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Weekly Round-Up


It is that time again and a busy weekend means this week’s round-up is late. Lots of new stuff pending, but not finished, including a new short story collection on LSF. I noticed that Stan at the French blog Au Fil des Jours (pictured above) has reached 14 million page views since 2006; quite an […]

Vintage Sunday


The 28-year-old English lecturer was lost in her thoughts following her run in with Mrs Main and she had a lot to think about. Her rapidly spinning head was still reeling with the agreement she had made. She was still blushing for God’s sake, and at both ends, she thought ruefully. One more run-in and […]

The naughty ladies above have already been spanked but what is the truth about spanking in the far east, China, Japan et al? I use the term oriental here, rather than Asian, to distinguish it from India and Pakistan, which usually get omitted when anyone talks about Asian people. This is not an area that has […]

Found these two snippets on file. Not sure if they came from readers or not. I am not even sure that I haven’t published them before. If I have, here is a re-post and could the contributors take a bow. Thanks to them. I often read the blog and saw your story on sorority paddlings […]

Our story began here. None of the girls had missed that Mary had been soundly spanked. Given that she was older than them, Jenny and Janet could not help sniggering about it too. This despite, or perhaps because, they had both recently suffered at Alice’s hands also. Only Katherine showed any sympathy at all, although even […]

Weekly Round-Up


A short but eventful week this week; to start with it seems that Stan is back and has been for some time. Why does no one tell me these things? His blog has been reinstated on the blogroll. Feminist purveyors of erotica have been gathering in Toronto this week. Apparently spanking erotica is acceptable and […]

Vintage Sunday


This was sent in as a comment by Chloe for the last never too old post. I have included the first part to demonstrate how cute and accident prone Chloe is. “Sorry to be a bother, but I can’t get this comment to send. Can you post it for me, or you could use it […]

Apparently genuine corner time for two college girls sent in by Kate. She said, ‘this is embarrassingly close to home for me.’ No further information on this so it is unclear whether this is a domestic or a sorority situation.