Spanking in a box


spanking in a boxLSF have republished some of my stories, this time in a bargain box set. There is no new material I am afraid, although watch this space, but do feel free to buy them all again.

The DJ Black Collection: Novella Box Set includes four complete novellas, which at 134,000 words makes it a novel length publication and then some.

The publishers blurb runs:

DJ Black’s spanking and discipline stories are enjoyed by many. Now for the first time, four of his eBooks are available as a box set.

This box set features the following novellas: Lizzie Baines; These Lands Beyond; The Lanark Island Herald; and The Life and Times of Rachel Bannerman. Get this ‘fantastic four’ totalling almost 135,000 words at a specially discounted price of only $9.99!

In Lizzie Baines, the discipline regime in the Baines household gives Lizzie an insight into exactly how infractions are dealt with in the family she has married in to!

These Lands Beyond tells of a land with a strict religious fraternity where punishments abound, no matter how trivial.

The Lanark Island Herald features a young female intern called Mary who quickly discovers some very strange customs on the island – there are spankings galore!

In The Life and Times of Rachel Bannerman, Rachel finds herself living with relatives on a struggling ranch and soon learns that life here is very different from her old life in Boston. Discipline is strict, and miscreants find themselves sorely punished!


To make up for this shameless plug the picture above has nothing to do with this publication.

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