The Scarlet Avenger


nudeThe night had been dark and moonless, but now the eastern sky had begun to glow red in a challenge to the city lights around her. Even the traffic on the freeway had started to wake up, although the snake of distant cars could not be heard from her rooftop vantage.

The body-hugging stealth suit was usually a dull scarlet, but in the gloom of the early morning it matched the shadows perfectly. As well as its chameleon properties it was acid proof, flame proof and highly resistant to bullets.

Resistant, Amy thought ruefully, but not invincible. She touched the tear on the upper arm where the would-assassin’s parting shot had grazed her. The helmet read-outs told her she had been hurt, but not badly.

The suit was an old one of her older sister’s from back in the day before she had given up the superhero game. It was a little tight on her, especially around the tail end. Maybe that’s why it hadn’t worked so well against the Uzi-wielding maniac guarding the Raven’s hideout.

Amy, or as she now styled herself, the Scarlet Avenger, adjusted her mask and the infrared eye-pieces. There was no sign of pursuit. In fact if she could just slip in over the roof then no one would ever suspect that she had even sneaked away. Not if big sis didn’t see the tear in her old outfit that was.

That was going to be a bitch to fix. She would probably have to fess up to the Fixer and hoped he bailed her ass out. The trouble was, Uncle Daniel, as most of the family called him, might just ask her how it came to be damaged in the first place.

Daniel’s views on her following the family business were all too similar to Susan’s. Hell who was she kidding, the whole darn family had done nothing but steer her to college and out of the superhero game for as long as she could remember.

“I’m over 21 now, I can do what I like,” she had defiantly told John.

One look had told her not to push it and she hadn’t. For one thing the according to the Bloodstone family tradition, a girl had to be over 25 and self-supporting before they would even begin to call her a grown-up. And for another, John was largely responsible for big sister Susan’s early retirement. He had told her that any wife of his was not going into reckless danger every night. To Amy’s astonishment Susan had just gone along with it.

Well, Amy thought defiantly, she was a Bloodstone through and through and no one was going to pack her off to college like a civilian. Not even the great and mighty Night Eagle. She thought of John then, all two meters of him resplendent in his black body armour and fold-away wings. John Bloodstone was not a man to be crossed.

But what the hell, if Amy gave a fig about the future and not taking risks then she would have gone off to college to read for her PhD like a good girl.

She glanced down at the rooftops below her and worked out the best route parkour-style back to Bloodstone Tower. Getting in unseen should be no problem.

The triple summersault was imperfect and for a heart-lurching instant Amy thought she would tumble the 200 meters to the street. But at the last moment she called on her training and landed sure-footed on the window ledge to her room. The adrenaline coursed through her and the pulse throbbed in her ears. But she had made it and the city below her was her plaything.

She pulled the mask from her face, letting the cascade of red hair tumble from beneath her sculptured helmet. It was easier enjoy the sunrise using her unenhanced vision. This was what she had lived for.


Daniel bought her story about sneaking out for a practice run with a wink.

“Okay, okay, I won’t tell Susan you swiped her old suit,” he chuckled, “But it beats me how you managed to tear it.”

For a moment Amy had thought she would have to tell a more elaborate lie but Daniel was already walking away with the costume and pondering the best fix for it. He didn’t see her rubbing her arm or the slight limp from the awkward unpractised manoeuvres on the rooftops.

There was no chance that Susan or John would miss the suit and the only thing that troubled her was that the Scarlet Avenger would be out of commission for a few days. Darn it, the others never had this problem.

In fact everything went so well that she was even looking forward to the family gathering on the upper terrace for the barbecue and a couple of beers. It was only a pity that she had to wear a long sleeved shirt to hide the bandage on her arm.

They were all gathered on the terrace overlooking the city. Well most of them anyway. There was always someone on a mission. But the non-combatants were all there, those who weren’t in college like good little girls and boys anyway, she thought with a sneer.

She didn’t notice the lull in conversation as she stepped out on to the large balcony. Not even when the usual happy-go-lucky Mark and Paul frowned in her direction. Well the Biker Twins, her cousins responsible for the Bloodstone transport were ever moody.

She glanced at Mark and the scar that ran down his right cheek. He had got it in the same battle that had taken Amy and Susan’s mother and she shuddered. Maybe that was why she preferred Paul. Unfair of her and she knew it. The family business was a rough one.

Instead of dwelling on the thought she sniffed in the burgers and sausages on the griddle. She just loved that smell. She was so busy savouring the scent of food that she didn’t see her face plate and helmet set out on the table until she was almost up to it.

“Cute design,” John said in a neutral voice, “Did you make it yourself?”

Amy might have swallowed but her mouth was suddenly dry. She hoped nothing showed on her face as she nodded.

“It’s the same colour as Susan’s old suit,” he continued matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, I kind of like scarlet,” she said as neutrally as she could.

“So where were you last night? Paul says he was looking for you, but no one saw you go out,” John asked. His gaze was firm and did not leave her once.

Amy looked at Daniel, his heavy deep brows meeting in the middle as he regarded her silently. The mask’s discovery meant they probably knew she had borrowed the suit. But did they? She studied Daniel for a sign that he had told on her. After all she didn’t want to make trouble for him. Daniel cocked his head and offered her a sad look.

“Yeah I eh… well that is I was kind of working on my superhero idea, the Scarlet Avenger,” she said nervously, her voice unconvincing as she folded her arms and looked evasively around the room.

“And you borrowed my suit without asking,” Susan accused angrily, “You were told that…”

John shot her a look and the strawberry blonde fell silent and held up her arms in surrender.

“Well I…” Amy gulped, shooting a strained look at her sister. She had a sick nervous feeling in her tummy and unfolded and then refolded her arms. “Yeah, kind of,” she said.

“Where did you go exactly? I know you weren’t in the practice room and I know you didn’t go out through the main doors,” John said sharply.

“I…” Amy looked at Daniel.

“How did you damage the suit?” John pressed her.

Amy didn’t answer and looked down. John waited for a moment and then strode towards her and pulled up her sleeve. The bandage job was a good one.

She pulled away and scanned the terrace for some allies. All eyes were on her now and none of them looked amused.

“It was nothing, I just…” Amy cast her gaze off to the side and wished she could melt into the floor like the Crystal.

“Nothing,” John barked, “There were reports of shooting over at the Raven’s. The damage was a bullet graze, just like on your arm.”

“I was only spying,” Amy said defensively, “I just got too close, that’s all.”

There was a collective gasp and the others began murmuring among themselves.

“That’s all,” John snapped. “You could have been killed. How often have you been told, no superhero stunts? If and when you are ready you will be supervised. You have few inherent powers and no formal training.”

“Susan was 21 when she first joined-up, the Biker Twins were 18. I don’t see why…” Amy spat angrily, she was just getting started.

“I had no say in that,” John bellowed, “But now that I do I will not be defied. Do you understand me? You have been told often enough.”

“It’s not fair,” she whined, her foot stamping petulantly as she tried to think of a comeback. “I am the Scarlet Avenger.”

“Young lady, I am going to put you across my knee and spank your little bare bottom until it is scarlet and then I am going to put you in the corner until you grow roots,” the Night Eagle roared.

“You can’t, you just…” Amy spluttered as she backed away, “You just can’t.”

“Furthermore you are grounded for a month and if you step on foot out of this building or go anywhere near the training labs I’ll ground you for another month with a weekly top-up spanking until you mind me,” John continued.

Amy gaped for a moment; this time her face needed no costume to turn scarlet. Then she made for the French windows that led to the interior lounge. Needless to say Night Eagle was too fast for her and seized her easily without breaking his stride. In a moment he had sat on garden chair and tumbled the hapless girl across his lap.

Her shorts button popped with one drag on her waistband and then they and her high cut panties were slid down her thighs exposing her bare bottom to everyone. It was not her first spanking at John’s hands nor the first time one of the younger Bloodstone’s had been so publically spanked. But it was certainly Amy most embarrassing spanking to date and her first for quite some time.

The last thing she saw as she tucked her head under the cascade of red hair was Daniel glaring at her as if to say, ‘you and I have some unfinished business girl.’ It occurred to Amy then that Susan too might take her to one side at some point. Now that was a woman who knew how to spank.

Then as John’s huge paddle-like palm fell across her exposed bottom the usual party banter resumed reducing her to a sideshow and well and truly putting her in her place.

“John, please,” Amy shrieked.

But his arm was already rising and falling for the tenth time and her bottom was as fiery red as it felt.

“Please what?” John barked, “Please spank my bottom as I deserve? I am glad to oblige. Since you are such a tough girl this may take a while.”

“Noooo, not this please, please John, not here,” Amy wailed, but already tears were overtaking her.

Through blurring tears Amy imagined she saw Susan and Uncle Daniel rolling up their sleeves. Perhaps the corner would be a welcome haven for a while, she thought ruefully, once John was finished with her that was. But his hand was barely into the second minute of the spanking and she knew his stamina was legendary, so the corner might have to wait a while yet.

“Ladies and gentlemen, behold the Scarlet Avenger,” someone yelled out.

Amy fancied it was Mark.

“It doesn’t appear to be only the Avenger that is scarlet,” giggled one of the girls.

Everyone laughed at this, everyone but John and Amy, who were still much locked into the spanking.

7 Responses to “The Scarlet Avenger”

  1. 1 paul1510

    😀 😀 😀

  2. I did enjoy this story, thanks!
    But….. The John/Susan situation implies that women are obliged to give up their superheroing at the insistence of their husbands when they marry.
    Equal opportunities for female superheroes, I say! !

    • 4 DJ

      We do not know why Susan retired. We only know why Amy thought she retired.

      The point is Amy is not as invincible as she thinks she is and is not ready. A fact that the head of the family wants to impress upon her.

      Glad you are so engrossed in the characters.

  3. 5 Vlad

    I like it, you have managed an original twist onthe superhero trope. The borrowed suit being tighter in the seat was nice little touch.

  4. 6 Raffe

    Why not train Amy? She has natural abilities. I bet if she was a he, the situation would be different.

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