Just who is the five o’clock hero?


spanking at fiveIt is typical of life that just as three or four major life events collide, within a few weeks the in-tray gets full to bursting. That is the nature of the world I suppose.

In Ancient Rome a conquering hero had a slave at his shoulder during a Triumph telling him ‘Remember you are mortal.’ Most of us have to contend with life and its ups and downs without such reminders. Not because we are not heroes, modern life is heroically complicated compared to the one led by those who trod that ancient forum, but because life reminds us every day that we are indeed mortal.

I say this not to blow my own trumpet, but to highlight another issue. I mean if I had a trumpet I would not hesitate to blow it, egoist that I am. That goes with the territory of being a master Dom in a castle high on a hill in North London surrounded with slave girls; assuming of course that any such creature ever existed.

No what I refer to is the great many emails that I have received of late just as I am unable to give them the attention they deserve. Often they come from writers and people with quite accomplished lives who variously ask me for advice, offer their stories, and in one case wonder if they will ever have the opportunity to come to Spankville for real.

The underlining assumption sometimes is that maybe I have some special knowledge or abilities that transcends the norm. But normality is a relative concept and ultimately a state of mind.

The truth is I am just a guy who apart from a few half-baked clumsy adventures had no experience until well into my 20s and thought a spanking relationship was only going to happen in my head.

Then a clumsy virgin offering me fellatio (my first experience as it happens) bit me by mistake and I spanked her; an action that surprised us both and led to further adventures, Lost in Yorkshire being just one of them.

I was not miraculously turned into a Dom by this relationship and despite further adventures and other women I continued to bumble on haphazardly for many years.

Now the readers of this post, assuming they got this far and did not just dwell on the picture above, will be divided into three parts.

The first will be thinking how comes this never happens to me. For the second it already has and probably more often and finally there are the scene players who occasionally dip in for stories and pictures who are already yawning and thinking ‘just get on with it will you it’s no big deal.’

Most of the first group will be under 40, or perhaps younger than 50 even.

There are many exceptions but most people do not have the confidence, maturity or experience to see that life is finite and that they do not need permission to be who they are until they have been around the block a few times. And even then we are all still scared as we heroically press on.

If you are a 21-year-old guy terrified that a girl will think you’re a perv for your spanking tastes, then remember that she is even more scared.

I did not make real progress (and heaven knows I am still learning) until I began this blog and began to use it as a hook to make contact.

These days I am lucky enough to have a relationship with P in our modest ‘castle’ in North London. She is a much loved and much missed talented former blogger outted by an envious malicious delusional fantasist she was once foolish enough to trust. I know for a fact, and thanks for that support friends, that she inspired many women to be who they are. It is a shame that the woman concerned managed to mar several lives and close at least one other popular blog by phoning the blogger’s workplace or similar actions. But on this I can say no more.

I don’t talk about my relationship or our adventures together, although they inspire almost everything I do in one way or another. But do not think that such relationships are easy or always run smoothly. If I ever get it right then I might hand out some advice about it. But if you remember, respect, trust and empathy in all things, then you will not need it.

As I said at the top of the page, the in-tray is bursting and not all of it vanilla. I have had some great stories and pictures from people, some of which I hope to use one day in some form. But as I have explained some stories are inappropriate for one reason or another and must be filtered or edited. This blog is for and about the 18+, but keep them coming and if I have not got back to you or replied to your emails and comments it is because I am only mortal and life events have overwhelmed me lately.

I say only this now because of all the kind words and contributions of people willing to share who have asked in one way or another ‘who is DJ Black?’ I want to thank them.

I am a man on a journey, just like you and just like you I have far to go. We all have lives and hurdles to climb, but sometimes life does begin at 40, 50, 60 or even 5 o’clock.

7 Responses to “Just who is the five o’clock hero?”

  1. 1 paul1510

    thanks for this, as long as you manage to remain on top, all should be well. 😀

  2. Let the journey continue…

  3. 3 Kia


    It still boggles my mind how you manage to find time to run such an excellent blog while living a life in the real world as well. Your wisdom shines through your fiction, and your willingness to share it in this manner has helped me immensely in understanding my submissive side.

    I’ll never forget where my inspiration to write first came from 🙂

    All the best to you and P,

  4. 4 DJ

    Thanks Paul and Paolo – food for thought I hope.

    Kia – aw shucks 😉 Thanks 🙂

  5. 5 cindy2

    It is interesting how life cycle events can make us look at things a different way–maybe the way we should have looked at them in the first place.

    • 6 DJ

      Maybe – just as it is never too late – it is never too soon.

  6. 7 PDBB

    Atonement: Free/or Forgive me for the sin of/in levity (?) Strange that something said tongue in cheek should require a second thought much less expiation but sometimes what we utter in jest often has or carries the burden of guile. Take for instance what you said to that cute waitress who got your order terribly wrong, Was it said salaciously with intent to cause *interest* ? Did you remind her a second time, for her cheek, that she wasn’t too big to put across your knee? And the fact that she had the most *spankable* bottom you have see in a long time influence you in any way? Have you used this *approach* before as a way of *testing the waters* and finding that common ground?
    Outside of science coming up with an indicator light directly hooked up to the hypothalamus can we know if we touched a nerve and sparked interest? But it was something in her watery green eyes and exaggerated shake of her tail that got you to press on. You know, you said, that in some countries;what you did is a spankable offence! Don’t I know it, she answered, smoothing her hand over her *perfect* rear, it’s probably the jeans(genes). Not very scientific nor that common(as in; an often repeatable phenomenon) but worthy to catalog as sin?
    Thank you for what we are about to receive (and/or give).rD

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