The Sinclair Method (Part 7)


otk hellOur story began here.

None of the girls had missed that Mary had been soundly spanked. Given that she was older than them, Jenny and Janet could not help sniggering about it too. This despite, or perhaps because, they had both recently suffered at Alice’s hands also.

Only Katherine showed any sympathy at all, although even she had to stifle a small laugh at the comic scene at supper when a stiff and limping Mary had oh so gingerly lowered herself onto a pillow that she had had to place on the dining room chair. In the event her attempts failed and after only a few moments of squirming and facial animation she had regained her feet and opted to take her supper off the mantle instead. The poor girl was mortified and would not look anyone in the eyes for days.

Nevertheless, after her embarrassing sojourn at the mantle, Mary sheepishly waited for Katherine once the other two weren’t around.

“Katherine,” Mary offered up wanly, “I am sorry I was so… I’m sorry. Could you please tell me again… I mean, could you help me about my clothes?”

Katherine smiled and agreed readily.

“How was it anyway, your meeting with Alice I mean?” Katherine ventured once she was sure the others had skedaddled and weren’t lurking somewhere to eavesdrop.

“Oh it was just peachy, can’t you tell?” Mary replied ruefully.

“So I noticed, what did she do?” Katherine whispered conspiratorially.

“She introduced me to her friend Mr Switch,” Mary rolled her eyes.

“Ouch,” Katherine said with a wince, “She mentioned something about a stick. I gather you must have done more than just give her some impudence regarding her advice.”

Mary looked at her shoes and blushed. Just then the two women arrived at the stairs and Mary found that she had to ascend them grandmother style, with very careful steps.

“Come on,” Katherine prompted, “Confession time.”

Mary pulled a face and blushed again.

“I snuck into her room.” There was genuine shame in her voice.

“Find anything that was worth the tail blistering?” Katherine asked, not altogether without curiosity.

“What do you think?” Mary said sullenly.

But after a brief mutual glare they both giggled.

“So you are all square now I presume?” Katherine said at last.

“Ooh,” Mary wailed and pulled a face.

“Now you really do have to talk,” Katherine said decisively, “You go lie down on your bed and I’ll fix an ice-pack.”

Leaving Mary to it Katherine hastened away.

“But…” Mary called after.

Katherine had just disappeared out of sight at the end of the passage near the bathroom when she ducked back.

“Oh, I suggest you lay face down,” she said with a wink.

“You beast,” Mary growled.


The door to Alice’s room seemed like the gates to hell and Mary wondered if she might flee rather than face this trial. Lying face down on her bed while a girl she hardly knew put an ice pack on her blistered bare bottom had been embarrassing enough. Especially when Katherine had insisted on hearing all the details of both her recent correction and what she had to do next. But now she had to face the reality of going to Alice and actually asking for that very spanking.

The deadline set had been three days, but although she could just about sit down now, embarrassment aside Mary would have preferred three weeks before inviting any more attention to her behind.

But now her time was up and her hand hung reluctantly frozen in the act of knocking.

“Alice,” Mary ventured, tapping oh so lightly as if the wood might splinter.

After a few moments of similar reluctant taps the door swept open and Alice stood there regarding Mary in some amusement.

“I thought that mouse scratching might be you,” she said, “What do you want?”

Mary started at this and stood gaping.

“B-but… you said…” she wailed.

“Yes?” Alice asked bluntly.

Mary took a deep breath and looked furtively up the hall and listened. She had hoped to be invited in before she humbled herself.

“I have come for my… you know,” Mary said in a whisper.

“Yes I know,” Alice said wearily, “Well at least you came. Come in.”

Once the door was closed Alice pulled a chair away from the wall and on it she put a large flat-backed hairbrush.

“I know why you’re here but tell me anyway,” Alice said sharply, “No, ask me properly.”

Mary blushed and felt her head swim. Then heaving a sigh of death she muttered. “I have come for my spanking.”

Alice regarded her charge imperiously and waited.

“Please Alice, will you… sp-spank me?” Mary managed at last.

Alice considered this for a moment and then directed the girl to lower her panties and face the wall with her skirts and petticoats raised. Blushing for her country, Mary complied. A few moments later she was bare-bottomed in the corner displaying her purple and red rash-streaked behind to Alice’s gaze.

The governess made her stand at attention for a good 20 minutes before announcing that Mary’s bottom was too sore and that she could put things off to the weekend.

Mary sunk into herself with a sigh and staggered back. It was a small reprieve but she had never been more grateful to anyone.

“Mind you, I want a proper request on Sunday afternoon. You will ask explicitly and fulsomely for a bare bottom spanking and some corner time. I suggest you write out something and rehearse it like a speech. If I am not satisfied I will spank you anyway and then have you back again until you get it right. Do you understand me?”

“Oh yes Ma’am,” Mary gushed.

“Now cut along.


Mary had hoped that her reprieve would be a blessing. But instead she had been thrown into turmoil by the postponement, disappointed even. Now she found herself back where she began without the closure.

Worst still she felt her submission had been expanded and instead of just asking to be spanked, she now had to prostrate herself verbally in the worse way imaginable, or so it seemed.

Now she stood again outside Alice’s door plucking up the courage to knock.

“Mary Welling, if you don’t stop dithering I will send you out back to cut a switch,” Alice’s scolding voice came from inside.

Mary jumped and rapidly smoothed down the front of her skirt. But before she could wrap on the door it opened.

“Oh do come in,” Alice sighed.

Mary gulped and sneaked a couple of glances up the hall in search of unwelcome witnesses before obeying.

“Come along then,” Alice chided her, “You have something to ask me, don’t you?”

Mary stooped her head and could not fail to notice the hairbrush in Alice’s hand. Her hands felt awkward at her side and she could not meet her governess’s eyes as she gulped down several lumps in her throat.

“Yes Ma’am,” she managed, “I mean… that is… I am here… eh, to be sp-spanked,” she finally said.

“Yes I know that, what of it?” Alice folded her arms and regarded the girl sternly.

“On my… you know, b-bare bottom,” Mary said in a thick voice, still not meeting Alice’s eyes.

“Oh I do know, but you were to ask for it, not mumble,” Alice said impatiently.

Mary made tentative grabs at her behind, still feeling a hint of tenderness there.

“Yes Ma’am, I mean, please Ma’am… um, could you please… ah, s-sp-spank my… eh… b-bare eh… b-bottom. I d-deserve it, oh and…” she blushed, “The corner too.”

Alice rolled up her eyes in consternation and took Mary by the arm.

“Hopeless girl,” she sighed as she tumbled her across her lap. “Hopeless. I am afraid that is not good enough.”

“Oh but…” Mary wailed.

But in a moment the brush struck her across the seat of her skirt and drew a yelp. Alice struck twice more before hauling up Mary’s skirts and shucking down her panties.

“You had your chance and I mean to have you back as many times as it takes,” Alice scolded her charge.

“Ooh, ah… wait,” Mary squealed.

Alice ignored all further protests and set about spanking Mary until her bottom was strawberry red all over.

“All you had to do was what you were told,” Alice growled as she spanked on. “Politely ask for a fulsome spanking. I know it is embarrassing, but you have been too full of yourself and not at all entering into the needful spirit of things.”

Mary tried to splutter out excuses but the burn in her bottom was taking all her attention.

“Now I want you to come back and ask properly,” Alice said sharply, not pausing in her assault, “I want no mumbling and plenty of adjectives. By rights I should make you ask in front of the others. Mess it up again and maybe I will.”

“Ooh please,” Mary wailed, but the spanking was in earnest and totally beyond anything she had expected.

“Please nothing,” Alice sighed, “Go stand in the corner and keep your nose to the wall. I don’t want to look at you.”

A distressed Mary made a break for the other side of room while bawling like a kid.

“And keep that skirt held up in back,” Alice chided her.

Mary heaved great choking sobs as she quickly obeyed. Breathing was hard and took a while to ease back, but eventually Mary could hear the birds and a clock ticking somewhere. Despite her gruesome ordeal, as she saw it, the spanking wasn’t as bad as the switching she had gotten and somehow she felt closer to Alice; better in herself even.

“What am I going to do with you?” Alice said in a weary voice.

“I tried, really I did,” Mary sniffed, “It’s not fair.”

She sounded like a kid and she knew it.

“Fair is not exactly the name of the game here,” Alice replied. “We all have to go through it and you don’t know what you want do you?”

Mary shrugged and pouted sullenly and she risked taking a look over her shoulder at Alice.

“When I first went to stay with Muriel, Mrs Baxter to you, you’ll meet her one day; anyway, when I first went to her I was oh so grown-up. I had been in the military as you know and well anyway… I was full of myself. Despite me seeking out the Sinclair Method and its lessons I still managed to resist the idea of being taken in hand. In short I thought I was way too old for a good sound spanking. But a good sound spanking on my completely bare bottom and then a long stint in the corner was exactly what I got. See, it is not so hard to say is it?”

Alice launched into her story with a hint of a blush and a faraway smiled on her lips. She hadn’t scolded Mary about turning to look so she made a half turn and leaned on the wall to listen.

“Four times I was summoned to Mrs Baxter’s room and four times I was made to ask for a spanking,” Alice explained. “The first time I completely refused and boy did I get it.”

Mary giggled at the idea and Alice rolled her a sidelong conspiratorial smirk.

“The second time I rather sullenly mumbled out my request and got another spanking for my trouble, this time with a bath brush. I was spanked so hard and long that I thought I was never going to sit down again. I actually couldn’t for about a week,” Alice continued. “The third time I managed to say with certain amount of grudging humility something like, ‘please Mrs Baxter Ma’am, spank my bare bottom as I deserve and send me to the corner.’”

The governess was blushing as much as Mary ever had at the memory and Mary gasped in horror.

“Oh if I had managed that the first time it might have been enough to save my behind, but it was far too little too late. Instead I was hauled out to the woodshed and had the tar whaled out of me with a strop and several switches. When I was finally let out of a very humiliating stint in the corner… a very public one I might add, I was told to think very carefully about the next meeting and be ready to ask properly and very fulsomely with embellishments or I would think that my spankings so far were tickle pats.”

Mary gulped, especially when she saw Alice’s icy smile.

“One day I tell you what happened, but I suggest that you really do go above and beyond for our next encounter,” Alice added, “It is after all for your own good.”

As she finished she made a circle with her finger indicating that Mary should turn and face the wall again.

To be continued.

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  1. 1 paul1510

    oh dear, Alice is quite determined.
    Poor Mary. 😦

  2. 3 Mimi

    Eagerly awaiting part 8. Alice is formidable indeed 🙂

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