Weekly Round-Up


spanking spanking spanking spanking spankingThings are beginning to slow down in Spankville with all this summer heat.

I was in Yorkshire for the weekend and forgot that even that far north it does not get dark this time of year. Having left the pub at closing time in twilight I was awoken at just after three with a blaze of sunshine that almost sent me to get dressed for breakfast. I can see why the ancients thought that the solstice was magic.

I also dropped in on the Bronte museum. A happy Victorian house (before they all dropped dead in their 30s) but with undertones of stern paternal authority in Mr Bronte’s study. When you consider Jane Eyre and the juvenilia one wonders…

Anyway, Kia (Acknowledging Imperfection) emailed me to say that Paulo in Dublin (Wholebean and I) has gone down. I suspect Blogspot took exception, but who knows, he has gone before. No doubt he will be back.

But that does bring me on to a review of links. Too many links are counterproductive and I do get a lot of request for the blogroll. Some blogs have not updated for a while so my get trimmed, the exception being British Spanking Stories, which is an archive and still useful to regular readers here.

So if you are a blog keeper who has been lacklustre lately you might want to update. But don’t worry if you are on a break, I have reinstated blogs many times before.

Comments now: many thanks for all your efforts here, especially in response to the 10 millionth post. Something has happened to either my blog set-up at the server side or my browser updates but I cannot see the blog in edit mode so easily at the moment and it is playing havoc with comment replies and other issues. So if I missed your comment, my apologies.

In other news Cherry Red has a round-up of his own.

Pictures this week are from: All Our Yesterday’s, All Things Spanking, Cutiepie, Scarlet’s Real Magic and Yeowch.

One Response to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Your solstice sounds wonderful! Happy Summer!

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