Weekly Round-up


spanking spanking spanking spankingIt is May Bank Holiday here in London, that is the first Monday after May Day so have a good one everyone.

spankingIt has been a good week for movie snippets this week. Just to mention a few, Chross has a classic mainstream whipping scene from the 1966 movie Ramrodder (pictured right), Cranky Spanker has the spanking scene from Love Crimes (pictured above) and Chicago Spanking Review has a cute spanking from the 1950s TV show Route 66.

Meanwhile I have done quite a bit of writing, although not as much as I had hoped. On the slate is the next chapter of Ad Astra and another short. There are also some pictures sent in by readers and another real life anecdote.

Other pictures above are from Acknowledging Imperfection, Cutiepie, and Yeowch

One Response to “Weekly Round-up”

  1. 1 George

    I do believe that Traditional Domestic Discipline is never out of fashion, being paramount for the happiness of individuals, families and society.
    If it’s still Real Life in 2014, for caring parents or for lovingly submitted adult daughters (mainly over 25 yo), I would enjoy to share more privately.


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