Hazy Daze


sorority sorority sorority sorority sororityThese were sent in by an ex-sorority girl who wishes to remain anonymous.

She wrote: “My own sorority days were beyond anything here, good and bad, and they went by in a daze. But I sometimes wish I could have them back, blisters and all.”

14 Responses to “Hazy Daze”

  1. 1 LadyIndica

    I love the one with the candles in their butt.. Great post

    • 2 Mike...

      Yup-. Hard to believe the entire college wouldn’t line up to be part of such a dignified ceremony! The other spots on campus couldn’t hold a candle to that sort of class.

      Off to the library, ladies. Today it’s compare and contrast Marcuse with Masoch.

  2. 4 Tony

    WOW, love the pictures. I wish anonymous would share some details of her sorority life especially the part about the blisters. This is my hot button for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  3. 5 cindy2

    You’ve provided us with a lovely collection of pictures, DJ. I like the fourth one down the best. It appears to be a real sorority picture, and the spankee, upon realizing that the picture was going to be snapped after she lowered her jeans shorts and panties and assumed the position for her paddling, became embarrassed. I speculate that the time of year is early Fall by the nature of the clothing and because the tan lines of the spankee’s bikini panties are fading but are still visible.

  4. 6 DJ

    Sometimes sorority girls comment and give us some perspective – but the symbolism is effective.

  5. 7 Sammi

    The top two pictures are evocative for me. I suffered Hell Week in the late 80s.

    We had comments drawn on our naked bodies with colored pens saying what seniors liked or did not like. Afterwards we had the pens stuck up our … and had to write a thank you note on big paper using only our ass and no hands. It had to be legible and the last one to finish got paddle hard.

    My big sis also pulled me up repeatedly about a messy room in college. Finally after blistering my bare butt more times than I care to remember I had to clean up nearly nude. This included the communal bathroom and taking out the trash. Luckily it was an all girl dorm but it got the message across.

    Most of my paddling from her was on the bare – but I wasn’t smiling like the girl above. And yes I miss those days – ‘blisters and all’ as anon says. And man they really were blisters. I barely sat down during my first semester.

    • 8 DJ

      Many Thanks Sammi

      nice to have your insight. Please tell us more if you can. 🙂

  6. 9 Tony

    Sammi, thank you for confirming what I know is still true today in sororities. The paddle is more than a decoration that is hung on the wall. I have been fortunate enough to work with some college students and they won’t go into details but they confirm that they get paddled. Now I must ask you Sammi, did you put the board to your little sister’s bottom when you had one? I would love to hear the other side of the hazing.

  7. That bottom pic is a fantastic, kudos to the sorority girl that sent it to you.

  8. 12 Tony

    Along the same line. I just spoke to a young lady who plays softball for her college. Her birthday was yesterday, a Saturday. I asked if she had a good birthday party. She replied it was great after I made it through the mill. The mill, I asked? Yeah you have to crawl through all the girls legs while they spank your butt. We have 15 on our team, so that means 14 girls spanked my ass really hard. It’s don’t in fun but it hurts like hell.

    I love how girls find ways to give each other spankings.

  9. The last one suggests they had too much fun to get much in the way of blisters!

  1. 1 chross.blogt.ch

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