The Sinclair Method (part 4)


spanking 1950sOur story began here.

It felt strange to be bent over the older woman’s knee. Katherine could feel the pressure of Alice’s thighs under her, the rasp of silk stocking on silk, and the smell of her perfume. It was unsettling to be in such intimate proximity to another girl. No, unsettling was the least of it, now it came to it she was embarrassed. As she squirmed and hugged into the governess’s lap, the bedroom rug came up to meet her nose and she could smell old wool and dust. Never had she had such a good view of floorboards and side skirting. This suddenly upside down perspective took her to whole new and very strange world.

Katherine already felt vulnerable enough in just her blouse and underwear, but then she felt a gentle hand on the waistband of her panties and a gentle tug. A small gasp escaped her full lips as the silk dainties were drawn slickly over naked thigh-tops and down her legs to expose her full curved bottom cheeks to the chill of the room and Alice’s gaze.

The governess felt Katherine tense under her and she took a firmer hold.

“Steady now,” she said to Katherine, “We have a long way to go and as I warned you this is going to hurt.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Katherine murmured and reached out to stead herself with her palms flat on the floor.

For a long moment it was oddly prosaic. Sure the room was upside down, but it was still only a room. Katherine was just the same. It was just that two states of being didn’t quite join up, like a painting by Dali. Amid this the blasting sting and the whip crack sound of wood on flesh rolled around one another and arrived out of sequence as Katherine’s brain processed the new sensation. The spanking had begun.

Katherine had barely drawn a breath as the third spank landed and Alice observed that the girl kicked her legs like a woman in a melodrama. The bottom too was still white, shocked that way as the skin retreated from the impact of the brush. Then all at once the two gooseflesh ovals that defined her cheeks coloured up just as Katherine yelped.

Then it was all heat and sound as Katherine rocked on Alice’s lap and began yelping like a kid.

Alice didn’t slow the spanks, but let her arm rise and fall in a steady rapid motion, delivering maybe 40 swats in a minute flat with no intention of slowing.

By now it was all too much for Katherine, who made howling honking sounds and pumped her thighs like a demon. But the latter only served to elevate each buttock in turn and push her bottom up to meet the spanking.

“Such a fuss,” Alice said gently, “This is only the start, have you never been spanked before?”

“No Ma’am,” Katherine said miserably, her voice dripping with supressed tears.

“Brave aren’t you?” Alice replied in a neutral voice.

Mocking perhaps or an honest observation, either would be lost on Katherine whose entire world was now limited to the point where hairbrush met bottom. Here the deep red ovals had expanded to encompass her whole bottom and where it was stained it was on fire. In response a hissing groan escaped Katherine’s throat and she choked to a sob.

“That’s it, let it all out, there’s a good girl,” Alice soothed.

Katherine gave another honking suck of breath and bawled it out in great gouts of sobbing.

To bring it home Alice stretched up and slammed the spanks to a point beyond Katherine’s bottom, enjoying the satisfying resistance of her firm curves and the thwack-splats that echoed off the walls.

Katherine greeted this redoubled effort with angry grunts that told Alice that she had not quite surrendered.

“You mind that attitude my girl,” Alice scolded and spanked all the harder.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Katherine sobbed every bit as girlishly as Jenny or Janet.

“I know,” Alice told her, but still the spanking continued, albeit somewhat slower as the governess squeezed every bit of resistance out of her girl.


Katherine stood tucked into the corner with her hands gripped behind her back as she let go with hard soulful sobs that ended in a hiccough. Her exposed bottom was a dark russet where the pads of welted flesh stood proud of the residual white. She had been thoroughly spanked Sinclair style and knew it.

Alice had told her if she moved, turned her head or made any compliant before she was released then the spanking would begin over. It was a threat that Katherine took so seriously she might have burned up in a fire should there be one rather than cross Alice.

“That’s the way, have a good cry,” Alice suggested as she sat back on her bed watching the sobbing girl and comparing Katherine’s bottom with others she had seen spanked, not least her own. “Do you feel better?”

Katherine hiccoughed another sob and realised that she did.

“Yes Ma’am,” she admitted and it felt good to admit it.

“It is only a spanking but it will do you good,” Alice told her.

“Only… only a spanking Ma’am?” Katherine began to rein in her tears some now.

“Before long we will regard such things as a mere reprimand between us,” Alice told her, “True punishments are more instructive and well within your capabilities. You know that this is true don’t you Katherine?”

Katherine realised that it was and said, “Yes Ma’am.” The admission was liberation.

“You wait until you feel a peeled switch on a behind twice as sore as that,” Alice chuckled, “You will see God.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Katherine sniffed; her thoughts awhirl with the revelation.

Then after a few moments she swallowed and ventured the impertinence, “H-have you ever felt it?”

Alice laughed, “Oh yes and much, much more, as you will in time. It is all experience you see and necessary. But I will be just. I have big plans for you, I hope you will appreciate that.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Katherine was suddenly excited and sounded almost eager and why not? The spanking had left her clean and already the intense part of the pain was abating leaving a strangely satisfying throb.

To be continued.

8 Responses to “The Sinclair Method (part 4)”

  1. 1 paul1510

    very descriptive.

  2. 2 cindy2

    Nice. The respect, as reflected in the “Yes, Ma’am” was wonderful. The reference to having a good cry was as well. I agree with Paul. A very descriptive and also an emotive story

  3. 3 Becky

    When I am being punished I always have to call my HoH “Sir” and ensure that I use this with all my responses. In my case this includes in the presence of others. For anyone else who struggles to behave I can say it does help to enforce one’s place.

    • 4 cindy2

      Becky, if you would be willing to share, I would be interested in knowing who sees you being punished by your HoH? I too sometimes struggle to behave and the punishments I have received, especially in the presence of others, have definitely helped me, much as you described. If you are willing to share, was your bottom bared for your punishment?

  4. 5 Tony

    This story always leaves me wanting more. I really enjoy how this is developing. The part where she was told that there will be a lot worse to follow when she has to peel a switch brings back memories from many, many, years ago. My bottom is familiar with the intense burn of a switching. I can’t wait to see how you detail a real switching. It is a level of pain that is hard to describe.

  5. 6 Becky

    I get caned and the strap for severe breakages of our rules. Is the switch worse than either of those?

    • 7 cindy2

      How often do you receive the cane or strap for severe breakage of the rules, Becky?

  6. 8 Becky

    If I deserve the cane or strap then this is always to my bare behind and sometimes my hands. Maintenance spankings are sometimes applied without my bottom being bared but for punishments the application is always with my knickers down. I have never received corporal punishment or a spanking in front of anyone else – in fact this is something not allowed under our agreed rules. Caning or strapping is thankfully now normally only every couple of months at most because we have strict rules which I have over the last five years learned to obey.

    I refer to Jack as Sir at all times if being punished in front of others and although this shows me my place and I am not sure how obvious it is to others. Sometimes if I have misbehaved very badly I have to wear my school uniform to Church. This is humiliating for me but to others I may just appear to be dressed in a somewhat old fashioned or immature manner. The only exception to this is Jack’s mother who knows if I am wearing my Gingham dress and cardigan that I am being punished and this is very humiliating and a severe lesson.

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