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Happy Easter


In some places in the world women get a switching at Easter. Lucky it is getting warmer.

Ostara (often pronounced Estara) is the old Anglo-Saxon pagan festival spring festival with all its associations with fertility. In Anglo-Saxon England images of eggs, the March hare and other seasonal features were the norm. In some parts of England it was even the custom to gather bundles of twigs or rods to symbolise new growth. […]

I hate those blogs where all people can do is complain about how hard it is since their dog died and life is busy and so they won’t be writing anything anyone actually wants to read but… I am sitting here in an attic while the castle is overrun with lawyers, builders and decorators while […]

Still Here


Using dial-up, which has an inverse relationship to the speed of my life at the moment. Here is another picture.

Vintage Sunday


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Due to some restructuring here at the castle the Temporal Monster has eaten all my time and now my Internet connectivity is down or at best poor. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. Meanwhile here is a picture.



No idea what is going on here. Markie sent it in as a sorority picture. It certainly looks harsh for a birthday bash.

Our story began here. It felt strange to be bent over the older woman’s knee. Katherine could feel the pressure of Alice’s thighs under her, the rasp of silk stocking on silk, and the smell of her perfume. It was unsettling to be in such intimate proximity to another girl. No, unsettling was the least of […]

Vintage Sunday


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Park Life


It is amazing what you see in the park these days. This naughty and very embarrassed girlfriend was camera-phoned in the park by an unknown passer-by. This contribution was sent in by EmmiX. Thanks Emmi.