No really, never too old


otk spanked to tearsThis was sent in as a comment by Chloe for the last never too old post. I have included the first part to demonstrate how cute and accident prone Chloe is.

“Sorry to be a bother, but I can’t get this comment to send. Can you post it for me, or you could use it as it is. Oh I was 20 at the time of the story, I had better say hadn’t I, which is kind of the point, whoops. Anyway I am married now and working in marketing. Too much information I know.”

I love these true stories, but they are better when it happens to someone else. I like spanking, but just for fun, but in stories I like harsher themes. My worse spanking happened and at a friend’s parents New Year’s party.

We all got a bit tipsy and raided her father’s drinks cabinet and someone helped themselves to his best whiskey. At some point we went outside and had a great snowball fight, it was all a bit chaotic.

When her folks came home everyone had to leave, except me who was staying there, although some cousins and a couple of other people also hung around trying to help clean up and smooth things over but her Dad was furious.

I got a bit lippy until he says ‘you are not too old for a smacked bottom young lady.’

I laughed and mouthed off some more and then to get my own back by taking the whiskey again and going back inside. He followed me and tried to get it, repeating his threat until I dared him. Big mistake, he grabbed me and upended me across his knee for a spanking.

My dress was very short and I was wearing this thong which only made him crosser (he called me a little tart, which I totally was at the time). He spanked me hard on the bare bum and had me yelling and wet around the eyes saying sorry and saying stuff like I would be good.

When he let me up so that I could grab my bottom and rub we both saw that everyone had gathered at the door of the room to watch including my friend and her mother, who were the only ones who were not amused. We both embarrassed, especially me. My face was redder than my bum by then, especially when everyone laughed. I was teased for months afterwards, but I think I deserved it.

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  1. 1 markiee

    Mamma needs a spanking.

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