A spanking on Main Street


street spanking

Brad Renfrew surveyed the small town and its sleepy Main Street and sighed. The world was in crisis and war had come to Europe, what was he still doing here? Not for the first time he muttered something about the army and going to Canada.

“You’re such a jerk,” Kathy Rutherford sneered, “All talk and definitely no action.”

Brad Renfrew stopped and looked at her, taken aback at her scorn. The short but the fulsome redhead had been a pain in his proverbial for weeks now and he was thinking of jilting her, but this was completely left field.

They had met at the hop in support of the British war effort three months before. Brad had been so moved by the Limey’s struggle against the Nazi threat that he had been considering going to Canada and joining the Commonwealth forces there. But when he mentioned it to Kathy, she had been more interested in a good time and had sneered at his earnestness until he had back off and stuck to safer subjects.

She had made it clear with her attitude that she had only gone with him because he had had a car and a good steady job. Although for a dame like Kathy it was par for the course, but something about her made him stick.

Brad eyed the elderly couple passing them in the sidewalk. They were studiously trying to go about their business and pretending they hadn’t heard her, although the man shot him a look of pity and shrugged. Main Street Bakerville was not the place to have it out, not on a busy Saturday.

“Okay, I’ll bite,” Brad replied setting his hands at his hips and bracing himself for trouble. “What did I do now?”

“Nothing,” she snorted, “Just nothing, as usual.”

“Well I am glad that’s settled,” he replied, ready to move on. “Now shall we get that soda?”

“A soda, yeah that’s about your speed,” she tried again, “Why can’t we go somewhere exciting? What about Chicago or… or New York?”

“Or Paris or London,” he countered. Or the moon, he thought bitterly.

“Don’t be an ass; I know there is a war in London, but yeah, what about Paris? The German’s have it buttoned down now I hear. I saw it on the newsreels. Café society is still going?” There was a childish defiance in her stance but Kathy knew she had gone too far with the crack.

She knew too that Brad had a bee in his bonnet about the war in Europe and if anything could get him mad at her it was to be dismissive about the war. But he kept on about it. How was she supposed to stand by a man who wanted to join up for a foreign war for pity’s sake?

Brad sucked in a breath. He knew she was trying to get his goat but… hell what she needed was… before he knew it the words were out of his mouth.

“What you need is a damn good spanking,” he growled.

She gaped for a moment her hackles rising, but the flush on her face wasn’t entirely anger. Then she saw the old woman smirking and two men by the coke machine outside the drugstore sniggering.

“Y-you wouldn’t dare,” she stammered, “You big lummox… you… Like I said you’re all mouth and no action.”

Brad flushed angrily now know she was right and wish he hadn’t said it. Not there at least. But to tough it out he folded his arms firmly against her and dared her not to back down.

“Yeah that’s about the size of it,” she sneered. Damn the man, she thought, why did he have to stand up to her now? “That’s about the size of you and your damn Canooks and Limey’s.”

Why she added the second barb she didn’t know.

“Why you spoiled brat,” he snarled, forgetting himself. “What you need is that damn good spanking, and on your on your bare bottom yet.”

Somebody gave out with a short explosion of mirth and Kathy went Puce.

“Yeah, you and whose army, the Canadian or the British, because you mister will need them both,” she yelled.

“That does it,” he spat, “You wait until I get you home.”

“Home, here, anywhere… you wouldn’t…” before she had even finished something went snap in Brad’s head and he grabbed Kathy’s arm and strode with spitting girl in tow across the street to a bench by the tree in the middle of Main Street.

“N-nnnooo no y-you wouldn’t,” she shrieked, casting her eyes about both for help and in hope of an absence of witnesses. Neither prayer was answered.

Brad reached the bench at a lick, hauling the hapless Kathy behind him so that she tumbled helplessly across his lap as he sat.

“B-brad, Brad, let’s not be hasty… Brad,” she squealed the last part as his hand descended on her pumped up behind. “Come on, not here.”

Brad was about to continue when a voice called over. “Young man, you spoke an intention. Follow through or she will never respect you.”

Brad looked up and saw old Mrs Bellhope scowling at him. She was a veritable matriarch in the town and he suddenly thought he had gone too far when the old woman nodded significantly at Kathy’s rear end and nodded.

Taking her meaning, Brad seized Kathy’s skirt and petticoat and hauled them up to expose her panties.

“Brad,” she screamed, “You wouldn’t dare.”

But Mrs Bellhope nodded.

“Miss Rutherford, I have had just about enough of you telling me what I would and wouldn’t dare,” Brad announced and in a trice dragged Kathy’s pants down her thighs and over the firm round bare bottom.

“Bradley,” Kathy was shrill, but her cries were drowned somewhat by the outburst of laughter from around the street.

A car stopped suddenly, the driver grinning at the wheel and at the end of the street a beat cop too smiled and then before anyone saw him, turned on his heel and slipped away laughing.

Kathy was mortified, no one had seen her bare behind since grade school and now the whole town was watching her spanked like a kid. Not that she had time to consider this, the would-be-warrior Brad had an arm like a steam hammer and his palm was made of iron. Not since her last year in high-school had she been paddled so, and never on the bare.

“You can’t do this,” she wailed.

“But my precious brat I am doing this,” Brad said with relish.

“Not here, please not here,” she pleaded, her voice trembling and tears pooled in her words as readily as they did in her eyes.

“Why not? This is where you tried to put me down and half the armies of the free world. Will you be so disrespectful when it if our boys out there fighting? Will you?” he challenged her.

“Brad, Bradley,” she shrieked, kicking her heels impotently as she had once seen a screen idol do, the irony was not lost on her. “I’m sorry okay, please… ooh, Brad I’m sorry.” The last word was screeched and drawn out as the spanking continued.

Martha Brady, an old school friend of Kathy’s, chose the moment to swing by on her bicycle. Oh my lord no, Kathy thought miserably. Martha smirked for a moment and then shrugged, it was bound to happen one day, she thought, Kathy always did have a smart mouth.

“Alright son,” said one of the men on the sidewalk. He looked somewhat uncomfortable and averted his gaze. “I think she had had enough.”

Mrs Bellhope scowled at this and muttered “Oh fooey, spank that girl silly and put her in the corner for a couple of hours to make her mind you.” but Brad realised what he was doing and let his arm fall for a final swat onto Kathy’s tender rear end.

Strangely, the damage now done, Kathy felt irritation too at the man’s intervention. What was the point in stepping in now and what did it have to do with him anyway? But emboldened by the cessation of punishment Kathy snarled, “You… you just wait until I get even with you.”

Setting her on her feet Brad only glared as she hastily repaired her dress.

“You speak as if we are through,” he said in a quiet even voice, “You wait until I get you home. I might just put you in that corner at that.”

Kathy gulped and tried to protest and then seeing an array of amused curious faces she wailed, “I am not going anywhere with you, you beast,” and stamped her foot.

Brad shrugged and turned to go.

“Brad? Brad, where are you going?” Kathy wailed in a wheedling voice. “Wait for me.”

There was general laughter at this and Kathy blushed redder than her bottom. But at least she knew Brad would follow through after all, but as she scurried after him she hoped he wouldn’t spank her again. Not too soon anyway and not in public anyway.


3 Responses to “A spanking on Main Street”

  1. 1 paul1510

    some girls just ask for it. 😉

  2. 2 Lars Christian Steenberg

    A beautiful story of a bratty girlfriend getting her comeuppance. Girls who keep saying You wouldn’t dare need to find out that he does dare, and this is what happens to Kathy in this story. And when he leaves without her after the public spanking, she runs after him – as a sign of the new respect and love for him that she has got after the bare-bottomed spanking. The same thing happens in Mclintock when Maureen runs after John Wayne and makes sure that she is not left behind in any sense of the word. Bratty women often love it when otherwise nice men take charge, and like in Mclintock the female bystanders all want the spanking to go on, because they know she needs it and it will be good for her in the end. And that is what Kathy also realizes, so all in all a satisfactory ending to a good story that may teach other young men not to be a wimp, when their girlfriend or wife dares them.

    • 3 DJ

      Thanks Lars – a little oldie I had forgotten – I should write more shorts – but actually it is harder to write a complete short compared to another installment of an already developed series.

      The old scenarios are the best. 😉

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