Overheard Conversations


overhear spankingHere are a few snippets based on overheard conversations.

This on a train.

“I was in a shitty mood so I suppose I deserved it,” says a 20-something woman.

“Yeah but…” mutters an embarrassed friend.

“No I had been ragging him all day,” insists first woman.

“Was George or Linda there?” says friend.

“No thank God, I would have died. I can just imagine them walking in and me with my jeans and knickers down getting my arse reddened.”

“Funny though”


Two girls talking in a cinema queue.

“Does your Mum still… you know?” asked a late teen girl to her friend.

“Wallop my bum you mean?” second girl replied in a dry voice, adding, “Oh yeah.”

“Not bare surely… with your brother there? But you’re 18!”

“Tell me about it.”

“Shit. And the corner and… that other thing?”

“Yeah well… what other thing?”

“You know,” adds quietly, “The enema thing.”

“She did that once.”


Two middle-aged women on a train.

“Is your husband still seeing that girl?”

“A different one I think.”

“Don’t you mind?”

“Let him spank her little bottom for her at least he leaves me alone.”

2 Responses to “Overheard Conversations”

  1. 1 Tony

    I once heard a lady I worked with telling another lady from a different department that I told my daughter that when I get home she is getting her ass blistered. I’ve warned her over and over. This time she is in for it. I know her daughter goes to high-school.

  2. 2 cindy2

    Titillating to overhear such conversations. I wonder who George and Linda are in snippet one.

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