The Sinclair Method (part 5)


spankedOur story began here.

Katherine regarded the seat of the chair with utter dread. Both the rounds of her rather full bottom felt tight and sore-prickled, but that was nothing to the deep all-pervasive ache beneath the chafed surface of her skin that exploded with pain at the least touch. The first discomfort was ever present and she felt it against the soft surface of her panties and skirt where they dragged across her bottom. The latter pain troubled her only when she walked or tried to sit down. An act she had attempted on the relative comfort of her soft bed; the breakfast chair looked like a whole other story.

Janet too, a transformed girl now modestly attired in a loose flared skirt and button-up sweater, seemed in no hurry to sit down and when no one was looking made wincey grabs at her behind.

“Still feel it huh?” Jenny said to Janet ruefully as she shifted in her chair.

Katherine noted that the younger girl was still using a pillow of her own two days after her own spanking. Only Mary sat easily and unconcerned.

“Oh go boil your head,” Janet said sullenly.

Janet’s spanking the day before had been a very public affair and the girl knew it would be decades, if not centuries, before she could live it down. Oh it was easy enough in the dark tickle of night to feel the throb and wonder of it. In private she felt like a princess in a storybook on the verge of a great adventure. No had ever given that much attention before and it may well be the best thing that had ever happened to her. But now in the cold light of day she could only decide that it was the worst. It was certainly the most embarrassing.

“I was only saying,” Jenny said defensively, “I got spanked too and right in front of everyone.”

Both girls shared a blush and looked at Mary for the least trace of amusement. But the shy older girl in the group could only bite her lip and look away. Meanwhile Katherine continued to regard the chair with dread and balanced the ordeal of sitting against the embarrassment of admitting that she too had been spanked.

“I think I’ll pass on breakfast this morning,” she said casually, “I suggest you both stop your squabbling before Alice comes down. Janet, why don’t you get a pillow like Jenny has?”

Janet glowered at the sensible eldest and returned an angry pout. But she guessed the transient humiliation was modest set against the previous afternoon of bare-bottom corner time and stomped away to get one.

Katherine gave the retreating Janet a tight smile and then with a rather fixed grin backed away from the breakfast table and with very slow careful steps went into the garden.


“A penny for them,” Alice said as she strolled over to Katherine.

Katherine whirled around and then blushed as she averted her eyes.

“Oh I was just… the garden, it is so lovely,” Katherine said.

Alice nodded.

“How is your behind this morning?” she asked solicitously, “Slept on your tummy last night, I bet.”

Katherine went tomato red and ducked her gaze.

“It’s fine thank you Ma’am,” she quickly replied.

“You missed breakfast,” Alice said. It was an accusation.

“I wasn’t hungry,” Katherine said with a head shake.

“You were too proud to fetch a pillow or eat off the mantle,” Alice shot back.

Katherine turned to look at the roses beyond the well-manicured lawn and formed a line with her mouth.

“Everyone has to come to breakfast, one of those pesky rules I mentioned,” Alice said gently, “We don’t want girls getting sick and I need you to set an example.”

Katherine nodded. “Sorry Ma’am.”

“It’s embarrassing I know but…” Alice began.

“I know, but I need to be taken down a peg, it is all part of the Sinclair Method,” Katherine cut in grimly.

“Bluntly, but accurately put,” Alice chuckled, “We all go through it. The girls have to know that you are not too old for a good sound spanking when you need it.”

Katherine nodded, but her blush now rivalled the roses for colour.

“We will let it go this time. Besides I want to get Mary’s measure before we press on in earnest,” Alice confided.

Katherine turned her head and took in her governess with a quizzical look. It seemed she was to be trusted then.

“She is an odd one. You, well I think I understand. You are a lot like me,” Alice continued thoughtfully. “Jenny and Janet are easier still. But Mary… why do you think she is here? She doesn’t seem to have the self-knowledge and confidence that you do and she certainly hasn’t been coerced.”

“And those clothes…” Katherine blurted.

“I know,” Alice giggled. She put her hand to her mouth to recover her indiscretion. “I am going to have to take her in hand, although…” She looked significantly at her Katherine.

“You want me…” the other woman gaped.

“It might be better coming from you, you know, I’ll be the stick to your carrot,” Alice suggested.

“And by stick you mean hairbrush,” Katherine replied ruefully.

“By stick I mean stick if necessary,” Alice said sharply, “But essentially yes, when it comes to it.”

Katherine’s eyes widened a little and she gulped, all the same she smiled and nodded. “I’ll do what I can,” she said.


Mary studied the ensemble of dresses, pants and coats sprawled out untidily on her bed and wondered what was wrong with them. True, most of them were hand-me-downs, but most of them fit her, more or less. She had even tried matching colours that she hoped went well together. Yellow and green ‘should never be seen’ or was it orange? Anyway, she had taken that sort of thing into account where she could. She even had gloves and hats, which were more than Jenny or Janet seemed to have. But the gloves she had were somewhat greying, she guessed, and one or two of the hems on the other clothes were becoming frayed. Maybe Alice had had a point after all.

Alice had taken her aside the evening before and asked to her to think about matches and to set aside some clothes that might do for various types of outings. Mary sighed. What was that supposed to mean? Surely people didn’t have different clothes for going shopping and the theatre, not these days?

“Ooh bother it,” she groaned and dropped onto the mismatched laundry heap in despair.

In frustration she snatched up her hairbrush and began to drag it through her unruly red locks despite the pain and hard resistant tugging. It was a defensive gesture she had adopted over the years, especially in the face of criticism. It was a way of saying ‘hey look I am making an effort.’

But for Mary the hairbrush had other connotations.

For as long as she could remember she had been fascinated by hushed-whispered tales of spanking. She had drunk in reports and stories of how her girlfriends had been put across a parental knee or sent to the corner. Some of these little nuggets of gossip had even been embellished with details of panties being taken down or big girls of 18 or 19 being spanked in front of boys.

Happily, she told herself, it had never happened to her and at the age of 21 she had thought to put all these thoughts behind her now. But still they had persisted. What was wrong with her, she was a mess. Then she had seen the advert for the Sinclair Method. Just a short paragraph in her state newspaper containing the phrase ‘training for young women using old-fashioned methods’ it had said. The self-addressed envelope sent to a PO Box had been rewarded with a small pamphlet. Mary had read it to death, drinking every sparse mention of guidance and punishment, ‘strict direction and chastisement where needed’ and several mentions of spanking. One in a heading: NEVER TOO OLD FOR A GOOD SPANKING.

Until Jenny had been spanked she had decided that it was magazine hyperbole or merely theoretical. Then Jenny had been spanked again.

Janet’s treatment had sent her wild and now she was a whirl of confusion. It was true and it could happen. Mary paused in mid brushstroke, her heart racing. It could happen to her.

To be continued.

5 Responses to “The Sinclair Method (part 5)”

  1. 1 paul1510

    you do like to keep your readers on their toes. 😉

  2. 2 George

    It should happen along the whole 20s!

  3. This is such a great series. The short chapters are a torment, DJ.

  4. 4 Casey

    A well crafted story that is progressing nicely, although the possibilty of Katherine’s hairbrushing going unnoticed in a small house seems unlikely. I particularly like the severity of the punishments and look forward to the addition of other implements, the switch that has been alluded to together with, hopefully, straps and canes. The upcoming enemas will also be fun! Keep up the good work – it is being appreciated.

  5. 5 DJ


    It is intense to write and I am still temporally challenged. 😐

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