Happy Easter



In some places in the world women get a switching at Easter. Lucky it is getting warmer.

6 Responses to “Happy Easter”

  1. 1 Becky

    I asked earlier but there were no replies. I get caned and the strapped for misbehaviour and breaking of our rules. Is switching worse than this or less severe?

    • 2 cindy2

      I wonder the same thing, Becky. Also, I wonder about the cane since I have most experience receiving the strap on my bare bottom for punishment. At least there are some of us who still get punished for breaking of the rules. cindy

  2. I’ve heard many tales about the dreaded switch. A description I often hear is it feels like a knife cut across the butt and thighs. It leaves welts for up to a week, in some cases longer. Those welts can be felt for several days. One major advantage the switch has over a paddle or thick cane is it can be used on the back of the thighs without causing muscle damage, but the memory is obvious for days.
    Becky and Cindy if you’re planning to visit Americas northern mid west this Summer I’d be happy to enlighten you.

  3. 4 DJ

    It is the only thing guaranteed to bring tears in my experience – although the welts don’t last so long. It can leave trace bruises for a while.

  4. 5 Becky

    Sounds awfully like the birch which I have only received during our annual full submissive weekend each year when I learn to appreciate how lenient my usual regime of corner time, written work, early bed times, grounding, mouth washing and confinement to school uniform is. I certainly won’t be agreeing to the addition of the switch to our agreed list of allowed methods of corporal punishment.

  5. A switching is stinging on the bare cheeks and certainly leaves it marks after a time. The switch depending on it thickness or a number together can cut the tender skin of cheeks; A switching is nearly always administered on the bare: I know because I received many a switching; Never been caned though always straps used on me.

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