Sorority Snippets


sorority talesFound these two snippets on file. Not sure if they came from readers or not. I am not even sure that I haven’t published them before. If I have, here is a re-post and could the contributors take a bow. Thanks to them.

I often read the blog and saw your story on sorority paddlings and after sleeping on it decided to comment. In my case I was a Junior Transfer Student and my Big sis was a Sophomore. The paddle is definitely still in use, though it is frowned upon officially by the college administration and National. The double blue paddles guest see on our walls are not just for show. I know first hand as I will be a Big Sis next fall.

My Big Sis paddled me and the shiny luster on the blade of her paddle was caused by the the skin oils contributed during my bare bottom paddlings. Now, that does not mean that all
paddle swats and these were delivered with vigor on the bare. The opposite tends to be the case. Paddle swats between sisters in public are over jeans or skirts, but as your site has shown paddles leave marks through clothing seats.

Do I think that paddle swats between sisters in a sorority should be continued? Yes, I do it is a special way of bonding and a lil’ red bottom and day later purple bruising just serves as a reminder of how special the sistership bond is even in this politically correct society.

Class Of 2006

I have been lurking on your Blog for some time. The sorority initiation paddling question has gotten my attention. I am 58 years young and I attended college ain 1964. I dated a beautiful Irish red head named Joy  in my Junior year.

On night on our date Joy winced as she sat down. Being the spankO that I was since the age of 7 I couldn’t help but react to her dilemma. Joy didn’t want to tell me what her problem was. With much coaxing she told me that she got caught smoking in the Sorority house and as a result she got three licks with the paddle not 30 minutes before meeting me for our date.

She wouldn’t give me the details. She did say that it hurt like hell and she got her licks over her panties. I wish I could tell you more, but as often as I tried to get more information Joy would not give me additional accounts of her sororities paddle usage.


5 Responses to “Sorority Snippets”

  1. 1 O.H.M.

    3 Swats?? That’s it??? Smoking in the house is worth at least 5. 🙂

    I really need to check out some of these sorority houses that are all over my little college town. Can you just walk into them or do you have to have an appointment or reason to be there? “Hi, I’d just like to see the paddles on the wall and maybe hear some discipline in action.” I wonder how that would work out?

    I am very perceptive when it comes to possible signs of a disciplined bottom. I’ve seen a number of incidences around town that of course brings up the question in my mind. I was pretty interested when driving down the street noticing a group of girls with one bent over a bench for a light hearted spanking.

    • 2 DJ

      Just as girls don’t talk in the UK – they rarely talk in the US – so who knows.

  2. 3 cindy2

    I wonder how many of the sessions involve more vigorous discipline with the paddle. Whereas in public, I can understand that paddling over the clothed bottom would be more common, I would be interested in knowing how frequently or rarely the paddle is used on the bare bottom of a misbehaving sorority member, especially when other sorority members are present to witness the chastisement.

    • 4 Redendmaker

      And I hate to be picky here…but I’m ’68 years young’ and attended college starting in 1964 so is the second snippet to be believed or not.

    • 5 DJ

      It happens – not a lot- but I have heard stories.

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