The Sinclair Method (part 10)


1950s spankingOur story began here.

Muriel Baxter was a surprise. Katherine had expected a dour elderly lady with horn-rimmed spectacles and grey hair piled like ice cream on her head. She had had a teacher like that at school and boy did mama spank.

In the event Muriel was scarcely 40 and looked much younger. Although her chestnut brown hair was piled-up, it gave her an air of fashionable elegance. Her clothes too were well-cut and trimmed body-hugging style over her full but well-honed curves.

But most of all she had warm smiling eyes that crinkled only slightly at the corners, and only then when the smile reached all the way to her lips.

She had arrived without fanfare with two cream leather bags which she set down in the hall by the door before standing to take in any hint of change or trouble in what was after all still her house. When Katherine saw her she was running a finger along the ledge under the hall mirror and nodding in satisfaction.

It took a moment for Katherine to guess who it was, but before she could speak a challenge Muriel beat her to it.

“You must be Katherine,” Muriel smiled broadly and extended a hand.

“Mrs Baxter…?” Katherine tentatively replied. “I mean yes ma’am, please to meet you.”

Katherine bobbed nervously, bending at the waist as she leaned over to offer her hand, perhaps fearing to get any closer.

“Oh golly,” Jenny gushed from the top of the stairs and then without finding any poise scurried away like a spirited pony squealing, “She’s here, she’s here.”

Muriel’s gaze flicked upwards, disapproval for a moment touching her eyes, and then she returned her attention back to Katherine and smiled again.

“I have heard good things about you Katherine, good things,” she said enthusiastically.

“And a few bad things too no doubt,” Katherine blushed, her hand stealing to her bottom through her skirt.

Muriel followed her gaze and her smile broadened. “Sore bottoms, like thorns on roses, are a part of life for us aren’t they? Like pepper in the soup. We endure them and then move on to better things.”

Katherine was swept up in a surge of mixed emotion at the words. The direct reference to her spankings was embarrassing, but the sentiment cut to the heart of her feelings on the matter. Pepper in soup, she repeated in her head, how absolutely apt. Katherine could fail to notice also the mention of ‘us’ in her statement. Was she including herself in that? Did she get… it would be impertinent to ask, but Katherine was bursting with curiosity.

Just then a herd of tumbling elephants came crashing along the landing, only stopping to compose as they reached the top stair. Katherine winced, knowing without looking that Jenny and Janet would be standing there.

“Janet and Jenny,” Muriel said warmly, “Come down here girls, let me see you.”

Drawing on a deep well of Alice-borrowed dignity and poise, the two girls straightened up and descended the stairs like queens. They only blushed a little as they realised they had acted like kids.

“Mrs Baxter,” Jenny said shyly offering her hand.

Janet followed suit and within in moments Muriel had totally charmed them.

“And where are Miss Bowman and Mary?” Muriel asked at last.

With perfect timing and by way of an answer there came a resounding splat of hairbrush-wood on bare flesh. Katherine grimaced in embarrassment while blushing, Janet and Jenny giggled.

“Ah,” Muriel said breezily, “They seem to have some matters to discuss. Shall we have some tea then girls?”

Katherine shot Janet a look, but was greeted with a defiant shake as the latter girl impatiently mouthed the word no. Muriel missed nothing, but continued to smile indulgently.

Seeing that she was to get no cooperation Katherine said hastily, “Eh… yes, why not take Mrs Baxter into the parlour why I organise that for us?”

“Thank you Katherine,” Muriel smiled pleasantly.


A window must have been left open for the sound of spanking could be heard for some considerable time and didn’t end until well after Katherine had returned with the tea.

“Only five cups I see,” Muriel said casually.

The girls exchanged glances with Janet and Jenny’s gaze remaining firmly on Katherine.

“Eh…” Katherine began.

“Don’t mumble girl, diction must be crisp and clear. Say your words with confidence,” Muriel scolded her.

“Yes, sorry ma’am, I don’t think Mary will join us for a while, not after…” Katherine shot her eyes heavenward and made a face.

“Why? Is she permitted to sulk in her room after a spanking?” Muriel asked; her tone rather schoolroom-like.

“No ma’am, but she will be in the corner for a good while after,” Jenny gushed as if imparting important news.

Muriel nodded in satisfaction. She did not miss the fact that Katherine hid her discomfort by pouring the tea.

“And where do you girls serve corner time?” Muriel asked pleasantly.

“Oh… oh lots of places, I mean…” Jenny replied eagerly.

“It depends on the offence,” Katherine said casually. “And to some extent…” She didn’t continue to say the age of the girl. It shouldn’t matter, she knew, but Jenny and Janet routinely stood corner time in the common areas of the house compared to Katherine and Mary’s relatively private vigils.

“Mostly one of those corners,” Janet said waspishly, crinkling her nose in disapproval as she indicated the relevant areas of the room with an airy wave. “But Mary might just get corner time in Alice’s room.”

“I see,” Muriel replied as if pondering, “So either way she will not join us for a while. As it should be,” she added.


“Mrs Baxter,” Alice gave a start as she stopped in the doorway to smooth down the front of her dress. “I had no idea you had arrived.”

“No dear, I gather you were busy. Ah, this must be Mary,” Muriel replied suddenly looking past her former charge.

Mary froze just beyond where Alice stood trying to make herself as small as possible. She had obviously been crying and make-up streamed down her face. She was also moving awkwardly with her hands gripping at her hips.

“Mary, say hello to Mrs Baxter,” Alice said sharply.

Mary gulped and managed to heroically blush even more than she had been. It was obvious even from the front that her skirt was still bunched up behind and below the hemline her white panties could be clearly seen bunched up around her ankles.

“Hello Mrs Baxter,” she said miserably.

“I guess we will meet later,” Muriel said kindly.

Alice took the hint and pointed to the corner beyond where the other girls were gathered for tea.

Mary gaped for a moment and then ducking her head hobbled forward and shuffled into the corner. It was obvious then her bottom was indeed bare behind and had been more soundly spanked than anyone had seen for a while.

“Mary was somewhat at twos and eights over your visit as it happens and I felt she needed settling down,” Alice explained, “It is a pity that this is your first impression of the girl.”

“Oh pay it no mind, we have all been there haven’t we Alice?” Muriel said cheerfully.

It was Alice’s turn to blush.

“Now have some tea and this afternoon I will hear your reports about the progress here and then meet the girls formally,” Muriel continued.

“Yes Ma’am,” Alice acknowledged.

Katherine was agape. She was astounded at the change in Alice’s demeanour. This was going to be interesting.

To be continued.

7 Responses to “The Sinclair Method (part 10)”

  1. 1 George

    DD for females of any age? So badly needed…

  2. I love this story. These chapters are often too short. I hope you find time to give us more. Also more Abraham Heights.

  3. 4 Jenny

    It’s going to interesting. I think, alice will have spanking.

  4. 5 DJ

    Thanks guys – ongoing as usual 🙂

  5. Amazing! This segment contains no actual spanking (except for a brief description of the sound) and yet……

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