A Spanking Symposium


 lecture spankingI have heard of getting a lecture during a spanking but this is a whole new level. Thanks Saz for sending it in. Does anyone know what is going on here?

8 Responses to “A Spanking Symposium”

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I would also love to know what is going is going on…

  2. 2 John Bradley

    Maybe it really is some type of symposium on either spanking, male-female relationships or sexuality more generally. The person who posted this should have some idea.

  3. 3 DJ

    Thanks Lady Indica

    John – yes but who originally posted it? Our young friend Saz found it on something called Stumble Upon (whatever that may be? a non-spanko round-up I gather?)

  4. 4 Rikki

    It has been cutoff at the bottom. The full version is here: http://14thpiece.tumblr.com/post/87657257529
    It says it was uploaded by “plector” and the part that is cutoff has the label http://www.coffeetableart.nl

  5. 6 jake Blake

    In Switzerland there are wonderful places that offer superb training on discipline. Many couples and individual men attend classes to learn new techniques and hands on Opportunity to learn what works best for serious correction. . When I wAs there I had the good fortune of watching an ill mannered wife getting a fantastic over the knee spanking by a professional spanker. His ability to redden her bottom slowly while bringing her to tears was thrilling for the audience. Not only was she being soundly spanked she also was being watched by a very interested audience, quite embarrassing for the bare bottomed lass. Her husband sitting in the first row was pleased as punch by the change in wife’s demeanor..from haughty to humble. The audience loved the excellent view of her bottom and tearful face. The camera caught everything and it was a thrilling experience. Afterward there was an extended question and answer period while the chastised sniffling wife was positioned so that her nose touched the corners of the wall and pushed out her large magenta tinted bottom. Her panties were tugged down to the middle of her Pinked thighs and dress pinned up and sobbing for a good hour. Those Swiss know how to teach ;).

  6. 8 PDBB

    Following on jake’s theme, I remember a neighbor telling me she had to take her “out of control” offspring home (she’s from the Island’s, Caribbean) just to teach her a lesson in behavior. Wouldn’t it be a *comfort* to know there were places you could *invite* a testy wife or recalcitrant girlfriend where she could shown her place and taught how she should behave or suffer the consequences in the company of like minded people. And just to show I’m not a total chauvinist, nor a christian DDist, if the woman is the top she should be afforded her own support group and instructional set too.
    It gives a different edge to a working vacation and a continuing education policy. Some relationships need *work* for an inculcated understanding.

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