Never Too Old for Louise


OTK 1984Many thanks to all of those who have continued to send in little snippets like this one from Louise who dropped me a line with this little anecdote to share.

She writes:

We grew up in a village in Shropshire, England, as a whole mess of kids and neighbours getting into scrapes and pranks with everyone more like sisters and the odd brother rather than just friends. So embarrassing escapades like this one was fairly common although I understand you can’t use our younger adventures or even those from our late teens. But this happened when I was 20 and still at college back in 1984.

One of my friends mum’s was a stern old battle-axe and a bit older than my parents. We knew that unlike my Mum and Dad and most other kids that Julie got spanked at home and got teased about it, especially when we were all grown-up.

Julie’s Mum used to say stuff like ‘you’re not too old to go over my knee young lady’ and the like. Also she would say it to any of us with a real sense that she meant it. My Mum just said ‘don’t look at me, you had better behave hadn’t you,’ or something like it.

This summer Julie who was a year younger than me had a row with her Mum, which ended up with her being dragged to her room and obviously spanked while a few of us listened from the garden and laughed as we stood under an open window.

I was particularly vocal and when Julie’s mum came down she rounded on me and said, ‘I suppose you think she is too old for it.’

I said that it was hilarious and that it served Julie right.

A few days later we were playing cricket on a small green that was at the corner of three of our houses, mine and Julie’s included. We weren’t supposed to, there was a sign that said no ball games, but we always had, or did most summers until one of the adults chased us off; most usually Julie’s mum with her usual spanking threats.

This time I hit a green tennis ball right up and through Julie’s mum’s window and we heard something break.

Julie’s mum ran out yelling that we were too old for that malarkey. But led by me, we were all a bit cheeky and I even asked for our ball back, which Julie’s mum agreed to if went somewhere else.

But once inside she started on about the broken vase and got even madder when she found out I had hit the ball.

I said ‘it is only an old bit of china’ and that she should have had her window shut.

Julie’s mum rounded on me and said ‘you’re the one who thinks it’s funny that a grown girl gets a spanking aren’t you?’

I think my stuttering blushing was as show of weakness because the next thing is she says ‘let me show you.’

I was bundled over her lap and my jeans and knickers were taken down while she spanked me hard until I was yelling. She really made a meal of it until I was sorry and meek and said I was sorry.

Of course everyone outside heard and knew what had happened so it was anyone’s guess which was redder my face or bottom. There was other spanking stuff back then but that was the most embarrassing.


Thanks Louise. I extensively edited it and cut it down with para breaks and some quotes for ease of reading.

3 Responses to “Never Too Old for Louise”

  1. The photo is from Nu-West, the name of the spankee is Penelope.

  2. 3 George

    Moms like these are badly needed. Always!

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