Weekly Round-up


spanking spanking spanking spanking spanking spanking spankingAfter last week’s no show I was hoping for better things this week, but we seem to have a picture heavy round-up this time. The truth is I have a lot happening at the moment and the real world intervention doesn’t look like it is going to end any time soon. The net result of this is that I don’t have time for writing and reading.

As for writing, I have done it again and have started a new series (The Sinclair Method, a rare return to F/F period fiction) without finishing old ones. But at least I have managed to restart Ad Astra which is progressing. The next instalment is next week and I am determined not to let much more than a fortnight pass without a new episode.

You may have noticed too that I have started Cade County shorts, which like Abaconti give me a place with established characters to drop in on from time to time in short 2,000 word bursts. These will be mostly M/F (with some occasional F/F) Americana episodes based in one town at different points in its history. So far we have been to 1983 twice and 1892 where we will soon return.

Future visits may include the 1930s and 1950s, but not until after The Sinclair Method is complete, since that already has that period covered.

Future plans (of Mice and Men) include a return to Angela, Raw and Abraham Heights, but since none of these have an end game yet (I do sometimes plan these things) and Ad Astra does, I decided to focus there.

Also there are plans afoot to publish Magic as a book. LSF are chomping at the bit for it (which is gratifying) but have understood my time constraints given the epic editing requirements. There will be another collection or novella published before then in any case.

Thanks too to Paul and everyone else who bought my books and gave such positive reviews.

Responding to comments too has slipped, but thanks for all your contributions and for the submissions by anecdote writers and picture contributors who have emailed in. some of which cannot be used for various reasons as I have explained to you and others (with your kind permission) may be edited and published at a later date.

Looking at Spankville this week there is little news sadly. Many bloggers are clamouring for Miley Cyrus to be spanked, which is of course the kind of attention she is seeking, but if it ever happens I suspect it will be old news before I get to it.

The most significant event is that Stan at Au Fil des Jour has closed his blog. We hope that it is temporary and that he hasn’t run afoul of Blogspot, but I have noticed he has been slow to update lately.

The pictures this week are from: All Things Spanking, Cutiepie, Chicago Spanking, Dave Wolfe, Disciplinary Tales, Dreams of Spanking and Firm Hand Spanking.

5 Responses to “Weekly Round-up”

  1. 1 Canth

    Long time lurker, first time comment. Thank you for the update, I look forward to reading more of Ad Astra. Question: Are there any plans for continuing your story “Corporation Punishment” in the near to mid future?

    • 2 DJ

      Not sure – it will continue but the original intention was to finish it as a book and leave that as a taster. But that was when I had more time. 😦

  2. 3 Redendmaker

    If you need help, I pretty much have an edited copy of Magic on my computer. I save the ‘good stuff’ I read online and edit them as I read.

  3. 4 darwinian

    Always a pleasure to visit here,delighted to see my two favourites mentioned…Abaconti and Angela.

  4. 5 Joan

    Angela! It’s my all time favourite spanking story/series. This piece of news really made my day. 🙂

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