Weekly Round-Up


spanking spanking spanking spanking spankingSometimes summer gives us a false start in June. Once when I was at school the maize field where we caught the bus was left under three inches of snow; a surreal image. It is not quite that bad at the moment but I am seriously considering lighting the fire if not sticking the central heating on.

Still the day is sunny and it may warm up, but I am not lingering in the attic today.

Last week saw a run of my stories published by LSF, including two collections. Three offerings in one week are faster than I can promote them, although I will try. If you want more information on that check out the book page by clicking right on ‘Books.’

You might also check out LSF’s publications blog which has a feature on the newest collection plus many other books.

I have had a lot of interesting correspondence too; some of it sadly unpublishable for one reason or another (often the way) but some may make a good post at some point.

As forewarned too several blogs have been suspended from my blogroll as they seem to have died away. But that is the nature of the community, it is a dynamic place.

Elsewhere in Spankville Season and Michael have done a round-up as has Cherry Red, who has links post to favourite images.

On the subject of pictures, this week’s offerings are taken from: Acknowledging Imperfection, Chicago Spanking Review, Cutiepie, Rollin Hand and Scarlet’s Real Magic.

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