Weekly Round-up


spanking spanking spanking spankingFirstly, my apologies for the lack of a proper Weekly Round-up for almost a month. Last Monday traffic was insane with what I suppose now was people coming back to see if it had gone up. I should have posted that it would not appear but up until late afternoon I hoped that I would make it.

Things here are almost back to normal regarding the blog, although I am still writing in an attic high above London manfully struggling with a dial-up. As a consequence some blogs won’t load and I couldn’t review them this week.

The builders are still in downstairs and as I write their radio is playing ‘it is the end of the world as we know it’ (or is it ‘and we know it’?) you know the one. Not that dramatic surely.

Spankville was still buzzing last week. Apart from the pictures culled as above, the Chicago Spanking Review is celebrating 10 years in the business, which is well worth a mention. Check it out if you haven’t already, but unfortunately it was one of those that the pictures wouldn’t load.

Blossom and Thorn have a round-up of their own of other posts around Spankville and before that they had an Easter post, although the prize for that goes to Less Than Three, which had a post on Easter, spanking and Sweden.

Kia has another story over at Acknowledging Imperfection, she is quite prolific. Look out for her co-productions with Paolo in Dublin (also known as Wholebean and I).

The pictures this week are from: 1001, AAA, Beauty and the Birch and Scarlet’s Real Magic.

3 Responses to “Weekly Round-up”

  1. 1 Kia

    Thanks 🙂 The series with Paolo has been quite the fun project!

  2. 3 markiee

    Yum! Delicious!!!!

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