The Lunch Club


office spankingCharlotte had been hearing about the Lunch Club for months, ever since her first day in the lift up to the 14th floor at Fenwick & Hamilton in fact. The overheard whispered conversation had been so bizarre that she had been certain that it had been staged as some sort of initiation for her as the new girl. But then some weeks later she had been in a toilet cubicle and had heard two senior managers talking about it again.

“Do you know anything about the Lunch Club,” she had tentatively asked her supervisor Carrie that same afternoon.

Although her inquiry had drawn a blank the next day a fellow office girl Rachel had taken her discreetly to one side.

Rachel was a tall blonde of her own age. She was so poised and beautiful but always seemed to push the boundaries of propriety. Like that day when she had come to the office wearing a spray-on red dress that covered her from neck to knee but left nothing to the imagination.

“So you’re the one who had been asking about the Lunch Club eh?” she said silkily when no one else could hear. “No offence, but you look more the girl-next-door type.”

Charlotte frowned at this. She was ready to blurt out a denial, but she was suddenly torn between not offending the office’s cool kid and her apprehension that the Lunch Club might in fact be more dangerous and salacious than she had yet imagined.

Rachel eyed the black-brown bob-framed innocence of Charlotte’s face and after lingering on her wide-open innocent chestnut brown eyes swept down over the pink fluffy cardigan to the pin-striped pencil skirt that hugged her trim but full figure. There was a promising hint of sensuality to Charlotte’s full pout, Rachel supposed, and they did say it was always the quiet ones.

“I… eh… I was only curious,” Charlotte said defensively, “I heard… well… what I heard was a bit odd and eh…”

“But it intrigued you?” Rachel said carefully, giving nothing away.

Charlotte nodded.

“It is just a bit of fun among the more adventurous girls,” Rachel told her, “But it can get a little rough. We don’t want anyone getting out of their depth and spoiling the fun.”

“Yes, but what is it exactly?” Charlotte asked, lowering her voice.

“What do you think it is?” Rachel smirked.


Charlotte stood on the steps of a rather anonymous building in German Street, dwarfed by the large black Georgian door that kept an unsuspecting world at bay. Rachel had told her first time she had to be alone, but the modest bundle of questions on the application form had left her in no doubt what to expect.

“I-I am not really into this,” she had previously protested to Rachel with a blush.

“And that’s why you have read every question 10 times over is it, because of your deep love of questionnaires?” her new friend had teased.

“No but…” Charlotte began.

“Look, just fill it out honestly. It is totally confidential and if they don’t give you an appointment then it will mean you are right,” Rachel said encouragingly.

“But… but what if they do give me an appointment… I mean…?” but Rachel had already winked and left her to it.

Answering the questions had been fun and she had even found herself writing three and a half pages of additional information. She had then posted it to the PO Box and waited half-hoping they wouldn’t reply and half eagerly hoping that they would.

The appointment letter had come with a seven page set of warnings, disclaimers and guidance notes.

“Oh God,” she sighed as she faced the entrance, her heart lunging into her throat. The tingling in her tummy was enough to confirm that it was all very real. “Just a bit of fun,” she muttered and then pressed the doorbell.

The door opened at once as if secretly they had been watching and waiting for her to commit.


The pleasantly smiling middle-aged woman who greeted her reminded Charlotte of boutique sales assistant, which strangely she found somewhat reassuring.

“Charlotte isn’t it,” the woman exuded casual efficiency, “Your first time?”

“Yes I…” Charlotte swallowed the rest and merely nodded before adding a more emphatic, “Yes.”

“They have worked out seven possible scenes for you, but as you know, you are limited to basic scenarios for your first three visits…” the woman explained as she led Charlotte through an inside door and down a rather cosy wide corridor lined with fine art and large potted plants.

“No I didn’t…” Charlotte said awkwardly.

The woman stopped and regarded her with a stern look.

“You really should have read all the documentation you know. Like the part about safe words,” she said, “You left it blank.”

“I didn’t really understand that part,” Charlotte blushed. “I didn’t see the point. I mean…”

“Your assigned phrase is ‘default-green,’” the woman cut in, “Please say it now.”

“Default-Green,” Charlotte repeated woodenly.

“Good,” the woman smiled and carried on down the airy pleasant hall to another door.

Suddenly to her right another door opened and rather stern harassed man emerged. He didn’t even glance at the two women, but for a moment the door was left wide open and over his shoulder Charlotte glimpsed the room beyond.

A naked woman whom she adjudged to be in her late 30s was bent over what looked for all the world like a shortened horizontal telegraph pole. She was bathed in sweat and from where Charlotte stood she could see the vaguely familiar woman in profile. It was enough to see that both her wet face and her large matronly bottom were an angry red.

As the door closed, to no one in particular the man muttered in irritation, “Where are the damn ginger suppositories?”

“I-I know that woman,” Charlotte blushed.

“I wouldn’t be at all surprised,” her guide said dismissively, “But don’t let it worry you. Nothing happens by chance here. I rather suspect some public exposure is part of her… requirement.”

Charlotte felt her pulse throbbing at her temple and her face was suddenly rather hot. She remembered a fantasy she had often had of being flogged naked before the whole school. She had reported as much in her questionnaire. Oh my God, she thought, they wouldn’t, would they?

“Here we are,” the woman continued as they reached an ordinary door at the end, innocuous as the one the man had emerged from. “Just go on in,” then she smiled and ushered Charlotte forward.


The room looked like a headmaster’s study. To her right as she entered was a wall of books and ahead of her was a window to the outside, which was obscured by heavy net curtains.

To her left was a large oak desk with one large padded arm chair in front of it and one armless Victorian kitchen-style chair.

She didn’t see the man until she was fully in the room and able to see around the L-shape of it to another door to the small room beyond. He was at least 20 years her elder, maybe in his mid-40s, although he might have been older judging from his thick almost white grey hair. But his face, although craggy, was firm and friendly and he smiled, albeit rather sternly as she saw him.

“You are Charlotte,” he said, moving his hands together in a clasping gesture that suggested he was appraising her.

“Yes.” Her reply was shy.

“When you are with me you will address me as Sir,” he said gently and smiled.

“Yes Sir.” She made a hesitant and apologetic face.

“My name is Adam Bond,” he told her.

He had begun the conversation standing up on the other side of the desk, but as he spoke he moved nearer until he was on her side and could sit on the green leather table top facing her.

“You left several elements on your application blank,” he said paternally, “That was rather careless of you wasn’t it?”

“Yes Sir,” she agreed.

“Including the part about safe words,” he said with a frown. “That was silly wasn’t it? Why did you do that?”

Charlotte worked her mouth and glanced at her shoes. She felt about 12 and totally out of her depth. She shrugged.

“You know that beginners here have to have one for their own protection, don’t you? Or didn’t you read all the guidance notes properly?”

Charlotte didn’t answer.

“Oh dear, what am I going to do with you?” he sighed. “You had better tell me the phrase you were given, hadn’t you.”

She blushed and averted her eyes.

“Eh… default… um…” Charlotte screwed her face up and then added hesitantly, “Default-Green I think. I… I don’t really know how this works…” Charlotte began, “I mean, I saw a woman down the hall and I know…”

“Did you indeed and what was she doing?” he asked

“She was…” Charlotte sucked in a breath and continued to blush.

“An advanced member I think, not a situation that need trouble you,” Adam soothed.

Charlotte nodded. “This is all a bit strange for me… I mean…” she began.

Adam made a sympathetic face and offered her an encouraging smile. “It is the same for everyone; you’ll soon find what level you want or need. Tell me, who is your supervisor at Fenwick-Hamilton?” he asked.

Charlotte wondered if she should answer and let her mouth hang open until he suggested a name.

“How did you…?”

“Carrie is one of our oldest members, I’ll email her and put her in the picture,” Adam said casually.

“Oh… oh don’t…” Charlotte began to panic.

“Shush,” Adam said soothingly, “It is okay, Rachel sponsored you and filled us in; we vet all our members. Carrie already knows. She seconded your membership as a matter of fact. She would have known soon in any case, one way or another. You are bound to bump into her and besides, your first time… well I mean… you won’t be sitting to easily will you?”

Charlotte was still flustered and shot a glance at the door.

“It will do your promotion chances no end of good you know. It is a bit like joining the masons or the golf club,” Adam reassured her.

Charlotte sighed.

“Now young lady, let us deal with you as you deserve,” he said sharply while she was still off-guard. “You really should have read the guidance notes shouldn’t you?”

“Yes Sir,” she said breathlessly.

“Think yourself lucky that I am only going to give you a spanking and not get my cane out,” he scolded.

Then he stood up and dropped into the armless chair.

“Come here girl, over my knee,” he barked.

Charlotte took half a nervous step towards him so that he could reach her arm and the tottered as he drew her forward and tipped her easily over his lap.

His thighs were firm and urgent beneath her and her heart raced. It was a strange position, one that she had experienced a thousand times in fantasy. Her skirt drew tight across her bottom emphasising the curves of it and her vulnerability.

“I mean to spank you soundly, so make your mind up to it,” Adam growled, “Are you ready?”

“Yes Sir,” she squeaked.

His hand landed with a sharp swat to her rear that stung her much more than she was expecting. But before she could even yelp he stuck her again several times until she was quickly given over to rapid breathing.

“Ah…” she groaned and bit her lip crosswise and kicked out with her legs.

He spanked her for several minutes until her bottom glowed warmly under her skirt before he finally set her on her feet. Despite the uncomfortable burn in her behind she felt a surge of disappointment that it was over.

Then Adam cocked his head to one side and smiled before giving the order, “Remove your skirt.”

Charlotte caught a breath and gulped. Nevertheless she moved to obey, thrilling at being in just her knickers below her waist before a complete stranger.

“And those,” he said sharply as she hopped about with her hands fluttering in front of her scanties.

Her jaw dropped for a moment and then bending right over forward she slid her knickers down and then crouched at a stoop to shield her front.

“Now back over my knee,” Adam growled and tugged her over so that this time it was her pinkened bare bottom that domed up from his lap.

The renewed spanking lasted for an age as she gasped and bucked, scarcely able to contain her cries. So much did it sting that she quickly forgot her embarrassment and began to murmur entreaties for him to stop.

Not that he did. Instead his hand rose and fell with inflaming regularity until her bottom was hot red and mottled with plum-coloured speckles.

“I warned you I would spank you soundly, if you don’t like it then you know what to say don’t you?” he reminded her.

Default-green, she thought, but the words would not leave her throat and she suffered mortifying pooling at her eyes; an echo of beaded moisture elsewhere that she prayed upon prayer he did not see.

Adam was impressed and was able to spank her for a good 20 minutes before she protested in earnest. By then his hand was not only tired but ached deep in his finger bones. He had taken her to the edge but not over it. Not this time.

“Alright, get up,” he said at last.

He half-helped as she struggled to her feet too weak for vigorous evasion. Instead she slumped where she stood rasping for breath and clawing at her bottom and pain etched on her face. Adam noted that she made no attempt to hide the dark well-groomed triangle topping her thighs as she danced and he chuckled.

“Normally I would escort you to lunch before you had to go back to work, but I doubt that you are hungry and you have an astonishing bottom. So I am going to put you in the corner for half an hour as eye-candy,” Adam said pointing to a spot by the window. Then seeing her hesitate he barked, “I mean it, unless you want another spanking that is.”

Charlotte made quick blowing sounds as she massaged her bottom but did not disobey. She had survived and nothing was beyond her now.


Charlotte lowered herself slowly into her office chair as she furiously blushed in anticipation of her colleagues’ amusement. But no one seemed to notice, which was just as well as after a moment she was back on her feet grabbing at her bottom again.

It was then that she saw Carrie watching her through the glass of her corner office. Her 30-something boss smirked for a moment and then winked.

“How did it go?” she mouthed.

Charlotte could only blush.

“You okay?” Carrie mouthed again.

Charlotte nodded, a smile bursting on her face. She was definitely okay, she decided, and laughed along with Carrie who was still watching her.


6 Responses to “The Lunch Club”

  1. 1 paul1510

    I’m sure that Charlotte will visit The Lunch Club again, hopefully you will relate her experience here. 😉

  2. 2 Raffe

    Great story I really like the way you tell the consensual and erotic spanking stories.

  3. 3 Roger

    Great start to what could be a superb series

  4. 4 jerseydevil

    great story hope there is more on the way

  5. 5 cindy2

    You hit the sweet spot, DJ, combining eroticism and punishment and pushing all the right buttons in the reader. Charlotte’s knowledge that others in her office are aware of and in a way paved the way for her session is so important. I too hope more is to follow. Will Charlotte be punished in the presence of her supervisor? And who is the woman Charlotte recognizes–the woman who may be aroused when others see her? Tantalizing.

  6. 6 DJ

    Thanks all

    may return to this club at some point 😉

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