Abraham Heights: Home with the Heavers


corner timeThe 28-year-old English lecturer was lost in her thoughts following her run in with Mrs Main and she had a lot to think about. Her rapidly spinning head was still reeling with the agreement she had made. She was still blushing for God’s sake, and at both ends, she thought ruefully.

One more run-in and she would either face public humiliation or very private and very regular intimate submission. She wanted to rail against the world and scream at its injustice, but she didn’t feel any sense of injustice. Was that what bothered her most? Oh for sure she could take the college to a tribunal or even sue its ass off at a state or even federal level, but that seemed churlish of her somehow. She had come to Abraham Heights for the adventure and she had found it.

Besides, she thought, she somehow doubted that she was the first outsider to run afoul of the town’s quaint little punitive customs. It was a cert that it could take care of itself and maybe at greater expense to her interests.

No, she had three choices as she saw it and that was why she had taken an evening walk around town to clear her head.

Firstly, she could try and stay out of trouble. But in her heart she knew that she would fail. That was a strategy she had employed for weeks now and something, probably her little self-saboteurs, was thwarting that approach.

Secondly she could accept the situation, along with a weekly maintenance spanking and whatever other indignities Mrs Main had in mind for her. Or thirdly, she could move out.

Donna sighed. The last was obvious, but then she thought of the rows of bare-bottomed college girls and the proximity to all that spanking adventure. She couldn’t tell herself that it wasn’t what she signed on for, it was. Even an experience or two at the hands of some hunk was not out of court. But such regular childish humiliations so close to home…? Her hands stole to her ‘home’ and rubbed it tenderly. If only… she sighed, and then looked up.

She was in a well-to-do area of town and Donna had taken in the quaint wooded street on a whim. Now she found herself outside a house set back from the others. It was a large home with a yard big enough to hold a ball game. It was certainly the largest in the street, not that its neighbours were exactly small. But there was something about this house that made her stop.


The two young women sitting next to each other on the couch were blushing hard and exchanged glances. No doubt they both felt a nauseous tingle assaulting their stomachs, that and an age-old disconnect that said that it wasn’t happening.

The feeling was nothing new to Mindy Heaver. At 19 and having started college a year late due to some educational failures, she knew all about incentives, especially where Uncle Paul was concerned. Any protests that she was way too old were futile. Not when her mother too could find herself in the corner or over Uncle Paul’s knee when the need arose.

However, for local Prep-School teacher 29-year-old Prudence Trencher, this was all still new to her. Back in the summer the Heaver’s live-in tenant had got a foretaste of house discipline. Her introduction coming after the End of Year Barbecue; an event that she suspected Mindy too would never forget.

Paul had taken her to task once or twice since, she thought sheepishly, but those times had been different somehow and after the first time on the day of the party, they had been more private affairs. Now she was to feel the full wrath and custom of the Heaver household.

“Look I’m sorry I didn’t mean to… but…” Prudence wailed.

Paul just folded his arms and gave her that look. He had heard it all before.

“Didn’t mean to, of course not, if I even thought that…” Bridget cut in.

Paul gave his 39-year-old sister a look of her own and she shut up.

“You are both old enough to know better, especially you Prudence,” Paul said quietly.

Mindy nodded and took to glowering at her knees. She hated the lecture; she wished Uncle Paul would just get on with it.

“Well that’s just it, I am old enough. I am a teacher for… for f…” Prudence began.

Paul cocked an eyebrow in warning.

“Well, you know, I am too old for…” she glanced at the corner and then blushing, appealed to Bridget with her eyes.

The truth was she had begun to hope that there was more than just a paternal relationship between her and Paul. Why else would she just let him spank her?

“Too old,” Bridget gaped, “I am 10 years your senior and a mother…?” she looked at Mindy and then met Paul’s glare and quickly fell silent again.

Prudence knew that Bridget was spanked by Paul too when she needed it. Needed it, she thought aghast, she was going native. Anyway that was their business, although she secretly hoped to have seen this amusing event before now.

A week or so after she had been spanked by Paul and sent to the corner by a highly amused Bridget, she had confronted the woman. She had to know if it was true or had she just been made a fool of.

“Paul said…” she had begun, “I mean the other night when…” The words had stuck in her throat and she blushed.

“Go on,” Bridget said in a neutral voice as she put the wiping cloth she held down on the table and gave her lodger all of her attention.

“He said that you too were…” Suddenly Prudence felt an idiot.

Bridget smiled and lightened her posture.

“Come on, sit down,” she said pulling out a kitchen chair.

Prudence made a pouty face and then sank into the proffered seat and hugged herself defensively.

“This house is not so very different to any other in Abraham Heights,” Bridget sighed, “I mean you must have realised now that it is the land the time forgot. The liberated 1980s, heck, the swinging sixties passed us by. I for one am rather glad about that, even if I do get my tail singed from time to time.”

“You mean Paul does spank you, your own brother,” Prudence gasped, forgetting herself.

“He has been taking care of me through one reckless youth and two failed marriages. He is the head of house here and so long as you promise not to tell him I said so, I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Bridget continued. “So yes he spanks me and soundly when I need it. Mindy knows. Heck, sometimes Mindy sees. Just like you I have been nose to the wall, hip to hip with her in the corner.”

Prudence gaped like a fish as she pictured the scene.

“Once or twice over the years I have stood there in front of company, not to mention an unspanked Mindy,” Bridget said with a hint of bitter resolve. “It did me good, no doubt, but more to the point it wasn’t my call.”

“You mean… with your bottom bare like…?” Prudence was wide-eyed.

“Not quite as public as the barbecue, that was a special case, but you know…” Bridget shrugged, “So welcome to Abraham Heights.”

Now in the present she had to contend with a full family sanction.

Paul had finished his lecture. Like Mindy the scolding words had washed over her like a drone and she had just been willing him to stop and get to the point.

“Now you both know the drill, I want you pants down and facing that wall until I am ready,” Paul barked.

Mindy leapt to her feet with a hint of attitude and began working her button and zipper. By the time Prudence was standing up the 19-year-old had shucked her pants and panties down and was shuffling over to the wall with a pout.

“What if…?” Prudence thought about the regular and unexpected parade of friends and neighbours that tended to pitch up of an evening; many of them parents at her school and occasionally with a student, one of hers, in tow.

Paul gave her a hard look until with bad grace she shot and angry glance at Mindy and then followed suit.

“Any more of that attitude and I’ll add something,” Paul growled, “Both of you.”

A moment later both women were side-by-side with denims and panties at their knees, and with two bare bottoms hanging in the autumn breeze.

Bridget eyed the two tight white split behinds with a feeling of calm comfort and thought about how many bare bottoms had graced the spot since Great-Grand Pa Heaver had built the house back in the day. The fact that one of them had often been her own did nothing to dim her enthusiasm for such domestic disciplinary traditions. It was a pity that neither of her husbands had ever been worth a damn in that department, she thought regretfully as she turned back to the kitchen.

“How… how long…?” Prudence sounded like a whiney teenager and she knew it.

“Oh you’ll be there a while before I spank you and longer afterwards,” Paul grunted as he crossed the room to the TV.


Donna didn’t know what drew her to this particular house. It was crazy, she could even get arrested, she thought as she made her way around the side of the building. As soon as she reached the shadow in the first hint of twilight she knew that what she was doing was insane.

The house had a kind of porch running almost all the way around. At the side she could see a high-ish window to what she presumed was a basement that was just below the floor of the surround porch. It was too high for a girl of five feet nothing to see into, even standing on a box so she moved on. As she went further back to the yard the ground rose up so that the rear decking was almost level with the ground.

The only place where the porch was not continuous was at a set of cellar doors at the far corner, beyond which were steps that led to the other end of the deck and then, she guessed up to an upper balcony arrangement.

The whole set-up reminded her of some kind of plantation house, although admittedly on a smaller scale. It was an image that put her in mind of ‘whupping’ for some reason and she knew she should go.

‘I was just looking for a friend before realising I had the wrong house,’ she rehearsed in her head.

Then she heard it: the unmistakable sound of someone being scolded by a firm baritone voice. The occasional interjection from a rather shrill scoldee confirmed that the person in trouble was female.

What is it with this town? She wondered. But she felt the same thrilling pang she had felt when she had first encountered the secret of Abraham Heights. So instead of leaving, she nervously ascended the back steps to the porch and crept up to a window for a peek.

What met her gaze were not one, but two hapless women. Both were facing the wall with their panties at their ankles and both had eminently spankable behinds. One, she decided was college age and from the way she stood upright with her hands on her head, no newbie at corner time. The other, if she wasn’t mistaken was older, perhaps much older; Donna blushed in recognition of the woman’s plight.

Then she saw the man watching TV and gulped. As far as she could tell in profile, he was a traditional squared-jaw hunk, with square sports-jock shoulders and a touch of masterful grey at his temples. Now this was going to be too good to miss, she decided, throwing all caution to the wind.


Donna had been lurking for quite some time before the man switched off the TV and told the women to turn around. By then Donna had worked out that there was another woman there, a 30-something panther-like creature who despite being nearer 40 than 30, Donna guessed, had the feisty look of a single woman rather than the man’s husband. Lucky man, she thought regretfully.

The other thing Donna had worked out was that the older of the two girls was indeed more mature and was at least her own age.

Now it was about 45 minutes after she first peeked that things finally looked like getting going.

“Mindy,” the man sighed. Then from the table he picked up a small stout paddle with tight drilled holes, before taking a chair from the wall.

Mindy dropped her aching arms and took half a step back before nervously rubbing her thighs. Then in a hobbled shuffle, she crossed the room with her hands cupped anxiously over her sex in front.

“Uncle Paul I…” Mindy ventured meekly.

Paul ignored her and tipped her easily across his knee so that her bottom was a tight split dome in his lap.

Prudence, who had half turned to watch, shot a lip-chewing glance at the action, tugging at her shirt in front lest anyone see her nakedness.

The paddle rose and fell with a purpose and in a moment Mindy’s grunts had become laboured breaths and she made slow swimmer-like kicks with her legs as she squirmed.

It was the heavy hard thwack of the impacts that made Donna start and she wondered if her own spankings from Mrs Main were so loud. She realised she didn’t know, being too preoccupied at such times with how they felt than what they sounded like.

If Donna thought the spanking would soon be over she was to be reassured. True within a few minutes Mindy’s bottom went through hard pink to an angry red, but that was just for openers. The paddle soon left contrasting dark red and whitish blotches that rose in little blisters as the spanking progressed.

By then of course Mindy had given up all stoicism and her angry grunts had given over to distressed wails and finally full bloodied howling.

“I’m sorry, I’m sooo sorry,” she bawled, much good it did her.

Donna lost all track of time as the spanking continued, but if someone had later told her it lasted for an hour, she would not have been surprised. Although in truth, 20 minutes was near the mark, if that.

“Your behaviour was unacceptable,” Paul said sharply as his spanking arm slowed, “You get that don’t you?”

The woeful tear-stained and snot-smeared face of Mindy nodded. The sobbing girl looked submissively up over her shoulder and emphasised her surrender with, “Yes Sir.”

Paul shot a glance at her raw welted bottom and guessed that she was.

“Alright, back to face the wall with you,” he sighed.

Mindy clambered to her feet and this time heedless of flashing her pubic triangle, staggered to the wall and meekly took up the required pose.

“Now Paul…” the older woman said warily as now that it had come to it she backed away. “I know I kind of deserve it but…”

“Kind of deserve it,” Paul barked, his exasperation clear, “You brat. I ought to have you cut a switch after this.”

Prudence gaped and backed off a little more, still tugging at her T-shirt in front to cover herself. This action only emphasised her seemingly big bottom behind and made her look all the more vulnerable.

In the event he took her over his knee as easily as he had Mindy, although with more rather fuss. This time he was intent to really make an impact and really let fly with the paddle, driving it down hard.

Prudence made no attempt to be silent and yelled heartedly from the get go so that the watching Donna had to stifle a laugh.

Even the woman, who Donna learned was called Bridget, returned to watch the action and made no attempt to disguise her amusement.

“You may only be a lodger here, but you are just one of the family to us,” she chuckled.

Donna gaped at this revelation and her mind raced. Oh my God, she thought, but something about it excited her. The spanking too excited her and she squeezed her thighs together as she watched. How this Paul kept up the pace, Donna could only guess, he was a hero in her eyes anyway and she didn’t even care what the women had done. But something about the woman’s bawling and the way her bottom went blister-red to angry purple in so short a time made the college prof think that she was a relative novice.

Donna’s hand strayed to her own behind and she felt the fading ministrations of Mrs Main’s efforts. Mrs Main, she cried inwardly, what time is it? Omigod, she thought and fell back from the window. It had gone 9.30, her watch revealed.


It took half an hour for Prudence to bring her crying under control. Every moment of that time was spent facing the wall while her bottom burned and throbbed. An agony increased because she had been strictly forbidden from rubbing it.

“One unauthorised rub and I’ll spank you again,” Paul had cautioned.

“He will,” a more recovered and rueful Mindy muttered from beside her.

Prudence had nodded and sobbed out a “Yes Sir.”

Now an hour later prudence was convinced she wasn’t going to sit down ever again, but at least she was more bored now than suffering. He can’t keep us here much longer, she thought miserably; I’ll be good now, very, very good.

Next to her Mindy just crinkled up her nose and made bored blowing noises. She knew better than to hope for a release any time soon. The doorbell shook them all.

“Who’s that now, it’s after 10?” Bridget said irritably. Then a moment later they heard her say, “Come in Meredith.”

Prudence’s eyes came out on stalks at the implication and her mouth gaped. While next to her Mindy muttered, “Oh great.”

“We have just been dealing with a small domestic problem,” Bridget said as she ushered Meredith Crow into the family room.

“So I see,” Meredith said pleasantly, “A familiar scene at our house too. Oh Miss Trencher,” she added in faint surprise, “So nice to… eh… see you again. Oh tell me how are the twins…? eh… no I see you’re busy perhaps another time.”

“Yes Mrs Crow, I am rather,” Prudence said in brittle voice, conscious that her face now matched her behind.

“I hope you are not giving our guest some attitude,” Bridget said in annoyance.

“No Ma’am,” Prudence said hastily.


Donna stood with her forehead pressed to the front door of Carlton Hall. The freshman dorm block was firmly closed against her and she just knew that sneaking in wold prove as futile as it ever had. Why do I keep on doing this? It as an inward wail of despair and part of her knew her life was about to change one way or another.

She wasn’t even surprised when she heard the bolts drawn back from inside to allow the door to be opened.

“Good evening Dr Warren,” Mrs Main said wearily, “I rather supposed it would come to this.”

“Mrs Main,” Donna began, “I really don’t think…”

“Dr Warren,” Mrs Main sighed, “Go to bed, just go to bed. We will have a nice long, long talk on Saturday afternoon.”

Donna felt her jaw click as she swallowed. There was no way, she thought, and looked up to speak. But Mrs Main had gone.

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  1. 1 paul1510

    as good as always. 🙂

  2. Oh this is my favorite of all my favorite DJ Black stories. This is super with the story growing and growing. I hope you never end it. Well here is hoping that you will have the next chapter completed soon.

    All the best and Thank you,

  3. 5 Pat

    This is also one of my favorite series. Really enjoy the story line of Donna and Mrs Main. Hope to read more soon. Thanks again.

  4. This is definitely one of my favorites. I’ll be picking up the Ebook when this one is done, but I hope there are many chapters before that time.

    • 7 iggy

      Every author has their epic, and in time I believe this series will be the one. the build up and the anticipation that goes with it make this so different from many in the spanking genre. Somehow we all expected Donna to fail in her attempts and now contemplate the humiliating ordeal of being routinely admonished as a student; and nervously await the next one each week. Not the fear and shock of immediate chastisement after an infraction, but the tormenting reflection of the impending doom with each passing day leading up to the inevitable. A process concluding each week with hesitations and pleas of a panicked teenager emanating from the educated lips of a grown woman as she dreadfully faces a very humbling experience. And a very sore bottom along with teary eyes confirming the reality of the punishment. I only wonder what did Ms. Main mean by a “very long, long” session emphasizing the duration. does it suggest multiple spankings in one afternoon with the discussion mixed in. I suppose we will find out.

  5. 8 Michael

    I enjoy all your work, DJ, and your Abraham Heights series is my favorite, especially the misadventures of Dr. Donna Warren. This installment was exceptional with the return of the Heavers, their hapless boarder Prudence Trencher and the delicious ending of Dr. Warren’s already askew world heading for another dramatic change. Am anxiously awaiting the next chapter.

  6. 9 DJ

    Thanks everyone

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    Thank you very much for new Abraham Heights story. I really like Donna and Miss Main story. I hope, you will have the next chapter.

    Thank you and Best Regards,

  8. 11 Peter

    Wow..Donna is my favorite. This is amazing. When you will write next episode?

    Thank you for this amazing story.

  9. 12 DJ

    It is hard to write in some ways and like with Raw I don’t like to churn them out. That’s why they are so infrequent.

    Sorry about that.

  10. 13 Peter

    Thank you for reply. I really can understand you. I think, you are best author. I’ll wait for your next episode. Even. if it’s 6 months or 1 year later..

  11. 15 Mountforce

    Really looking forward…

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    Excellent. Please more 🙂

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    Hello DJ. This is excellent story. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Please more donna and Ms. Main..

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    No more? 😦 ıt was really good..

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    i’ve read this story three times. Abraham Heights is amazing story.

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    Maybe this week? 🙂

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