Red at both ends


red headFor some reason I thought I would blog about big-bottomed redheads.

They can be tempestuous creatures, all sweetness and light one minute and turn on a sixpence the next. Until you live with one you cannot believe such in old wives’ tales that warn you of the storms you will face. Believe them my friends, there is magic in those hills.

Speaking of magic and hills; whilst there is no cure for red hair, there is a way to sooth a redheaded girl down a rein them in. A good sound spanking will redirect their rage and ease them into still waters.

But beware the beauteous side effects. For then they turn red at both ends.

3 Responses to “Red at both ends”

  1. Cute and OMG what a butt!

  2. Reblogged this on Erotixx and commented:
    Still in the red..

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