A Spanking for Miss Grey


vintage spankingHere is an 1898 excerpt from the London Gazette.

Landlady spanks wayward lady tenant
Metropolitan Police were called to a house in Putney following ‘reports of commotion.’ It seems that a landlady, one Mrs Edna Beverage, 36, took the law into her hands when dealing with a difficult tenant by spanking her soundly with a coal shovel.

The shamefaced tenant, Miss Irene Grey, 21, refused all offers of assistance reportedly stating that “The matter had been resolved” and that “Mrs Beverage and she remained on very good terms.”

Police were called shortly after 3 A.M. after shouts and screams were heard coming from a downstairs parlour. They were by all accounts quickly satisfied after suggesting that future disagreements be resolved in daylight hours.

It seems that Miss Grey had returned home in the early hours to this respectable neighbourhood and had entered into a dispute with her landlady after rousing her from her bed in order to gain entrance to the house.

Mrs Beverage is reported as saying that she looked upon Miss Grey as a daughter and added “I see nothing wrong with dealing with her in an effective and traditional manner.”

The Gazette hopes that she got to the seat of the problem.

Sent in by Stan B. Many thanks.

8 Responses to “A Spanking for Miss Grey”

  1. 1 John

    So many questions are prompted by this story. Why couldn’t Miss Grey enter by using her own key? Was Miss Grey given the alternative of accepting a spanking or being evicted? Was Miss Grey drunk or high? Did Miss Grey have “experience” being spanked by her own mother or someone else? Does the landlady have one or more daughters of her own?

    Finally, and perhaps most important, did either or both women enjoy the spanking experience?

    • 2 DJ

      We will never know.

      As for using her own key. In the old days people in digs had to be home by a certain time or the bolt was drawn across the door and you were locked out or had to ring the bell.

      Google reader is full of this type of newspaper reports – the sparse details in this story was more than you often get however.

  2. 3 Pecan nutjob

    A coal shovel? Wow. Some years ago some satirical French TV show joked about “spanking with a shovel” (fesse-moi avec une pelle)…

    • 4 DJ

      shades of McKlintock!

      Most coal shovels I have seen a pretty small and light though – so its not as brutal as it sounds. Certainly little worse than a bath brush.

      • 5 O.H.M.

        You all may recall in the movie “Little Women” one of the daughter’s dress catches fire on the butt area which the young male visitor puts out with a coal shovel. Even then they were made of a thin metal a little smaller than a dust pan. This is not a coal shovel such as you might see on an old train or ship, but for a fireplace. Big enough to hold one or two lumps of coal.

  3. 6 O.H.M.

    I can’t wait to read more of your readers (and your) discoveries.

  1. 1 chross.blogt.ch
  2. 2 A Spanking for Miss Grey « Grumpy old fart!!!

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