Weekly Round-Up


spanking spanking spanking spanking spankingspankingspankingJust when you think summer has arrived along comes the rain, storms and a good helping of cold snap. But we can hopeful as the month progresses.

Speaking of storms, I was beavering away in the attic when a bolt from the sky took out the electrics and left me in the dark. Even the computer stuttered to a close before the back-up power on it cut in. It rather interrupted the flow of words though, especially when precious needed me elsewhere to cope with the storm.

I really should spank her when she interrupts me, but strictly speaking it was the storm not her.

Anyway as per usual I have not spent as much time hitting Spankville to report so there is less prose this week and a few more pictures.

I had too brief mails though and both as it happens about corner time. One sub girl asked how long was a fair amount of corner time; as her boyfriend put her in the corner too long. The other was from a girl who wondered aloud if superglue was permissible when trying to keep her girlfriend in the corner.

I do hope the latter question was a joke. As for the length of corner time, well it depends on the offence. As a rule of thumb the base line should be about one minute for every year old doubled for big girls. It can be redoubled if the offence warrants this, but excessive time should be broken up with some exercise. I suggest spanking.

Of course I told subgirl that three weeks should suffice, hopefully she will now think herself lucky.

The pictures are from: All Things Spanking, Chicago Spanking Review, Cutiepie, MarQue, Plector, Scarlet’s Real Magic and the Spanking Blogg. Cherry Red has a round-up of some more.

6 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. How long? ???
    Time must move very slowly in your house, especially in the corners!
    So far I’ve never had to do corner time, and to make sure it stays that way I’ll be careful that Alder doesn’t see this post!


    • 2 DJ

      Sometimes yes – sometimes no. I think it depends if it is before or after CT.

  2. 3 cindy2

    Delightful pictures, DJ. I’m particularly fond of 5 which has real artistic merit and 6 which conjures up all sorts of ideas as to the relationship between the two people and what led up to this moment. I propose the following for your and your readers’ consideration: The mother is preparing for a formal gathering and the adult daughter in her early 20s, who promised to assist, reneged on her promise and is now required to prepare herself for a sound bare bottomed over-the-knee spanking.

  3. 5 Tony

    I am thinking photo number 1 is a large group of sorority pledges ready for a hell night paddle session. You can’t blame a guy for wishful thinking.

    • 6 cindy2

      Would you like to administer the paddle to their bare bottoms, Tony?

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