The Boss


spanked bossRachel Baxter took a good long look at herself in the mirror and sighed. She wasn’t one for shying away from truth. She had not got to be International CEO by indulging in self-deception. She was still a looker she supposed, being not quite 40 there was no good reason she shouldn’t be. After all she ate well and exercised. But the strain of authority showed in her eyes sometimes and the little brown bottle did not always hide the faint streaks through her dark brown hair.

She turned and smoothed the pin-stripe skirt over full curves. She had always been big in the arse department, but maturity and too much sitting had done her no favours.

The buzzer sounded and she ran a finger deftly over the touch plate on the intercom.

“Ms Baxter, Thomas Greenfield has arrived for his appointment,” the clipped voice of her personal assistant Deborah announced.

“The cute one?” Rachel chuckled.

She almost heard the assistant’s eyes flick to a nervous Thomas over the wire.

“I would say so,” came the neutral reply.

“Send him in,” Rachel said imperiously.

Thomas Greenfield wasn’t quite 30 she guessed. She hadn’t bothered with his file. She had picked him from a brief meeting in the elevator. He was tall and athletic, but his eyes were a little too blue, which together with his over white-blondness gave him a soft look; or a naive one at least. But then maybe he was just nervous.

“Oh dear, oh dear,” Rachel sighed, “What are we going to do with you?”

Thomas opened his mouth to speak and closed it again at a gesture from Rachel.

“By rights I should fire you,” she said in a cold voice.

He swallowed hard and drew himself up spiritedly. Suddenly he didn’t look so soft. Good, she thought.

“But I have another test for you. A kind of punishment if you like,” she said in a spider-to-fly voice. “No actually it is punishment,” she added silkily.

He frowned and eyed the door.

“In that cupboard you will find some things. Take one of them out and bring it here,” she ordered him.

He held her gaze for a moment and then walked to the cupboard in the corner and opened it.

“Any one of them will do, it doesn’t matter,” she said impatiently seeing his hesitation.

He reached in and after some more delay grabbed something and then closed the door. In his hand he held a long black leather paddle. It was weighted with a foot-long striking head that was as wide as his hand, and about as thick.

Her eyes widened in surprise and she sucked in a breath. Most fearful little girls and boys in his position made a grab for the light cane or the short stout hairbrush. Maybe he was into this.

“Now you have some idea why you are here,” she said with a husky menace.

“Not entirely,” he answered with a shrug.

His eyes were challenging now. The men usually were at this point. The girls were much more fun in that regard. Surprisingly only one had ever denied her and walked out.

“The envelope on my desk will explain it. Open it. Read it and if you accept its terms then you still have a job here,” she snapped tersely in a cold efficient tone.

He glanced at the envelope and smiled. He had the stupid bitch now, he thought. If she tried anything he could use these ‘instructions’ as evidence at tribunal. He doubted it would get that far. She had overplayed her hand.

He grabbed the letter and calmly tore it along the top to retrieve the contents. His face flushed at once as he re-read the note. Now he felt uncertain as his heart pumped.

“This is… I mean…” he spluttered and turned to confront her.

Rachel had removed her skirt and most of the underwear below the waist so that she was just stockings and suspenders. As soon as she saw him looking she turned her exposed front, the neat dark triangle pointing decisively at the floor, from his gaze and offered him her large round bottom.

“Ms Baxter, I…” he began.

Rachel ignored him and lowered herself face down over the back of padded chair, elevating her bare bottom.

“Rachel, Mr Greenfield, call me Rachel or…” she sounded slightly softer and hesitant now, “Or anything you like Mr Greenfield… Sir.”

His cock pulsed in his trousers and he gulped. This was too unreal.

“Please Sir I have been a naughty girl, punish me as in the letter or anyway you like,” she said breathlessly.

“And the promotion?” he asked.

“If I am fully satisfied then…” She didn’t finish.

The paddle was heavy in his hands and he took another deep breath. She would probably cry off after a few. But then the letter had said… Shit.

The paddle landed with a heavy crack across her bottom and she gasped. The next one made her dip at the knees and groan.

“Sorry, it has been a while since anyone has chosen the beast,” she said in a strained voice, the words competing with her now ragged breathing.

“You… you said to…,” he glanced at the note again, “To spank you until you broke and begged for mercy. And then…”

“Spank on for about as long as it took to break me,” she breathed. Adding, “How well you perform next gets you the promotion.”

His cock twitched again and he struck her hard across the bottom. It was firmly red now, like the Christmas rose that sat on her window ledge. No he would go slow, very slow and allow her to take it. Break her slowly and then break her hard. This was going to take a while.

It was 20 minutes before the assistant outside the door heard anything other than the steady thwack of a paddle-fall. Then she heard a desperate howl and some muffled but eager entreaties. Poor Rachel, she thought, I hope he counts this as a surrender or else… Another yell was definitely tear-fuelled.

It would be another 20 minutes or so before another kind of yelling would be heard.


7 Responses to “The Boss”

  1. Nice twist-though the picture gave it away. Perfect picture though it is.

  2. 2 paul1510

    an unusual twist adds interest. 😉

  3. 3 cindy2

    Great story. If this isn’t topping from the bottom, I don’t know what is. But it sure it interesting. All that responsibility is too much for Rachel, as it might be for others in similar positions. She must at some point be broken, be brought to her knees, to give her a feeling of comfort, in this case by one of the same people whose careers she controls.

  4. 4 Targetarear

    Nice short story. And wow! what a wonderful picture.

  5. 5 DJ

    Thanks guys. Just a little twist for the week. 😉

  6. 6 ehlane

    Sleight of hand and twist of fate. Brilliant as ever.

  7. 7 frader

    what a picture: she must have been really stinging with her bottom so red nice one nice cheeks

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