A Tale of the Unexpected


Unexpected OTKFollowing on from yesterday’s post, here is an example of an email sent in from a reader. I don’t get many like this, most are far more hesitant and paradoxically somewhat longer. Overlook the kind greeting and move quickly on to the story. A good example of adventure coming at you left field.

Dear DJ,

I hope you don’t mind me writing, but I love your blog. I am now a confirmed spanking fan, although I have very mixed feelings about discipline when it is my bottom in the firing line, but it is blogs like yours and the fact that they even exist that help me understand these feelings and let me know I am not alone.

My entry into this world was both sudden and unexpected and I thought I would contribute my story for one of your real life snippets if you want it.

When I was at college back in the early 1990s my cousin got a summer job with a lady in Cornwall working in a gift shop and as I was broke I managed to get in on it. My cousin Kate (not her real name) had worked there the previous summer and warned me cryptically that our employer was old fashioned and bossy. There was special emphasis on the word bossy and I sensed then that Kate was trying to put me off and was not telling me something.

To cut a long story short, I was told the first day that ‘any messing about and I’ll smack your bottom.’ Our boss added, ‘as Kate already knows.’ If it hadn’t been for that and Kate’s blushing, I would have supposed she was being figurative.

When Kate later confirmed that she had been spanked I was astounded, especially when Kate said it was on the bare. I thought ‘no way’ and laughed it off. But a week later we both got a bollocking for some horse-play that ended in a breakage. Then our boss just grabbed Kate in the back store room and pulled her unresisting across her lap and yanked her knickers down.

I was told that as it was the first time I could pay for the damage or get the same. I hastily said I would pay, but I was amazed as I watched Kate get a sustained beating on her bare bottom with an old rubber shoe that left her well-marked and crying her eyes out.

After Kate said it was no big deal and she deserved it, but I was left in a state of confusion and could think of nothing else for days. Then at the end of the week our boss said I would have to pay £28 (half the damages at cost) unless I wanted the spanking instead.

Like I said I was broke and I was curious so I agreed.

I was sick with nerves and so embarrassed, but that was nothing to the worst pain I had ever had and in about a minute flat I was kicking off far worse than Kate had. It lasted ages and took even longer to stop crying, but the woman was kind afterwards and somehow I didn’t resent it.

Also I was glad I didn’t have to pay the money and somehow I was closer to Kate. A feeling that developed over that summer as we were both spanked a total of four times together, each spanking deserved and I suspect now, courted by both of us.

The next summer part of me wanted to go back, but Kate couldn’t and it never happened.

Thank you again for the blog. I have no idea if you are in a relationship, but I don’t really want to enter regular correspondence as my current boyfriend wouldn’t like it. Then we both know what would happen.

Very best wishes,


Our thanks to Shelia for sharing and I put it out to the reader as I received it (more or less.)

4 Responses to “A Tale of the Unexpected”

  1. Thank you Sheila. That was a fantastic account. Hopefully you will share more and hopefully this will bring a lot of others with similar experiences out of the closet.

  2. 2 paul1510

    this story rings a bell, never the less, thank you Sheila. 🙂

  3. 3 cindy2

    First, I think Sheila was very brave to share the story with everyone. I’m sure she was very embarrassed and the bare-bottom spanking was quite painful, and sharing what happened was not easy for her. It was difficult for me to admit that I was punished by my mom even when I was in college, and what Sheila admitted went beyond what I experienced. I too would like to hear further accounts and was wondering whether she was alluding to spankings she would receive from her boyfriend if she revealed too much.

  4. 4 PDBB

    Love the *too big to be spanked* scenarios. This picture brings to mind a time (that seems now) not so long ago, that a person in a position of authority could be given in loco parentis over such an individual.
    Such was the case in a few college towns that the parents of students going to the the college or university in the area, sought *suitable* lodging where their offspring’s behavior could be monitored and often corrected at the the time of occurrence.What a shock it must have been for the young *adult* to come to the stark realization that their imagined new *freedom* from all the rules and prohibitions they grew up with were to be continued and enforced.
    But the real shock was to come when they (she or he) thought they could flaunt or ignore the cautionary(s) they were given to Behave. Their parents spent some time researching just the right person to *look after* their *child* and the early attempts at rebellion. Someone who would have little qualm in baring a disobedient bottom and setting it *on fire* (or so it seemed at the time).
    And heaven help the young miss if she didn’t take her housemother’s warning that this was “just a sample”! As the next time could find her serving a long period of regret and reflection in a prominent corner, displaying a very reddened and welted non-functioning sit-me-down for any and all that came into the home, even though she still insisted she was *Too Big To Be Spanked*!

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