The Sinclair Method (part 9)


canedOur story began here.

Like unseen fingers, the breeze from the window tickled Katherine’s flesh and reached into intimate areas unaccustomed to such exposure. It was a caressing shame that ended in hot pools of blood on her face and drew a soft whimpering sigh from her throat.

Once well-groomed hair now cascaded down onto the floor like a curtain over one eye. While the other peered ruefully back and up at elevated hips held aloft by the hard padded chair pressing into her disconcertingly and stimulating what should lie still.

From behind the curves of her cool smooth denuded bottom formed two almost perfect spheres as it domed up over the chair back. While behind her Alice stood brandishing the cane as she studied the target with a professional air and lingering excitement in her belly.

“You have been forgetting yourself haven’t you Katherine?” the governess said in a crisp voice as she licked her lips.

“Yes Ma’am,” Katherine answered in a rather wan but dignified voice.

Up to then things had been going so well. Katherine had learned fast and the other girls too now knew their place.

Mary reported to Alice regularly for what amounted trivial offences. Alice understood. The girl had found her level and now sought out replenishment from the well of pain and submission. It was time to explore maintenance spanking with the girl, Alice pondered. That way she could be truly shaped and then if she erred, even a small step, she could be very soundly spanked as prelude to a good caning or even a humiliating trip to the woodshed.

Jenny and Janet, although not perfect and given to girlish bickering, had long since offered less attitude and resistance to getting a spanking when a spanking was due. Unlike Mary though, who thought herself clever to court ‘accidental’ spankings, their submission was subconscious and they were yet sorry and ruefully when required to bare themselves for the hairbrush or were sent bare-bottomed to the corner for an hour or two in front of the rest of the girls.

Katherine had more pride, and however much she secretly or unknowingly required it, she walked a firm respectful line to avoid trouble. That was until that afternoon.

Alice had informed the girls that Muriel Baxter, her own mentor and lead exponent of the Sinclair Method was coming to inspect them. The excited apprehension that followed the announcement was to be expected but Katherine’s attitude had been a surprise.

She had at once put on airs and appointed herself as a kind of surrogate governess issuing orders and bossing the other girls around. So much so that Alice resolved that after the visit she would contrive to take the young woman down a peg or six. But for now, the girls eager marshalling was useful, especially when then others put up little resistance to it.

Alice was fearful enough about Muriel’s visit and however well her efforts were regarded, there was small doubt that sooner or later she too would find herself across a mentorial knee or even taken to task in the woodshed. For one thing she had not yet given up smoking, a vice Muriel detested and she was a woman who could see a sin at a hundred paces.

Then Katherine had overreached herself and had begun answering Alice back.

“Of course I have seen to the girls Alice, their rooms are clean, even Janet’s,” Katherine had answered wearily to a civil inquiry. She had even impatiently rolled back her eyes.

Such an exhibition in front of Muriel Baxter would see them both to the woodshed and a month of eating standing up. Alice might even find herself taken back for further training if Muriel deemed that she couldn’t cope.

As it was Katherine knew at once that she had gone too far.

“My room, after supper,” was all Alice had needed to say.

Now Katherine was naked between waist and stocking tops, bending over the back of the padded chair to present her very comely bare bottom to the cane.

“Anything to say?” Alice asked tartly.

“No Ma’am, I am truly sorry Ma’am. I… I… I only…” Katherine visibly gulped and then decisive, added, “No excuse Ma’am.” She sounded strained.

The cane landed with a whistling stroke that began a long way away and ended in a line of pain across her bottom. This first such experience for Katherine was soul-searing and stole her breath.

“Oh my God,” she managed finally, her voice now a tortured breathy sigh.

Alice admired the plum ridge that began to develop across the centre of Katherine’s tight curved bottom and she smiled. Then she made a decision.

“I think you will count them and then ask for the next stroke as we proceed,” Alice told the woman.

Katherine’s eyes darted in her head as she tried to get Alice’s measure.

“Wh-what? I mean…” she blurted through a laboured breath.

“Count: one, thank you Ma’am, may I please have another,” Alice told her sharply.

Katherine remembered Mary’s humiliation and blushed to her ears. It was just, she decided.

“Yes Ma’am,” she replied miserably.

The second stroke made Katherine yowl and she rocked back and forth so that her bottom bucked up and down.

“That didn’t count as you didn’t ask for it and now nor does the first,” Alice said sternly. “So this is your first, understand.”

Alice caned her again and Katherine made and a wordless angry retort as she clawed the air in frustration.

“Yes Ma’am,” she said miserably, tears pooling at her eyes and dripping of her words. The searing pain was overwhelming her already. Just in time she added, “One thank you Ma’am. Please may I have another?”

Alice obliged.


Ten bars of pain sawed into Katherine’s bottom, each an unsubtle combination of sting and ache that went on hurting long after the stroke was delivered. Unbidden tears tumbled over her sodden cheeks and her failed attempts to contain her crying had left her stretching and straining as she made mewling chuckling sounds in her throat.

She had to give it to Alice, she knew how to make a girl feel two feet tall and as sorry as hell.

“Eight, thank you Ma’am,” Katherine sobbed, “May I have another?”

The cane bit in hard and Katherine jerked further into woe.

“Your line is, please, may I have another,” Alice corrected her, “now that one doesn’t count.”

“Eight, please Ma’am, I mean… thank you Ma’am, please may I have another,” Katherine wailed.

Alice caned her again.


To Alice two dozen seemed a round enough number, although in truth Katherine had actually taken 29 for one reason or another. The eldest of her charges certainly seemed to think so and lay in a prone heap over the back of the chair sobbing her heart out while her well-scored bottom wagged in the air in a parody of a contented dog.

“Now you can spend the rest of the evening between now and bed time in the corner over there,” Alice ordered the girl.

“Yes Ma’am,” Katherine sniffed, completely cowed and grateful that her first caning was over.

Alice watched her cross the room, shimmying as she went in a vain attempt to shake out the pain. Then unbidden Katherine placed her hands on her head and tried to gather some dignity. At least she hadn’t been required to go down to the den where the others were watching TV.

Alice watched her for a moment and then settled in to contemplate Muriel Baxter’s visit. It was a cinch that she had missed something. Muriel was almost impossible to please on any score. Furthermore there was her stash of cigarettes. By this time tomorrow she could find herself exactly where Katherine was standing, she thought ruefully. Or worse still she might be cornered downstairs somewhere where the others could see.

To be continued.

4 Responses to “The Sinclair Method (part 9)”

  1. 1 cindy2

    DJ, I love the way you describe each girl’s needs with literary elegance. Mary, for example, “had found her level and now sought out replenishment from the well of pain and submission.” Other girls were at a different point along the path. Alice, of course, applies the chastisement to the proffered bottoms of the girls, yet what appears to be professional detachment belies what is in fact “excitement in [Alice’s] belly.” And does Alice fear–or perhaps does she subconsciously long–for her own bottom to be bared and lasciviously displayed tomorrow, as the other girls witness Muriel’s cane descend into her soft flesh?

    • 2 DJ

      I am glad those details work for you. It is often hard to flesh out so many characters in one short piece.

  2. 3 paul1510

    this sounds rather painful.

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