The Sinclair Method (part 2)


1950 spankingOur story began here.

Jenny had been too embarrassed to get dressed in front of Miss Bowman but it felt strange standing in the hallway of the hotel naked from the waist down. She suspected that Alice had only allowed it because they were the only guests, but all the same she felt vulnerable and exposed. So instead of returning to her room she ducked into the bathroom to get dressed. She was extremely aware of her bare legs and the hump of her throbbing behind and in the event the ski-pants were too tight to slip over her swollen bottom. But there was nothing for it but to persevere and she had to bite her lip to stop crying out as the stretch fabric dragged at her tender flesh until she gave up. So after a quick wash and a clean of her teeth, she wrapped a towel around her waist and returned to her room.

Janet was sitting on the other bed smelling of cigarettes.

“What happened to you?” she asked the sorry looking Jenny.

Jenny blushed and tossed her clothing on her own bed.

“Oh my God,” Janet squealed, “Someone got their tush blistered.”

“You don’t have to go on about it,” Jenny muttered.

“Come on, let me see,” Janet giggled as she made a grab for the towel.

“Get off,” Jenny wailed and twisted away.

She hated that Janet was there. It was more than embarrassing; it was an intrusion into something private between Alice and herself. But as she stepped back the towel fell to her ankles and she had to whip around to hide her front half.

Janet whistled.

“Wow wee, mama spank eh,” she sounded impressed. “Come on, lie down and I’ll get a cold flannel for that hiney of yours.”

Jenny might have protested but Janet grabbed the towel from the floor and guided jenny to lay face down on the bed. Then dashing to a bowl on the dresser she dipped in a cloth and then wrung it out. The wet flannel was soothing and she felt a warm glow from Janet’s sisterly concern.

“So the rumours are true,” Janet said.

As she spoke she lifted the cloth for a moment for a closer look at the two oval blisters marring Jenny’s pert bottom.

“Hey,” the spanked girl complained.

“What she use anyway?” Janet asked as she replaced the flannel.

“If you must know it was a hairbrush,” Jenny said tartly.

“Well at least now we know where we stand,” Janet said in a voice draped in awe. “Stand being the operative word here.”

Jenny blushed and made a face.

“Come on kid, by the time we get our release papers we will be closer than sisters,” Janet chuckled.

Jenny sighed. She quite liked that idea somehow. She had never had a sister. She had never had a mother for that matter and Aunt Edith didn’t count on that score. But maybe Alice… the thought hung on the edge of her mind and she relaxed as she laid her head on the pillow.

In response to Janet’s comment she absently murmured, “I suppose.”


By breakfast Katherine and Mary had also heard about the confrontation between Alice and Jenny, Janet had made sure of that. But as yet the punished one had yet to show at the table. Neither had Alice come to that.

“You don’t think she would spank us do you?” Mary asked Katherine in a hushed whisper. “Alice, I mean. I mean we are older and… and well I mean…”

The cool Katherine picked up her coffee cup and glanced quizzically at her new colleague. What a ninny, she thought.

“You did read the small print in the application? Come to think of it, it wasn’t that small,” Katherine said icily.

“Well sure, but I mean to say…” Mary was blinking fast as she recalled the odd feeling she had gotten from perusing the guidance notes on the application. Secretly it had been part of the reason for signing up, but it was a sentiment well-hidden from her conscious thought.

“You mean to say a lot don’t you?” Katherine rolled her eyes, “But you don’t really say it though.”

Mary blushed and snapped back into her shell. In any case Jenny chose that moment to appear and walked shyly through the door. Katherine noticed she was wearing a more conservative skirt this morning and one that was rather loser fitting than the one she and Alice wore.

“Alice said she has had breakfast and that we are to be ready to leave in 35 minutes,” Jenny announced without looking up from the floor.

She took a couple of moments and then went to sit down. An action that was doomed to failure and she grimaced at a crouch while hovering over the chair.

“Here,” Katherine said, tossing a cushion from one of the armchairs at the edge of the dining room.

Jenny blushed, but accepted it gratefully and made another attempt to sit down. This time with a wince and a groan she made it. But she was not looking forward to the onward journey towards Seattle.


The largely empty bus pulled out on time and the only other passengers were an old somewhat Hispanic-looking woman and a black lady with four small children. Neither party was particularly talkative, much like the small company led by Alice and as they hit the road she noticed that Janet was a lot less brash than she had been and the other women too were more thoughtful. Although strangely Jenny was in a better mood and became quite chatty once Alice tolerated her standing up or kneeling on the empty seat forward of their group.

“Where are we going Miss Bowman, what’s it like? I have never been to Washington State before I heard it is beautiful,” she gushed.

“Yes it is,” Alice replied, somewhat amused.

“And what about the Sinclair Method, the thing in the application my aunt signed, what is it exactly?” Jenny continued.

“Yes, I would like to know more about that,” Katherine spoke up.

“The Sinclair Method is a well-tested mentoring system developed by Elizabeth Sinclair. She was an educationalist of a kind,” Alice sounded as if she had begun a lecture. “She came from England in the 1890s and founded a women’s college in Boston. But it did not thrive and she was forced to become a governess for a time. However, she later developed a system for the training of governesses with a special interest in reforming young women who were… lost or on the wrong path. She believed that women who had been reformed in later life were best placed to help others.”

“Were you a lost young woman on the wrong path?” Janet asked with proverbial butter dripping from her lips.

Alice studied the delinquent hard and considered her next words carefully.

“As a matter of fact in a manner of speaking I was. During the war I joined the navy and served in the Philippines among other places,” Alice told them.

“Were you a nurse?” Katherine asked.

“Did you get stranded there when McArthur left?” Jenny added excitedly.

“No, neither of those, I was a clerk. I was evacuated and glad to be so. But my point is I had a purpose back then, an order to my life that being a civilian lacked.

Alice saw that Katherine was nodding and even others were thoughtful as if recognising something in her words.

“But isn’t it all a bit extreme and old-fashioned?” Mary asked.

Alice saw Katherine frown and almost glare at the other girl.

“You tell me,” Alice said, “What attracted you to this scheme?”

“The lack of bars,” Janet put in ruefully.

Jenny blushed furiously and looked down as if something in Janet’s words had struck a chord. But the whole turn in the conversation was excruciating. Nonetheless she seemed to find her courage.

“It is not all extreme is it Miss Bowman, I lost my parents at an early age and I know what you mean about being lost. My aunt meant well but never seemed to know what to do with me. I don’t want to end up in gaol, really I don’t,” she said all of a splutter as if quoting someone and her eyes fell upon Janet as she said the last part.

Mary was chewing on the inside of her cheek as she pondered the discussion. Alice was certain that the woman had given no thought this at all. It was often that way with the most lost girls; they seemed to almost to fall into it by accident as if by instinct rather than design.

“But last night, you spanked Jenny, boy that was a hoot but…” Janet began.

Jenny went crimson, every bit of her that could be seen and she looked around in a panicked fluster at the other passengers. Even Katherine and Mary looked uncomfortable.

“But it is a bit old fashioned isn’t it,” Janet added lowering her voice.

Alice was impressed at her consideration. Not such a loss soul after all.

“Yes it is,” she said, “From top to… eh bottom, so to speak, so make your minds up to it girls,” she replied.

It was enough to stop all chatter for a while and the road to a new life began to swallow up the miles.


They arrived in Beaumont, a small town a few hours’ drive from Seattle, at around three in the afternoon. They could see at once that the white painted community was going to offer few distractions and on their way in the girls counted no more than a dozen shops, a church, a gas station, a movie house, two bars, a diner, an ice cream parlour and the public library. The town was so small that there wasn’t even a bus depot and the Greyhound made only a cursory stop. Just long enough for the women to gather their bags.

“Now girls, I have to get to the realty office to collect the keys and get the car out of the garage. I want you to wait right here,” Alice said once the small company was assembled on the corner, “Katherine you are in charge. I won’t be long.”

“What a dump,” Janet said in a tone of disgust as soon as Alice had gone.

Jenny too was pulling a face, although Mary looked less nervous than she had since they had all met up.

“I expect it is what is,” Katherine said enigmatically.

“They have a church anyway,” Mary said in a neutral voice.

Janet smirked and included Jenny in a rude gesture with her hand behind Mary’s back. Then pushing herself away from the brick wall she had leaned against Janet began to size the place up.

“I am going to look the bar over, maybe they have some decent men in this town,” she said.

“Janet, I think you should stay here, you heard what Alice said,” Katherine suggested.

Janet dismissed the older girl with her hand and strolled cat-like, one foot before the other, across the street to survey her new domain.

“Do you think she should do that?” Mary whined.

“I’m going to stay right here like Miss Bowman said,” Jenny put in piously.

You soon changed your tune, Katherine thought, as she looked impotently after Janet.

“Come back, wait for Miss Bowman,” the older woman raised her voice.

But Janet waved her away and with a lick of her lips headed down the street.

“I guess we could get a soda,” Mary suggested. It seemed like the thing to do, not being as bad as going somewhere they sold beer.

Katherine shot her a look of incredulous disdain and shook her head in disbelief. Then turning she watched as Janet wandered down as far as the first bar. There the wild youngster wheeled around and threw up her arms in consternation, evidentially finding the bar closed. Katherine urgently waved her back. But Janet responded with a two-handed salute and swept on down the street towards where the mom & pop stores had been and the other bar.

“Do you think Alice would mind if I went to the church then?” Mary said absently, “They sometimes have nice dances and other things on and I could find out. Besides it might be a Methodist minister, which would be neat.”

Jenny giggled at the idea but fell quiet at a glare from Katherine. By now Janet had gone from sight and Katherine hoped that the other bar would be closed too. So she stood staring after her shading her eyes from the sun.

“Katherine, where is Janet?” Alice called, suddenly appearing.

In her hands she held some keys. There were too many for just one house and Katherine recognised some for a car of some kind.

“She is… just checking out the neighbours I think,” Katherine said hesitantly.

“I told you to stay here,” Alice barked.

“But…” Katherine began.

“And that meant Janet too,” the governess continued sharply.

Katherine opened her mouth and arms to protest before closing them again.

“Katherine, I left you in charge. This simply won’t do,” Alice scolded, “Janet is a ward of the court and I am responsible if she absconds.”

“I don’t think she has gone far,” Jenny suggested helpfully.

Alice snatched a look at her watch and then impatiently up and down the street.

“Are we in a hurry Ma’am?” Katherine asked.

“That is not the point,” Alice snapped.

Just then Janet strolled into sight at the far end of Main Street and began to amble back. Alice looked like she was fuming and her glare encompassed them all.

“I am going to get the car,” she sighed, “This time wait here.”


They sat in stony silence as they made what was to be a short ride up into the hills. The mountains beyond looked high and were capped in snow and Katherine thought them rather beautiful. However, she was somewhat subdued having been left in charge and letting everyone down. Not that she had any real idea what she could have done about Janet.

Seeing Alice had her eyes fixed firmly on the narrow winding mountain road Katherine stole a glance at Janet who sat sullenly to her right. The latter girl returned a look that said ‘what did I do?’ But although she would never admit it the butterflies in her tummy warned the rebellious delinquent that this time she may have overstepped the mark. From their demeanour, Jenny and Mary obviously seemed to think so. And so they drove for almost an hour until they reached a white picket fence running along the edge of the road anda  right turn up a dirt track into the trees.

The mountains ducked in and out of view now, being not so easy to see through the closed-in woodland that cocooned the track in a soft green tunnel around them.

“Welcome to the boondocks,” Janet said scornfully.

But she didn’t say it loud and only Katherine heard her. Then all at once the trees fell away on one side revealing a paddock bordered by an identical white picket fence they had seen at the road. Beyond that was a white painted house with a colonial feel and a front porch that dominated the front of the building. Although not over-large it had three stories, with box-framed windows getting progressively smaller at each as the eye travelled upwards.

“Alright girls,” Alice said brightly as the car pulled up, “Get your bags and go in. At the top of the stairs on the second floor go to the left and choose a room.”


Despite themselves the women were all of a twitter as they explored their new home. Much comparison was done between rooms and given that there seemed to be six rooms between the four of them there was little bickering.

Janet had made a bee-line for the biggest room but Katherine had ignored her and dropped her own bags there first. The younger woman glared for a moment and then shrugged. It was easy enough to encourage Mary not to compete and Jenny had grabbed the smallest room anyway, one with pink flowers and a view.

The girls were still getting settled when they heard someone clapping. There hard short smacks from the half-landing on the stairs.

“Alright girls, gather round,” Alice was calling.

She waited until all four had collected at the rail on the upper floor before she fixed them with her gaze and continued.

“I am not entirely happy with you so far and as for this morning… well I will come to that. From now on you will adhere strictly to the rules, some of which are on the back of your bedroom doors. Others you will learn as we go along,” she began, “You will notice that Katherine is well-turned out. She has a hat and gloves as all ladies must wear in public and is dressed neatly and tastefully.”

Janet scowled and Mary shifted uncomfortably.

“Mary, while not exactly breaking the rules… well we will talk privately. As for you younger girls…” Alice continued, now examining Jenny’s ski-pants and Janet’s tight sweater and skirt, “I will be charitable and allow that you have opted for some kind of sports attire. This will now cease unless you are playing tennis or some other authorised outdoor activity.”

Janet now looked even more disconcerted and opened her mouth to protest.

“Janet is already in my bad books and would do well not to test me,” Alice pre-empted her, backing her words with a hard look in the girl’s direction, “Wait for me in your room directly that I dismiss you all,” she added sternly.

Janet continued to show her irritation while Katherine sucked in her cheeks and shifted uncomfortably.

“I see you are aware of your shortcomings, though they are not as serious as Janet’s,” Alice said almost kindly as she addressed the older girl. “My room is to the right at the end. Come see me later and we will talk.”

Katherine nodded.

“Dinner is at eight so if Jenny and Mary would attend me in the kitchen before seven we will prepare it. In due course I will engage some help, but until then we must shift for ourselves,” Alice told them. The with another brisk clap she dismissed them with, “Alright then, cut along girls.”

As the others drifted away Janet pursed her lips thoughtfully and pondered her options. She didn’t relish a confrontation with Alice and she supressed all thoughts of Jenny’s fate that began gather at the back of her mind. What was the big deal, she wonered, but thought better of testing the governess further. So with a sigh she trudged sullen to her room and dropped dejectedly onto the bed.


Alice knocked and entered Janet’s room without waiting and for once the latter looked somewhat nervous. After a moment’s hesitation Janet got to her feet under the older woman’s gaze and looked at her feet.

“You haven’t unpacked,” Alice accused her.

“No I…” Janet was ready with a snide comeback but Alice cut her off.

“Show me your clothes.” It was a terse tight order and immediately set-up and air of disciplined tension.

Janet frowned and grabbed her two bags from the floor and tossed them indolently onto the bed. One was a battered cream suitcase and the other grey duffle bag. Alice didn’t wait for Janet to open them and pushed the girl aside to flip them open.

“These are unsuitable,” Alice said sharply, snatching up some of the underwear.

“Hey, those cost me…” Janet wailed.

Alice glared her to silence.

“These are for recreation only,” Alice continued making a pile on the bed. “I will direct you when to wear them. This dress is fine, and that. The skirts… we will see. The rest will go into storage.”


“You have no gloves or hat?” Alice asked.

“Do I look like…?”

“A ‘no ma’am’ would suffice,” Alice snapped, “We will get some for you in town.”

“That dump? I wouldn’t be seen dead anything from there,” Janet snorted.

“Death might be preferable if you ever defy me there again,” Alice growled.


“You remember what I did to Jenny?” Alice asked.

As she spoke she dropped down to sit on the bed and eyed the girl sharply.

“That was…” Janet gulped, not knowing what to say to that.

“That was nothing to what will happen to you next time you test me in public. Jenny at least had the benefit of her pants where as I won’t hesitate to spank your little bare bottom outside the drugstore where everyone can see,” Alice’s voice was hard-edged and serious. Enough so that Janet blushed hard and hugged herself nervously. Before she could answer Alice continued asking her, “Do you have a hairbrush?”

“A what…?” Janet spluttered, understanding, “Hey come on, now.”

Both women’s eyes alighted on the object on the dresser at the same time.

“Oh, I see that you do,” Alice said, “Please hand it to me.”

Janet’s eyes went wide and she gaped.

“No listen,” she wailed.

“Please hand me the hairbrush,” Alice said in a slow hard voice, “If I have to ask again you will spend the rest of the afternoon and a good part of the evening in the corner downstairs with your bare bottom displayed for the edification of your new friends.”

Janet looked at the brush as if it were snake and then at Alice. If she surrendered now… anyway how could Alice make her stand in the corner, she wasn’t a kid?

Alice extended an arm and gestured with her fingers as she waited while Janet hovered nervously, now overcome by disbelief. The was a long pause as the girl swallowed hard and looked from the hairbrush to Alice’s hand and then slowly and deliberately shook her head.

Alice nodded and sighed. What happened next was fast. Alice half stood up and grabbed Janet with one arm and the other the brush in the other. Then somehow the girl was over her knee in a flop and staring at the rug half a foot from her nose.

“It’s hard to surrender the first time, I know,” Alice said gently.

As she spoke she loosened the button at the waist of Janet’s skirt and unzipped it down the back. All the while a wide-eyed the prone girl gaped like a fish, barely resisting as the skirt slid from under her and down her legs. In fact it wasn’t until Alice tackled the panties that Janet came alive.

“Nooo, nooo, no,” she suddenly sputtered to a wail.

“Hush now, you just know you have this coming don’t you?” Alice soothed.

“Get off me you bitch, get off,” Janet spat angrily but already her words were tailing off into something like tears of frustration.

The snug thigh-hugging panties were slid right down and off Janet’s legs sweater and stockings that now left nothing much for covering below the waist. Her bottom was snow-white just where her panties had been, revealing a daring sunbathing habit and Alice frowned. Her curves were full and round, vulnerable to some serious attention that had been too long neglected.

“Oh my,” Janet said breathlessly, “You can’t, you just can’t…” she said in panic.

But Alice did, bringing the flat side of the brush fiercely down onto virgin territory.

“Hyghuh,” Janet grunted, or something like it. Alice was ceaselessly amazed at the number or different ways that spanked girls expressed pain and surprise.

The red oval patch left by the hairbrush puckered up in a thousand goose-bumps where it turned red and Alice struck again.

“You bitch, you goddam Jesus sucking bitch, you…. Ahhhh-yah,” Janet carried on.

“Now if you continue with this I am going to wash your mouth-out with soap and if that doesn’t work I have more thorough ways of cleansing you,” Alice told her.

“Oooh,” Janet growled in frustration.

But nothing deterred Alice and she spanked in regular hard sweeps, one following the other until God alone knew how many swats there had been. All the while Janet grunted angrily, determined now to outlast the indignity so that she could spit in Alice’s eye.

“Make no mistake girl; once we are done here you are going to spend a long time in the corner I assure you,” Alice reminded her, “You are going to be so sorry you didn’t cooperate.”

“Go to hell bitch,” Janet yelled.

Alice sighed and reluctantly put the brush down. The grabbing the hapless Janet by the ear she hauled her to her feet. “Very well,” she said and led the kicking protesting girl to the door and through it where she could be seen by anyone around.

“You can’t… hey…” Janet wailed.

But nothing helped and the thoroughly miserable Janet was led down the hall past an openly shocked Mary and faintly amused Jenny all the way to the bathroom.

“Get off me, you can’t do this,” Janet spluttered in uncertainty.

Alice shoved the girl into the old tiled room and blocked her escape. Then she pointed at the rubber tubes, funnels and some rubber bags hanging there.

“We can tackle one end or the other,” Alice said firmly, “You decide.”

Janet had heard of such things and stared at the paraphilia in horror. Worse still she could see Mary and Jenny still watching the scene through the open door and self-consciously she hunched over to guard her exposed front.

Alice chose the moment of hesitation to grab a bar of soap from its dish and present it to the hapless girl.

“Open wide,” she demanded,

“You can go and…” Janet raged, but she was gagged by the soap bar jamming into her mouth.

Alice held it there, pinning the girl by the nape of her neck.

“Now bite down hard and hold it,” Alice told her, but as soon as she let go Janet spluttered away.

Undeterred Alice tried again smearing Janet’s tongue and causing her to make choking sounds.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry,” Janet wailed.

“Now bite it or I will turn you over the edge of the bath and introduce your bottom to an enema tube,” Alice warned.

Janet looked askance at the varying tubes and nozzles hanging on the wall and thought about the threat and her failure to prevent everything else so far. Then the mortified Janet went strawberry and averted her eyes from anyone who might be watching outside. After one final scowl of defiance she reluctantly took the bar of soap between her teeth.

“That’s a good girl;” Alice said quietly, “Now hold it for two minutes and I’ll let you rinse your mouth out: this time.”

Finally Janet was allowed to spit and rinse before being led back down the hall to her room again.

“Wh-where are we…? Oh come on, I said I was sorry,” Janet wailed.

“And I am glad to hear it, but we have a spanking to finish don’t we?” Alice sighed, “In fact we had hardly got started you little hellion.”

“But…” Janet gasped.

But this time she was much less resisting as she tumbled over Alice’s knee and took the first of another onslaught to her bare bottom.

“Now let us see if we can make an impression on this bottom of yours,” Alice said in a determined voice. “Is that alright with you now?”

The brush bit down with a crack heard down the hall and Janet yelled.

“Is it?” Alice pressed her. “Or do we need another visit to the bathroom?”

“No Ma’am,” Janet gasped, “I mean yes Ma’am.”

“Well, which is it?” Alice asked silkily.

Janet worked her mouth as she tried hold back her distressed panic, she was confused now.

“I am asking you if you need a good sound spanking,” Alice pressed the young woman.

“Yes Ma’am,” Janet wailed.

“A good sound spanking on your bare bottom?” Alice added, supressing a chuckle. When they caved the crashed, she thought.

“Yes Ma’am,” Janet said tears pricking her eyes.

“Tell me then,” Alice scolded, “Say it.”

Janet noticed the door was ajar and sobbed.

“I gave you the option of a nice ladylike private spanking and you decided to play the hellion,” Alice reminded her.

“Please Ma’am, I’m sorry,” Janet said finally breaking to tears.

“I know you are, but now I need some public contrition,” Alice soothed, “Now ask me nicely.”

“Please Ma’am… I…” Janet swallowed and thought she would die and then she chokingly spluttered, “Please Ma’am… please give me…” she gulped, “A good s-sound sp-spanking…” she gulped again, “On my… on my… ooh, bare bottom,” she finally bawled.

“I am glad to oblige,” Alice sighed and brought the brush down hard again as the first of a volley that began to raise rubber-welted pads on the crowns and sit-spots of both of Janet’s bottom cheeks.

In a very short time Janet was crying freely like a kid, telling herself that it hurt, which it did. But it was the fall of her castle so cynically constructed over years that she so thoroughly lamented. She sobbed and sobbed until there was nothing else.

To be continued.

3 Responses to “The Sinclair Method (part 2)”

  1. 1 paul1510

    part two certainly lives up to the promise of part one. 🙂

  2. 2 Vlad

    With four wayward girls and a firm handed governess you certainly have plenty of material to work with. I hope to see lots of bare bottomed corner time, mouth soaping and somebody getting an enema.

  3. 3 Bill Black

    I’m so glad this is a series. Right from the pages of history. Love it,

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