The Sinclair Method (part 3)


1950 OTK spankingOur story began here.

Janet felt like an old rain barrel that had been emptied out and thoroughly scrubbed ready for the spring showers. Her bottom still throbbed like a son-of-a-bitch and felt like smoking hot leather to the touch, but at least the scream of the sting had reined in from total hellfire down to stove level.

After her spanking Alice had held her for a time until Janet’s sobbing had abated and only the small sniffles of childish tears continued. Then the governess had gently set her on her feet and Janet felt lost. The now thoroughly meek delinquent looked wanly at her roughly piled skirt and panties and half stumbled towards them.

“No, no,” Alice told her quietly, “You’ll get those later; you have an appointment with the corner remember.”

Janet opened her mouth to protest and blood surged in her face. Surely it was over, she prayed.

“I’ll be good, really I will,” she cried.

“I warned you. Now you will prove that by coming downstairs and going to the corner just as you are,” Alice chided her warningly.

“B-but everyone will see,” Janet wailed, on the edge of tears again.

“I know and you’ll be embarrassed, but you need taking down a peg or two I think,” Alice sighed, “And besides I gave my word on it.”

Alice wondered if she hadn’t gone too far for a first encounter, but there was nothing she could do about it now. For a dreadful moment she thought that Janet would rebel but despite the horror inscribed on her face she allowed herself to be led from the room and down the stairs.

“This is so…” Janet muttered at a blush as she was bundled gently into the common area of the house and guided to the corner.

“Hands clasped behind your back and nose right in that seam,” Alice scolded, “You will not move until you are told, do you hear me?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Janet said woodenly.

She wanted the floor to open now, she prayed for it as she never had before, but like a judgement from above the stark lilac walls and polished wooden floor remained steadfastly solid.

“Once the others get over the shock you may come in for some teasing,” Alice warned her, “But it goes with the territory I am afraid and besides it will really do you some good I have no doubt. Now remember, do not move an inch and no rubbing.”

Janet thought of the girls back home and what they would say. The would-be laughter taunted her all the way from Jersey. Then she was feeling as if the whole room was now dominated by her hot sore behind she struggled not to cry.


Far from laughter the house was subdued for the rest of that day and all that afternoon Janet stood sullenly in the corner. Occasionally she would shift her position or rock gently from side to side, but it was a movement quickly stilled the moment she sensed anyone nearby.

As the afternoon wore on all Janet heard were quiet conversations just beyond her hearing and the occasional distant tinkle of girlish laughter as someone upstairs put their mark on their room. In another life she would have mocked their enthusiasm as being lame but now it seemed like world taunting her and one from which she had been exiled.

Then gradually, perhaps as the others got used to her humble vigil, the house came to life with the rattle of crockery and pans in the kitchen and less stilted chatter.

The sore ache in her bottom too had abated and occasionally she dabbed at it with her fingers to rekindle the pain as a distraction. All this while the light grew steadily warmer as the sun drifted low in the sky; to Janet it was almost surreal.

Finally the sound of setting the table reached her and she sensed an ending to ordeal approaching.

“Janet,” Alice’s voice said from behind her, “You may take your place at the table,” she said.

Janet half turned, still hugging the wall for its security. She had almost forgotten that she was half naked and tugged at the front of her sweater to pull it down.

“You might as well remain as you are, it will be instructive for everyone,” Alice said in an efficient tone. She was rather pleased with Janet’s submission and was not ready to bring it to an end. “But you may stand at the table if you wish.”

“I am not hungry,” Janet mumbled.

“You need to eat,” Alice chided her.

“Please Ma’am can I go to my room now?” Janet tried again. “I am really not hungry.”

Alice sized the girl up for a moment. She had her on the run now and if she backed off the girl would regroup and only giver her more trouble later.

“No. If you’re not hungry you can go and stand in the corner in the dining room while we eat. It will give you a change of scene anyway,” Alice snapped and pointed the way with a note of finality.

Janet gaped and opened her mouth to take it all back, but Alice was gone.


Katherine felt sorry for Janet. The girl must be mortified; she knew she would be in the same position. However, she could not help but think that Janet deserved it and had ultimately brought it on herself. But still, to stand so indecently exposed in full view of everyone it was so… she felt her face grow warm and something thrilled her, it was so extreme.

But Katherine had other things to worry about. The tingle in her tummy was proof of that and she had had to visit the bathroom twice and make a thorough assessment of her appearance before she was ready.

Now she stood outside Alice’s door sizing up the whitewashed wood and the neat hard panels that decorated it. Then with a deep breath she knocked.

“Come in,” Alice called out cheerfully from the other side.

Katherine sucked in another gulp of air through her nose and then grasped the doorknob with uncertainty. It was spongy and rattled before giving way. Then she entered.

Alice was sitting at a Victorian mahogany writing desk making some notes. But as soon as Katherine entered she put down the pen and purposefully moved the chair back and turned still sitting to face her eldest charge.

“Y-you asked to see me,” Katherine said through thick tight lips.

“Yes Katherine, please sit down,” Alice said easily indicating a green chaise long opposite the bed.

Katherine smoothed down her skirt and elegantly slid to a sit on its padded seat.

“I wanted to talk to you about you handled Janet today,” Alice said pointedly, now sizing Katherine up carefully.

Katherine swallowed and shifted uncomfortably.

“I’m so sorry, but I… I am sorry I rather messed it up didn’t I?” Katherine was loathed to make any excuse.

“Yes well she is a handful and I rather suspect that there was nothing you could have done. But you did go some way to covering for her didn’t you?” Alice said, pursing her lips.

“I suppose,” Katherine replied, “But one doesn’t like to tell tales.”

“Leadership is hard sometimes and isn’t about making friends. It was your duty to inform me that Janet had gone off and not to demur on her behalf, wasn’t that so?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Katherine said emphatically now seeing where Alice was going with things.

“It is your ambition to employ and follow the Sinclair Method is it not?”” Alice asked.

Katherine coughed and nodded.

“And weren’t you sometimes in charge at your former occupation?”

Again Katherine nodded.

“So not an auspicious start is it?” Alice sighed.

“No Ma’am,” Katherine agreed.

“You do know that the Sinclair Method begins with oneself don’t you?” Alice said pointedly.

“Yes Ma’am.” Katherine’s voice was thick and she shifted nervously.

“So what do you think I should do about you now?” Alice sat back and waited.

Katherine let out a long slow breath that finished in a mumbled, “I don’t know.”

“I think you do,” Alice said firmly.

The silence was suddenly oppressive and Katherine blushed.

“You mean… like Janet,” she finally offered reluctantly.

“Not quite like Janet, not today,” Alice said pursing her lips thoughtfully, “I but I think I should spank you, don’t you?”

Katherine blushed.

“Yes Ma’am,” she whispered.

There was an awkward silence then and Katherine shifted uncomfortably in the chair as her face seemed to melt under Alice’s gaze. Alice herself studied the younger woman carefully, slightly envious of how together Katherine was. She herself was a mess at the same age.

Still it must only be a veneer, Alice realised; otherwise Katherine would not be here seeking some purpose and guidance.

“Do you want me to talk you through it?” Alice gently asked.

Katherine returned a small nod but looking at her colouring it seemed to her mentor that the younger woman’s head would burst like an overripe strawberry. Nevertheless, Alice was in charge now and she composed herself carefully.

“First you will disrobe, just your outer clothing,” she said, “And then you will come and stand by me.”

Katherine made to stand, but she looked uncertain.

“Ignoring the movement Alice continued, “I will take you across my knee and once you are settled I will take your panties right down to your ankles and apply the flat side of a hairbrush to your completely bare bottom.”

There was a sharp intake of breath from Katherine and she made small swallowing movements at her throat.

“It will hurt, it will hurt much more than you are expecting and long before I am done you will be crying with abandonment,” Alice said carefully, studying the girl’s reaction. “Afterwards you will go stand in that corner with your hands clasped in the small of your back and your nose pressed against the wall. That is time-out position one and you will learn it well.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Katherine answered in a small voice.

“I had thought to give you some childish lines, but instead I will give you a journal to record the events and your thoughts about them. In time all the girls will get such journals for their training, but only you are ready just yet I think.” Alice took a deep breath as if she found the whole situation distasteful.

“Thank you Ma’am,” Katherine answered, but she felt a little sick now.

“Any questions?” Alice asked.

Katherine looked at her feet and shook her head and then thought of something.

“How… how long will I be…” she was about to ask about corner time, but it suddenly was too mortifying to ask and the answer was obvious anyway. So instead she asked about the journal, “How much should I write?”

“I think that will become clear to you. Remember I want an accurate account of what happens here and a frank and full expression of how you feel about it and how you think it will make you a better girl,” Alice told her.

Katherine swallowed again and slowly nodded as her gaze returned to the floor.

“Now then, let us begin,” Alice said quietly.

To be continued.

5 Responses to “The Sinclair Method (part 3)”

  1. 1 paul1510

    this is excellent, I’m glad to see that you are pacing yourself. 🙂

  2. 2 cindy

    I loved this story and hope to see part two. Certain quotes can be so inspiring, as when Alice gently asked, “Do you want me to talk you through it?”. And as for the request for an “…accurate account of what happens here and a frank and full expression of how you feel about it and how you think it will make you a better girl”–I suspect such an account would make for excellent bedtime reading. cindy2

  3. 3 cindy

    Part four, sorry

  4. I am absolutely loving this series, Damian.

  5. 5 DJ

    Thanks everyone – sorry to be slow on comments here but keep them coming 🙂

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