Weekly Round-up


spanking spanking spanking spanking spankingIt has been one of those weeks (isn’t it always?) and I seem to have got behind on replying to emails and comments. The emails are the worst as if I let it slip I forget who I owe an email to.

I did notice that the local garden centre had a selection of swatters (for swatting anything you want with they said). I thought they looked a bit robust for flies. Next to them were some paddle like things too, but they must have some gardening/kitchen application, mustn’t they?

She’s not been behaving herself (except at the weekend when we had visitors) so we may be having some words soon.

Meanwhile in Spankville things have been slowish I think, although I did make the From the Top Shelf feature on Hermione’s blog. She published an excerpt from Return to Grampus Bay, the sequel to the Grampus, which I published a couple of years ago.

Speaking of sequels, this week we’ll revisit Russia for a continuance of a short published earlier this year.

Cherry Red has published another round-up of galleries. Maybe someone will do the same for new spanking blogs soon, there seem to be a few, but I can’t keep track.

The pictures this week are from: Acknowledging Imperfection, All Our Yesterday’s, Disciplinary Tales, MarQue and Scarlet’s Real Magic.

2 Responses to “Weekly Round-up”

  1. 1 jimisim

    Garden centres are now stocking hazel ‘canes’ instead of bamboo for supporting peas and beans.
    The thinner ones would make excellent switches or birches.

  2. A lovely “behind” the scenes 🙂

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