Oriental Spanking


spanking in JapanThe naughty ladies above have already been spanked but what is the truth about spanking in the far east, China, Japan et al? I use the term oriental here, rather than Asian, to distinguish it from India and Pakistan, which usually get omitted when anyone talks about Asian people.

This is not an area that has featured overmuch on A Voice, but in recent days several little Asian and related snippets have come this way. Enough perhaps for a post. Has anyone any thoughts or insight on this?

10 Responses to “Oriental Spanking”

  1. 1 Tony

    My thought is that they have very nice spankable looking asses. I don’t see why it matters what culture or language they speak. Naughty girls should get their bottoms spanked regardless of where they were born and raised. I am an equal opportunity spanker.

  2. The Koreans are big spankers. Olivia Munn speaks often about her Korean mother spanking her often. Two Filipino girls in my high school admitted that their dad would cane them for breaking house rules. That was actually the first time I’d really heard of a cane in modern use. A close friend of mine had a Japanese girlfriend he spanked. He gave her some swats in the park and she said “my mother spanks me harder than that.” She was in her 20s and spoke in the present tense. She was definitely spanked at home, but we don’t know if she was still spanked at home at that age. Spanking older children is fairly prevalent amongst certain ethnic groups.

    • 3 DJ

      Thanks Patron – I have heard such stories – but mostly about nude corner time and no actual spanking.

  3. 4 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Take a look at the blog “Real Life Singaporean Spanking Stories” for some examples. http://spank-a-lot.blogspot.ca/. In a recent poll on some dating site (might have been OK Cupid) it was revealed that more men wanted Asian partners than any other kind. I suspect this is at least in part because they are perceived to be more submissive and less demanding than western women. Did I mention before an anecdote from the book “Tokyo My Everest” about the Japanese wife who was disappointed when the TV remote control was introduced because it meant she no longer had to get up and change the channel for her husband whenever he wanted it changed?

  4. 6 Pecan nutjob

    This picture is lovely. Where is it from?

  5. 8 AJ

    While in grad school years ago, I dated a 20 year old ethnic Chinese woman whose family emigrated from the Philippines. She was absolutely adamant that we return home on time from our dates. When was the last time she was spanked, I wondered. Two weeks ago, she told me. Bare, OTK, with a wooden ruler, from her dad for not cleaning up her room. How often? Every couple of months.

    This was RL and she was so genuinely frightened of spanking that I couldn’t bring myself to introduce her to the pluses. Since then, I moved to the SF Bay Area and near UC Berkeley where lovely young East Asian women are everywhere. Several have found their way across my knee, including a 23 year old Korean grad student neighbor, a 38 year old Hong Kong Chinese woman I dated, a 25 year old Chinese-American met on the web and an 18 year old Chinese-American met at a spanking party.

    Bay Area East Asian women are among the brightest people I’ve met, hardly the caricature of the submissive Oriental lotus-woman of fantasy. Yet, in the right intimate setting, they can let go in a way that inspires.

    On a coarser objectivist note, the East Asian female form is often elegantly slender and can have a compact, yet round bottom, with lovely creamy skin that reddens up nicely. Some spankees are stoic, but the ones who are responsive have a disarmingly girlish squeal. And most admirably, especially among Japanese woman, is an affinity to dipping the back and thrusting up the bottom in an exquisite display of erotic submission.

    See: http://nami4.yakan.net/main/sample/0159na-sam/Gallery0159-sam-en.html

    Recommended sites.

  6. 10 Targetarear

    Yes, I think a post about oriental would make interesting reading, especially if accompanied by some pictures. To me, Chinese and Japanese women have particularly pert and spankable bottoms. Mmmm.

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