Marriage 1950s-style, spanking and the whole damn thing


spanked wives Marriage 1950s-style, spanking and the whole damn thing Marriage 1950s-style, spanking and the whole damn thing Marriage 1950s-style, spanking and the whole damn thing Marriage 1950s-style, spanking and the whole damn thing“Gentlemen, should you spank your wife?” ran a headline in 1950s gentleman’s magazine. The response was mixed, but a vox pop conducted the same year and published in another magazine widely concluded that they should.

In 1949 a US judge even made a ruling in court that he did not see why a loving husband should not give a wife a good spanking when the occasion demanded.

Obviously things have changed and most modern sensibilities would be outraged. Even readers of this blog might raise an eyebrow or two at such attitudes.

But let us pause for a moment and considered an alternative 21st century where the values of the 1950s western household still held true and instead of retreating they advanced through the principles of consensual loving discipline.

The downside would be that we would not see antics such as military wives nude calendars or sports club fundraising photo-shoots. For surely should wives indulge in such behaviour in our alternative 21st century, they would be asking for a spanking.

On the other hand what beautifully behaved wives men would have, because presumably after just one or two spankings they would all behave themselves. So in fact there would be less spanking.

So to recap: in our alternative 21st century there would be less naked women on show and less spanking…

The serious point, in so far as there is one, and let’s face it you would have to look hard, is that while we might think we want a more old fashioned buttoned-up society, it is actually sexual freedoms and social liberation that permits such blogs as this.

Gentlemen (and ladies) come the 1950s-style backlash repressive counter revolution; you and I will be the first against the wall.

2 Responses to “Marriage 1950s-style, spanking and the whole damn thing”

  1. 1 John

    I believe that, IN PRINCIPLE, marriage should be an equalitarian relationship, but not all couples will be happy functioning as equals. Some women prefer the freedom to behave like naughty little girls, and are willing to accept spankings as a consequence of their misbehavior. Some men can only feel secure about their masculinity if they are “Head of Household”. Less commonly, there are women who wish to be dominant, and men who are looking for wives who will be “Mothers with Benefits”.

    There are also couples who believe that giving and receiving spankings should be a mutual experience, either because each of them needs to be disciplined at times, or because spankings are an effective way to release the inevitable stresses in even the happiest of marriages.

    And, best of all, IMHO, there are couples who spank one another as a form of sexual foreplay. I do think that, on average, men are more inclined to be dominant and give spankings, and women are more inclined to be submissive, and to receive spankings, but whatever works for a couple is fine with me.

  2. sounds like a great idea!!!

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