Spanking Good Holidays

holiday spankingLooking for some holiday reading? Like DJ Black stories? Well here is a collection of all those summer spanking stories newly published by LSF.
Romantique Legacy Wild child Zoe is induced to spend several months living with Tony, her dead uncle’s friend and comrade in order to inherit a fortune. But can he give her the guidance she needs? She recalls him spanking her when she was younger but surely now she is too old?
Adventures of the Trespassers Even seeing two younger girls spanked by Tom doesn’t put Karen and Anita off trespassing on the beach. They get away with it for a few days but eventually Tom is back and he is not happy. Once Anita has gone back to London, Karen returns to the cove.
The Elusive Ms Carmichael John, a middle-age businessman, and Jo, an attractive young woman, are sat in a hotel bar when their eyes meet. They chat briefly then go back to his room where we learn more about Jo!
Are We There Yet? Talking of other men to the current man in your life is never a good thing. Doing it whilst your man is driving is likely to provoke a reaction. The question is: Why does Jenifer wind her man up?
The Spanking Tent An Englishman visiting the US gets a unique opportunity to join some new friends in their ‘spanking tent’ on the beach. He can’t actually believe women will volunteer to be spanked but soon finds out how wrong he is.
The Berkley Hunt When Charlotte was invited to a ‘hunt’, she had no idea that she would be the prey. Richard is staunchly anti blood-sports but has no problem using naked women as bait for men on their horses. Once caught they can do whatever they like to the women and the last one caught wins a thousand pounds. Charlotte and Jane share the prize but have to pay the forfeit too.
Hue and Cry The Laird deals with his staff in an unusual way, but then he does pay them well! Anne, waiting outside the Laird’s room thinks of an ingenious way of getting out of her particular spot of bother. ‘Fire’ and ‘frying pan’ come to mind!
The Petard A private, remote island called The Petard is a destination for the well-paying elite with certain corporal cravings. A reluctant Elisabeth is employed to take charge, but she is on her own quest of exploration but when she submits to an ‘unrestricted’ scene with Tom, she gets much more than she bargained for.
Get it here.

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