Taken to task by my boss


office girlLast week Karen joined in a discussion in comments on an old short story of mine. When it was suggested that she had quite a story to tell, unbidden she wrote this account and emailed it in for publication.

Karen wrote:

When I was 19 I went to work for Glenda as a kind of general assistant PA. She was beautiful and I was totally smitten and she knew it. Being much older than me and with a girlfriend I didn’t think I had a hope, but she used to tease and flirt with me just for fun I think.

When got things went wrong she used say ‘naughty girl’ and really got my fantasies going.

About six months after I started with her I had to send 74 letters after photocopying them and top and tail them and mail each one. I remember the number clearly because every single one of them went to the wrong address. Glenda was furious and I thought she was going to cry.

I told her mother always said I was a numpty as I always did things like that and that I would be sorry to leave. Glenda laughed and said it wouldn’t come to that and asked what mother would have done with me.

I lied and said I would be spanked. I have no idea why.

‘Oh I would love to spank you for this’ she told me and she laughed.

Plucking up all my courage I told her I deserved it. I was so embarrassed. She said nothing then. We both had to work all weekend to fix the mess and by Sunday afternoon we had phoned everyone and done some re-mailing.

Then Glenda said was I serious about having a spanking? I just blushed and got tongue-tied.

Needless to say I went over her knee with my knickers down and got my first ever spanking. Nothing like my fantasies and it really hurt and I even cried as I said sorry.

Then she says ‘were you really spanked at home?’

I admitted I lied about that so she said I deserved another spanking then if I was still sorry.

Before that I had to stand in the corner for about an hour while she phoned her partner to tell her she would be late and finished the work. Then I went back over her knee and was spanked longer and harder than before until I was a mess. But I kind of loved it – afterwards anyway.

I couldn’t really sit down properly for three days and it took a week for the marks to fade.

After that Glenda told me that she could spank me when I needed it but there would be nothing else between us. That made me sorry but I took her terms.

I was spanked a lot by her then, always on the bare and always in two parts with long corner times so that she could tease and gloat about it. The humiliation was part of it for me.

About six months afterwards her partner found out and there was a row. I hoped that we might advance things but we didn’t.

Glenda told me she would still be spanking me and her girlfriend had calmed down about it as there was no sex. Then she showed me her bottom and the welts and bruises far worse than mine. They were a switch couple, only both of them preferred to be top. Glenda had just traded a year of being the submissive on account of me. I found that pretty thrilling but couldn’t get many details from her and I was surprised to see that she was embarrassed. But I did sometimes see signs of her punishments after that and loved hearing about it when she would tell me. But unfortunately I was never punished by her girlfriend or saw Glenda spanked.

I got my own girlfriend about then and she loved that I got spanked by the boss and used to put cream and stuff on my bum at night. But she didn’t want to spank me and I couldn’t find it in me to spank her so I just had Glenda for another 18 months.

I later found an older bossy girlfriend and changed jobs and that’s about it. Except I am still getting spanked and I’ll get spanked if she finds out I wrote this. But I like to live dangerous and read blogs like A Voice in the Corner.

4 Responses to “Taken to task by my boss”

  1. 1 John Pretzel

    How I would love to be in that situation.

  2. Great story Karen. Thank you for sharing.

  3. 3 cindy2

    You were indeed in a fortunate situation. I can imagine the electricity in the air when you had to disrobe for your boss and also when she displayed her own bottom for you, showing you the marks resulting from the spankings she received from her partner. I know I would have wanted to touch her bottom.

  4. 4 Mike

    Good Morning-

    I don’t know if it has made international news but this week there was faux outrage (and it almost all seems faux lately) here in Les Etats over the use of the word ‘bossy’ to describe women, at least in the business or corporate environments.

    When something on the periphery of our ‘hobby’ like this occurs I like to watch the reactions of people discussing it to see if we might have a closeted spanko amongst us.

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