Oriental Spanking


oriental spankingAs promised here is a collection of snippets bundled under the label of Oriental Spanking. One is from Japan, one a Chinese-American perspective, and lastly an Anglo-Korean one.

I understand that in actuality there is as much cultural linkage between these countries as Malta and Sweden say, and that this a retro Victorian imperialist label. But then spanking could be said to be a retro imperialist activity and busyness sometimes leads to intellectual laziness. Besides, I have heard worst segues on the radio.


This is a partial translation (a joint effort by yours truly and Google Translate) from a Japanese spanking site about a woman who became a spanking model. For effect some of the odd phrasing has been left.

When I came to Tokyo I was spanked by auntie who I had to live with when working in the big city. Auntie very strict and when I come home late, don’t clean up or she think I not look for good work enough then I get punished.

This was very strange to me at first at it never happened at home since I was 18, but auntie very insistent and old time person.

If I a little bit naughty she would make me take down my things and bend over couch with my big bare bottom sticking up. Then she spanked me with hand, shoe or short wood paddle until I make noise and have very red bottom.

Then I have to go to my room and stay there for rest of day unless I go to work.

If I do very bad thing I have to take most of my things off and lay on floor with my bottom under a cushion. Then she spanked me much harder with big paddle or sometimes she use a whip or cane until I very sorry. This sometimes real bad and I cry for long time.

At these times I had to go to corner in TV room and wait there while I cry and for much longer. This was very shameful as sometimes auntie’s friends come and see me there.

But after a few months I know I need and deserve such punishment and so when I saw an advertisement in magazine for spanking actors I went for the job.

Most of the work was nude photographs and some bondage, but when I late or cheeky this one photographer spanks me and sometimes beat me with cane. This led me to some movie work for girls who can take it.

But nothing in movie or studio like auntie. Not like Europe or America.

I especially want to go London as in England girls get spanked very hard and go to corner. I need this type of shame. But Until then you can see my pictures here and I can still see auntie.


Another Auntie tale from Anna who commented on this blog with this contribution.

Until I moved to the US for my studies I had to live with family friend who I called my ‘auntie’, I thought only Chinese girls had corner time. At home it was just that, rarely beating and just like in picture.

Then I came to aunties and learned about good old American custom of spanking, which was a big shock for girl of 19 near 20. Also, I had to stand in corner now with pants and panties down before and after spanking. Only in front of family (not mine though) but so shameful.

Sometimes had to stand on a chair naked too and this was crazy time – very shaming.

I do not hate auntie though – she spent a lot of money on me she didn’t have to and also I had more freedom and fun with her than at home. In fact most of my spanking was very deserved. And other girls, her daughters and real nieces my age and older had same. So I wasn’t bullied about. She was just strict.

When I graduated and stayed in America she gave me room and later helped with an apartment. Instead of family room corner time she take me to her room and later mine and spank me. Sometimes using thin stick, which was very sore-making.

There was still corner time – but mostly just in front of her or close ‘cousins.’ But also I begin to find it exciting a little.

Auntie know and make it all harder and longer – but then she give up when I was 24, saying I was sick puppy. But she laugh and we still friends.

Now I have boyfriend who spanks me and send me to corner. Much better I think.


This is an odd little snippet about a Korean girl who moved to London.

At home when father or mother disapproved of us my sisters and I had to face the wall with our hands on our head. Just that. This went on until we left home well into being adults. I had this until 22 when I left college, but my older sister was much at home until nearly 30 and had the same.

It is very embarrassing and as we were fully clothed there was no restriction on who was there to see us.

Then I came to London on a scholarship to study English and the arts and met my English boyfriend. We quickly fell in love and I moved in with him at his flat in Clapham.

One day we had a big, big argument that was all my fault and so to make amends I went to face the wall like at home until I calmed down. He was stunned and asked me what I was doing?

Actually I didn’t know, even I thought it silly, but it had been a spur of the moment thing and suddenly I felt better.

Although he laughed when I told him about it, he said that in England girls were spanked before going to the corner. We both looked at each other and then I said ‘no way’ and ran.

But he caught me and after a tussle he had my panties down and my bottom bare for a good sound and I have to say very well deserved spanking. Then he made me go and face the wall – bottom still bare.

We have done this ever since, it now being six years later. The spankings are firm and sometimes I get tearful, but I totally deserve them and always feel better afterwards.

Sometimes I even go to face the wall and wait for him to punish me when I feel I deserve it.

When he is really mad, which is not often, he has even threatened to let friends see. It has never happened, but if he did then I am sure I would deserve it.

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  1. 1 markiee

    Asian women can give and receive very nice spankings.

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