Reality Bites: corner time for two


corner time for twoApparently genuine corner time for two college girls sent in by Kate. She said, ‘this is embarrassingly close to home for me.’

No further information on this so it is unclear whether this is a domestic or a sorority situation.

10 Responses to “Reality Bites: corner time for two”

  1. picture not clear whether they are about to be spanked or have been

  2. Corner Time does it for me. So subtle from the Dom or Sub side-

  3. 3 Becky

    Having just spent an hour this morning in the corner I would assume this is a pre-spanking situation as they are still fully clothed. I think this must be pretty embarrassing as although you are not suffering the penance alone you are seen by more than the person punishing you alone as a minimum. Obviously would be worse if they had their hands on their heads or fingertips on their shoulders which I find very uncomfortable as well as appropriately childish.

  4. Very Nice pic

  5. 5 DJ

    Yes an interesting and evocative picture

    so Becky – who put you in the corner ? 😉

  6. 6 Becky

    I was deservedly put in the corner for interrupting Jack and his friends whilst they were the football on Friday evening. I have previous in this and now normally am not allowed to watch the soccer when he has friends around. Instead I spend my time doing needlework or knitting in the kitchen. I do like watching football but this helps to demonstrate my submissive role. Anyway on Friday I was trying to check something with him whilst they were watching and I have to admit it was not that urgent. He spared me from being told off in front of his friends but instead dealt with me on Saturday morning.

    Since it was a repeat offence I was lucky to escape being put in school uniform for a while for which I was very grateful. Deservedly however I did get a set of punishments. So I am doing four days without supper instead I have to stand in the corner at suppertime with a bar of soap in my mouth which is horrible – but appropriate for speaking out of turn. I am doing two hours of written punishment per day for four days and I have a complete TV ban for a week. I have to sleep in the spare room for four days going to bed no later than 9:00 PM. In addition I got a thorough hand spanking across my bare behind followed by a very hard spanking with my hairbrush across my behind and thighs. It was after this I was sent to the corner for an hour with my hands on my head, my dress and cardigan pinned up and knickers around my ankles. It is always a very salutatory lesson. Becky

    • 7 cindy2

      Becky, it seems that you are very properly chastised for your behavior. Do you ever find that you drool when you are soaped? I do, which is why when it was done to me I was required to stand (nude) in a shower enclosure.

      The punishments you receive are childish punishments, and from the sound of it, just what is needed. I am curious what your school uniform looks like if you are willing to share. Do you ever feel “smaller” or “younger” when you are treated in this manner?

      I have a new guy who is helping me too and the relationship is developing.

  7. 8 Anna

    Until I moved to the US for my studies I had to live with family friend who I called my ‘auntie’, I thought only Chinese girls had corner time.

    At home it was just that, rarely beating and just like in picture.

    Then I came to aunties and learned about good old American custom of spanking. Big shock for girl of 19 near 20.

    Also had to stand in corner now with pants and panties down before and after spanking. Only in front of family (not mine though) but so shameful.

    Sometimes had to stand on a chair naked too and this was crazy time – very shaming.

    I do not hate auntie though – she spent a lot of money on me she didn’t have to and also I had more freedom and fun with her than at home. In fact most of my spanking was very deserved. And other girls, her daughters and real nieces my age and older had same. So I wasn’t bullied about. She was just strict.

    When I graduated and stayed in America she gave me room and later helped with an apartment. Instead of family room corner time she take me to her room and later mine and spank me. Sometimes using thin stick which was very sore making.

    There was still corner time – but mostly just in front of her or close ‘cousins.’ But also I begin to find it exciting a little.

    Auntie know and make it all harder and longer – but then she give up when I 24 saying I was sick puppy. But she laugh and we still friends.

    Now I have boyfriend who spanks me and send me to corner. Much better I think.

    Anna x

  8. 9 Becky


    I do drool when I am forced to have the bar of soap in my mouth for prolonged periods, as was the case here, abd I have to clear up my mess from my clothes and the floor as necessary.

    The wearing of school uniform is very humiliating and certainly makes me feel immature as it should as it reflects the behaviour which has earned the punishment. Wearing of such clothing was not one of the original sanctions I agreed to when we married but was a sanction I agreed to about three years ago as it became apparent I would benefit from a further tier of sanction being available. Part of the punishment was having to make the uniform as it was not readily available in my size. Typically I have to wear a knee length checked cotton dress, old fashioned school knickers, white or grey knee socks or ankle socks and a wool cardigan. Normally I have to dress like this only at home and when going to Church for services or other activities. I do have a more undesirable uniform set which I have only had to wear twice in the last three years. This is a grey shirt, tie, green tunic, grey knee socks, school knickers and cardigan. When I have had to attend Church wearing this I do not have to wear the tie. I don’t wear make-up or jewellry and wear my hair in a plain ponytail. This makes me very self concious in public without it being completely obvious to others that I am dressed as a school girl.

    The sanctions I receive are childish but they are part of our agreed set of sanctions. I know what the required submissive behaviour is to satisfy Jack and my needs and ensure I fulfiil my role at home. I have a professional job but need to at the same time meet the needs of my role as a submissive wife and the rules and sanctions for any failure help me do this.


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