Method (part 11)”

  1. 1 Steve

    Great, great series. These never get old. But I know an enema was hinted at earlier in the story, so I’m thinking at least someone should be getting one of those sooner or later.

  2. 3 paul1510

    you never disappoint. 🙂

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