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sorority spankingsorority awaiting spanking sorority spanking Rebecca sent these ‘real’ pictures in. They certainly look real enough. She doesn’t claim they are anything other than pulled off of Flickr and says her own sorority pictures are much more graphic, but private.

But she does provide a commentary by way of an insight into her own college life.

She says of the first one that it is typical horseplay between girls in private. Her own experience was ‘much more full-on’ but the bare bottom here is ‘more truthful’ than much you see on the web.

She says the second one is very much like her experience with her Big Sister. Right down to the preoccupation with study while she waited panties down on the bed. Although she said ‘this girl appears to be listening to music,a big no-no when I was in this position.’

The final picture is, she says, typical post paddling bravado. Although in her view ‘this girl got off easy.’

Many thanks Rebecca.

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  1. 1 Tony

    Would Rebecca mind saying what years she attended college and general area of the country as in North, South, East or West. I am positive that Sorority padding is alive and well today in at least one North Carolina college. I just wish I could get some photos.

  2. 2 cindy2

    These are great pics and accompanying description, DJ. Thank you. Regardless of official prohibition against hazing in American colleges and universities, the practice certainly occurs. The question is where and how often. I suspect that it all depends on the “culture” of the sorority, the “inclinations” of the sisters, and the permissiveness of the administration in terms of “looking the other way.”

    Sororities have reputations. A girl who “rushes” a sorority is generally–I suspect–not in the dark as to the goings on in that sorority. If I may speculate, I would suspect that the girl on her side in the first pic is a rushee who is allowing the sisters of the sorority to undress her. The three sisters certainly appear determined in what they are doing and I wish I knew what they had planned for the rushee next. Several things come to mind, all of which involve more exposure for her. I would not be surprised if her bottom was not soon subjected to the paddle and she was not then required to pose, bare bottom, fingers intertwined behind her head. And what about the sisters? Did they wind up at this sorority by chance? Unlikely. In most large universities, there are many sororities to choose from. Birds of a feather flock together and all the sisters may have similar inclinations.

    The second pic is interesting. Did she leave her door open intentionally so another sister could snap her picture? Is she awaiting a spanking? Is she inviting a spanking and some loving from another sister?

    I agree that the third pic is post-paddling bravado. She is rightly proud of the paddling she received and wishes to display the resulting bruises to the other sisters in the sorority. I wonder if the asymmetry on her bare bottom was intentional or accidental.

    I am so happy that Rebecca sent these pictures to you, DJ.

    When I was in college, I was not a sorority member but had several friends who were. One, with whom I was close, confided in me about special sessions in which girls were bared and paddlings occurred. She described some of the girls as having a desire to receive the paddle (some quite hard), others as having a desire to punish, and others going back and forth.


  3. 3 Tony

    Cindy2, would you mind telling us what years your sorority friends stories took place? The reason I ask is I have access to speaking to college students that we employ for the summer when school is out. These students are very open minded and very easy to talk to. I am 66 years old and they think of me as a grandpa. You would be shocked at how easily these kids discuss things of a sexual manner. Sorority padding and initiations are my hot button. Nothing gets me stimulated quicker than a sorority spanking story.

  4. 4 markiee

    My wife was in a sorority in college and when we wrestle she is ALWAYS able to strip me and turn me over her knee. I don’t know how she does it. At 57 I still get hand and paddle spanked by my ex-sorority wife.

  5. 5 Tony

    Markiee, can you get your wife to share some sorority stories with us?

  6. 6 cindy2

    Tony, roughly 7 – 8 years ago. You may very well be aware of the expression “The more things change, the more they remain the same.” If desires exist to be exposed/to be punished on the one hand or to expose/to punish on the other, I suspect that the passage of time will not impede the expression of those desires. I wouldn’t doubt for a moment if today’s college students have similar experiences, nor would I be surprised if college students of generations past had similar needs and experimented.

  7. 7 Tony

    Cindy2, I agree with you 100%. One of my student employees told me that the pledges know before they join a sorority that they most likely get some form of hazing. They know that the paddle is more than a decoration. Yet they join and endure the pledge initiations. These ladies aren’t spankO’s. They don’t get sexual pleasure from it. They do it because they see the value of being in the sorority.

  8. 8 DJ

    Hi All,

    I’ll leave it to Rebecca to comment if she wishes too.

    Sororities are a complex cultural phenomenon and if not quite uniquely American – the American system the most redolent with possibilities.

    I am sure that 98% of such groups are far removed from what we wish to imagine but I am reminded of the quote by the National president of the US motorcycle clubs who said the same of motorcycle clubs. The more colourful gangs proudly claimed to be two percenters.

    Let us hear it for the 2percenter sororities 😉

  9. 9 cindy2

    I would love to hear what Rebecca has to say and hope that she chooses to comment.

    I agree with Tony that most girls join a sorority for the expected benefits of sorority membership. Spankos comprise a small percentage of the general population (unless there are lots of closet spankos) and likewise a small percentage of the sorority population. The girl I referred to in my initial post in this thread belonged to what was regarded as a “different” kind of sorority. The paddlings, according to my friend, were not only administered by sisters to pledges, but by sisters to each other–sometimes privately and sometimes in the presence of others.

  10. 10 Rebecca

    Hi Everyone and thanks DJ for his kind email (sorry I haven’t replied).

    Sorry too for having lurked for so long.

    I have read some great sorority stuff here, but I think some of it is made-up. But other stuff is spot on. I am not even sure sometimes which is which.

    Not sure how much I want to say. I wrote some stuff on a forum years back and got swamped with questions. Worse still someone guessed what sorority I was with and I got some hostile private emails – I was so worried that it would get back to my old sorority and they would recognize me and themselves from what l did say.

    Not that anything would have happened, but I didn’t want to offend people, especially those who I am still in touch with.

    That is why these days I am so vague.

    First I was at a sorority during the 1990s and a lot of what went on wasn’t official and varied not only from rush to rush but between groups within the sorority. Generally there were parties and events where some girls were kind of felt out to see how game they were and if they were good sports.

    A ‘good sport’ meant being discreet and it was very cliquey. We got paddle swats for ‘fun’ over ballgowns or on denims at informal gatherings.

    I think this helped us match the right big sis to the right pledge. I say us because I was very much in on it later on.

    I got paddled bare, initially as a kind of forfeit. But later it was more disciplinary. There was a jokey teasing element to this and it was a fine line between being consensual and hazing. But this allowed us all some denial. I mean I didn’t want to admit I would accept a painful humiliating spanking – I wanted to be able to hide behind the idea that it was forced. Also the girls paddling you wanted to be able to say you had agreed.

    I say girls – I was only ever really paddled outside of a party event by my big sis in a mentoring role. Although on a couple of occasions other girls were there.

    There was a lot of bravado too. I mean girls showing off bruises after a few beers and saying their biggie was stricter than yours.

    I got some pretty hard paddle sessions where I cried and my butt was black and blue all over. But in the context of the mentoring rules we had adopted -they were all totally fair.

    The pictures above really do sum up aspects of my experience.

    Can I say though that it was by no means all about paddling and bruises. I know some of my sisters had much less of this and some not at all. For us it all depended on what you were looking for I think.

    I asked around about spanking before I pledged and I displayed the right attitude to get a spanking big sister. I know now that it was repressed sexual thing and I definitely don’t regret it.

    For me also I was much better at taking it than dishing it out. But I did and butts got bruised when I did.

    Thanks for reading this and thanks DJ for your great blog.

    • 11 DJ

      Hi Rebecca,

      good to hear from you again. Sure I would love to hear more and by all means email me, but don’t feel obliged and I didn’t feel that you owed me mail.

      I understand your caution. This is a great and measured account of the reality of the whole sorority thing.

      I met sorority girls on an exchange to my University back in the day (early 1990s) and they hinted at such things. The pictures in the archive and other genuine pictures I have certainly confirm a significant element of horseplay with paddles and spanking, but what happens in private… we don’t and perhaps should not know. Generally I think it is rare in the form you outline, as you say.

      I read an excerpt from an autobiography by US Educationalist some years ago that included a throw away reference to use of the paddle in US schools and how in the early years of this teacher’s career she employed a sorority paddle on senior high school girld saying something like ‘after all in a year or two they were to get much worse in your average sorority.’

      This is vague and memory is a tricky thing. I think (sorry) she was referring back to the early 60s or 50s, ceratinly no later and it may have been earlier as I read this maybe 15 years ago and cannot remember her name or the book. She was elderly by then… so!

      Anyway Rebecca thank you for your insight into this very private and very fascinating world and please do keep in touch.

      Thanks also for your kind words about this blog. 🙂


  11. 12 Tony

    Thank you Rebecca for giving us the details that you feel comfortable sharing. You have confirmed something that another sorority member told me about paddling in her sorority. She said getting paddled is not a requirement to be in the sorority. It is something you can choose to go along with to be a good sport. The same words you used. She said it was hard to chicken out when your best friends were taking swats and showing off their bruised butts. She said it hurt like hell but it was part of being a sister.

  12. 13 KT

    I loved this and it is not unsimilar from my own experience. But with my sisters it was a bit less voluntary to be fair.

    There was always a paddle line at the paddle party, which was soooo embarrassing if you were on the receiving end. But if you didn’t front it up they really went hard and girls cried and had butts that couldn’t be sat on for a day or two.

    The only punishment spanking that I knew about was when this really snotty girl pissed too many girls off. A bunch of seniors faced her down in her room with a paddle.

    I heard her whining and saying stuff like ‘you’re freaking kidding’ (bad-mouth was not tolerated.)

    They made her get on all fours on her bed with her bare butt in the air. No one closed the door so a whole bunch of us just stood and watched while they really slammed it on.

    Her ass was purple and she was really bawling like a kid by the time they were done with her.

    there was no direct coercion and she went along with it and as far as I know didn’t bare a grudge. But this wasn’t for fun.

    She walked funny for a day or two after and I saw her butt in the showers about a week later and it looked like her right butt cheek had an all over birthmark and her left some yellowing brown bruising.

    She blushed when she saw me looking – but just shrugged it off with a sheepish smile.

    I have no idea if other stuff went on in private – but I kinda think it did. Scared me shitless at the time but I kinda wish I had been in on more of this sort of stuff now.

    Love and kisses KT xxx

    btw I was in college in the 1990s too.

    • How snotty was she the days, weeks, months after the incident?

    • 15 DJ

      Hi KT,

      thanks for your contribution – it is really good to have a measured insight into this fascinating world.

      Rebecca and you obviously have a spanking interest and have grown into your own fascination. Therefore I can see why you might break cover on this. But I wonder how many women went through this not relating to it as you do and just filed it away in a private part of their mind.

      I mean it happened to them but was just something embarrassing they went through and now never talk about it.

      Thanks again and feel free to tell us more.


    • 16 Rebecca

      Hi KT

      The snotty girl getting spanked like that is exactly the kind of that happened. It created a air of who was next and yet rarely did they paddle a girl who was going to rock the boat afterwards.

      Even her attitude afterwards suggests that she was a good sport about it.

      I got a paddling like that which had me sobbing like a baby and unable to sit down for a day or so. I could certainly feel it for a week or more after and the bruises were impossible to hide.

      The worst thing about that time was that two friends of my big were in the room totally enjoying the scene. And she had me standing in the corner showing my butt while i had a good cry, all with these women in the room.

      I hadn’t been snotty but I had imposed on my friendship with my big and put her in a difficult position with her fellow seniors. Not my worst spanking actually – but my most embarrassing.

      But I stress these events were not typical.

  13. 17 Tony

    KT, were guys at the paddle parties? I know a guy who was in a fraternity and he swears that he paddled sorority pledges.

  14. This being October I’m really going to have to be more attentive in my little college town. I should take long walks down sorority row.

    • 19 Tony

      Where I work we employ college students, mostly females. The sorority girls often wear a Greek shirt or they have a Greek key chain or phone case. I am like a grandfather figure to them and some of the girls have given me tidbits of information. Non have offered a detailed account of getting paddled. I keep my fingers crossed.

  15. 20 DJ

    It definitely seems to go on – but maybe it is like 2 percenters in MCs just not the usual way of things. 😉

    • 21 Tony

      DJ, I feel very convenient saying that 99 percent of your readers have a greater than average interest in spanking. That said, we seek out the 2 percent. I disagree on the 2 percent number. I think that even today at least 10 percent of sorority pledges get their bottoms paddled for one reason or another. It’s traditional for sororities to paddle and tradition is a hard thing to break.

  16. 22 Jane_1954

    I was in a sorority back in the early 1970s.

    We had a public hazing event with Frat boys. Paddle line with short shorts. The least brief shorts got some serious paddling but everyone took a turn.

    I was determined not to get a serious paddling so mine were so brief that I was bare behind when I bent over. Talk about embarrassing.

    My big sis was so mad at how brazen I was she spanked me OTK with a hairbrush after the event in private. But that was just her – it wasn’t a sorority thing.

    We did have to worry about our housemother just as in that Donna story. Not as bad as that – not quite and I was never spanked by her anyway – but plenty of girls were. It was so unfair the boys dorm didn’t have a curfew nor did some of the other girls dorms.

    Just thought I would delurk (although it did take a drink Lol)

    Jane :0

    • 23 Tony

      Jane, wow as a lifetime SpankO and Sorority initiation coninsour I find you comment thrilling. Would you consider feeding my addiction with some details of the paddle line. How many pledges? How many swats? The Big Sis hairbrush spanking was it bare bottom? I would appreciate any details that you are willing to share.

    • 25 DJ

      Hi Jane and welcome

      thanks for your contribution – delurking is hard – so thanks and glad you did.

      Interesting that you were spanked by your Big Sis and not a sorority thing – how did that come about I wonder.

      I have heard of housemothers being strict but usually this old-fashioned maternal thing was on the way out by the early 1960s or so I understand – you mention that other halls did not have this arrangement- although the I have heard of spanking HM as late as 1980 – this from another fan of AB and Donna.

      Glad you liked that story. 🙂

      It would be interesting to know how close to the mark my version of a housemother was.

      all the best DJ

    • 26 Rebecca

      Hi Jane,

      Frat boys paddled you!?

      Sounds hardcore to me but I can see how the public prank would carry its own momentum. Lol

      Loved to know more about your big sis spanking you. Was this a regular thing?

      • 27 DJ

        Hi Rebecca,

        welcome back 🙂

      • 28 Jane_1954

        No I most definitely wasn’t spanked by frat boys.

        I guess my comment was ambiguous. 😦

        We had an event that included Frat boys and we pledges had to take paddle swats from the pledge mistress and a group of seniors.

        For this we had to put on sexy brief clothing – mainly as I said very short shorts. The girl with the least short shorts was told in advance that she would get extra swats.

        I knew that my sorority played rough if one wasn’t cooperative and I didn’t want to cry in front of a lot of guys so me and a friend just bought a pair of really short shorts and cut them down a little more.

        I only got two swats from each of the four girls with the paddle instead of the five that the girl who didn’t play ball and wore normal shorts. She also had them taken right down in front of those guys.

        Incidentally the girl with the briefest shorts also got extra for being too whorish.

        I thought I had lucked out but my big sis was mad that I nearly got a rep and spanked me bare OTK in her room the day after. That wasn’t that unusual from her – although took some getting used to.

        She was from an old-fashioned family who thought a girl was never too old. I wasn’t spanked at all growing up. A situation that she felt just had to be remedied and often. It wasn’t usual sorority practice.

        I hope that clears things up.

        Jane x

        • 29 DJ

          Hello again Jane

          Thanks that does clear things up and thanks for the added details.


  17. 30 Tony

    I tried really hard to get some sorority spanking info to share today. It didn’t go as well as I hoped it would. Lisa is a college senior who works for us. We were talking about education and jobs. I brought up networking and how social clubs and a sorority could be helpful. Lisa said she wanted to join a sorority but she couldn’t afford it. I replied, well you saved money and you didn’t have to get your ass paddled. Lisa replied that’s true, my friend Jessica was in a sorority 2 years ago and she couldn’t hardly sit for that week she called hell week. Lisa told me that Jessica told her that she got her ass paddled every night for a week. Jessica told her it hurts like hell but it’s only for one week.

    I sure would like to speak to Jessica. OK the college is in North Carolina. I will say that much about where this took place. Go Pirates!

    • 31 DJ

      Thanks Tony,

      just like that huh – well that is interesting hopefully Jessica will say more. 🙂

      • 32 Tony

        I know you may not believe it is that simple but it is if you are 67 years old and the students who work for you are 21. You build an open conversation relationship in the office. Then you come out so to speak. After a while the topic will turn to something about sex. Then I just say in a nonchalant way that spanking is a great turn on for me. You would be surprised but so many are not shocked or surprised. Adult spanking is not really considered that crazy of a fetish. It’s the ice breaker that leads to more open conversation. However if you think I am making this up and don’t want me posting what I can’t prove, I understand. I do swear that my post are 100 percent true, but it is your blog and I respect that.

        • 33 DJ

          I believe you Tony – my irony was for the situation not for you. 🙂

      • Hey Tony, maybe you can get some of the girls to tell their story here or on my forum Sometimes A Girl Needs A Spanking anonymously.

        • 35 Tony

          Trust me, I try. While the girls are friendly and don’t mind giving me some bits and pieces non of them have ever said that they are spankO’s and enjoy it. About 2 years ago I had a girl who worked the summer and I suspected she was into spanking. She talked about getting spanked at home, in school and at a party once. However she got a lifeguard job and left before I ever got a chance to get a detailed story. I am always on the lookout.

        • 36 DJ

          Keep trying Tony – you sound like you are the man on the spot. 😉

          Thanks again for these tidbits.

  18. 37 Tony

    One of my sorority girls who works here told me this story today. She turned 21 last weekend. After the normal birthday cake and such with her family she went out to party with her sorority sisters. Being legal drinking age now she consumed a lot of shots and she was feeling no pain. She said that is until my big sister decided it was time for my birthday spanking. It was a lot of fun and it was easy going as she gave my ass 20 paddy cake spanks with my sorority paddle. The last two were different. Number 21 and the one for good luck were full force. Damn they hurt so bad. I wasn’t expecting it and I screamed when she blasted my ass with those last 2 swats. They made my bottom burn for at least an hour she told me. When asked she told me her sorority doesn’t use the paddle to haze or initiate members. This is the only time she got paddled.

  19. 39 Tony

    This was a stroke of luck. One of my co-worker college girls who is also a sorority member told me she has a paddle but she has never been spanked with it. It’s just for show, she said. Our sorority is not allowed to haze in any form. I said you are lucky. She said, I know, my mom told me when she was in a sorority she got her ass paddled black and blue a few times. I know what it feels like she said. When I was 15 I talked back to mom and lied to her. She got her sorority paddle and gave me 10 swats and I couldn’t sit right for two days.

    I guess I should try to strike up a conversation with her mom if I ever see her. There may be a good story lurking that her mom could give me.

    • 40 DJ

      I wonder if Mum will say more after all these years or the code of silence will prevail. 🙂

  20. 41 Tony

    I got another snippet of proof today that sorority spanking is still happening. One of my employees had a friend visit her at wor. They were going out after work and I have no problem with a friend visiting. While Courtney was given a talk I had time to chat with her friend. I noticed she had her sorority key chain. It’s exactly like Courtney’s, it’s shaped like a paddle and it has the Greek letters on it. I said, oh you’re a sorority sister with Courtney. Yes we pledged together. With out batting an eye I said, so you both got your butts paddled at the same time. She answered yep, 6 of us pledged and we all did hell night together. Did it hurt? I asked. Hell yes it hurt. About that time Courtney came back and I told she could leave early. They walked out holding hands. Girls do that stuff I learned, it doesn’t mean their gay. I will try to get some details from Courtney when we are alone. I love working with these college students. I’m like their grandpa and they say anything around me.

    • 42 DJ

      Thanks for the annecdote Tony – sounds like everybody is having fun 🙂

      • 43 Tony

        Courtney doesn’t have classes on Thursday afternoon and she will be coming to work. I am working on a way to get her to give me some details. My plan is to just tell her the truth about my Kink. Courtney is a cool kid and I think she will laugh and take it in stride.

  21. 44 Tony

    I worked with Courtney today. I was 100 percent honest with her and I told her that spanking stories turned me on. I told her I have been this way all my life. Then I told her that sorority spanking stories are even more stimulating to me. Courtney said, there isn’t much to tell but you are a nice guy so I will tell you what happened. She was only paddled one time and that was on what was called hell night. There were 6 pledges and 6 big sisters but all the sorority members could attend. The week before the 6 pledges had to purchase the sorority history and hand book. It is 135 pages. They were told to study the book cover to cover. They were told they would be tested with questions from the book on hell night. The way it worked is each pledge would be asked 1 question. If she answered the question wrong all 6 of them would have to bend over with their hands on their knees and their butts pushed out. Courtney said, We would get one swat from each big sister for each wrong answer. They had just their panties on for protection. Most of them wore thong or high cut panties, so the paddle was hitting on their bare ass. We missed 4 out of the 6 questions. Most of us didn’t really study, we just looked through the book. They picked out crazy questions that they were pretty sure we wouldn’t know. We ended up getting 24 swats each. It hurt like hell Courtney told me. We only had about 5 minutes between each question. In that 5 minutes we were rubbing our butts and reading our handbooks hoping to get the next question right. When it was over we were all crying and our asses were burning hot. I had a few bruises that lasted for almost a week. The big sisters didn’t have to swing real hard for those sorority paddles to really hurt. The members in attendance were having a great time and were hoping we would answer all the questions wrong. Every time we answered a question wrong they would cheer and say things like “stick that ass out girls”. When we got the 2 questions right they booed us. I thanked Courtney and I paid for her lunch. Courtney said while it hurt like hell they all realized they should had studied and learned about the sorority history.

  22. 47 Tony

    Sorry for being away for so long. I have a sciatica nerve problem and I didn’t work for 3 weeks. Then there was the Christmas season and just a bunch of busy work. I have nothing new to report from the sorority girls I work with. I notice that I am not the only one who hasn’t been posting. Has the sorority spanking stories dried up. Does anyone have some new information to share?

    • 48 DJ

      Such contributions seem to come in batches – there will be more I am sure. 🙂

      Sorry to hear you have been ill – welcome back.

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