Vintage Sunday


chair spanking outdoor spanking vintage spankingMore at All Our Yesterday’s.

3 Responses to “Vintage Sunday”

  1. 1 markiee

    NICE bare bottoms! XO

  2. 2 Rikki

    Love the top pic, especially her ambiguous expression. She looks fearful, but also like she’s thrilled and looking forward to it.

    Hate the middle one; it looks brutal.

  3. 3 PDBB

    The top pic reminds me (of course it does, the older we get something, everything tends to remind or stir a memory in a catalog of ever increasingly more) of my fourth grade teacher, Miss Rosemund. The ever so strict Miss Rosemund. Oh how I dreamed and plotted and carried out revenge scenarios – Embarrass me! I’ll show her! If I had my way she’d be made to bend, bare bottom, waiting for me to deal with her. Not too hard, she’d whimper. If it wasn’t hard how would you learn not to do what you did?!! I dreamed the dream of “how would you like it…”, and often wondered if as a little girl, did she get it too, across the expanse of that grand rear. Did she always have that more than *gracious* backside? I was incapable of extrapolating or deducing otherwise. But oh how I wished it was at my mercy. Don’t you dare move or try in any way to impede your spanking young lady, I’d caution her, unless you want me to start over!
    Imagine if she heard my thoughts and caught me in mid daydream? How I would have suffered for my art! But she didn’t and I continue to vicariously extract my revenge – over and over again.

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