spankmanshipSpankmanship, the latest story to be published by LSF is now available.

Sylvia Burns is married to Gerald, who is rich – very rich. She lives in a gorgeous house and has more money than she knows what to do with … nevertheless, she is bored.

As she learns more about the household, she discovers that Mary Granger the housekeeper has a predilection for corporal punishment. It seems this household is one where the members of staff are birched and caned and strapped, and it isn’t long before Sylvia experiences the cane as she is punished by the housekeeper and made to do public corner time.

When Gerald returns home he decides it is time for his wife to learn his rules, and once he has given her a first spanking he tells Mary not to go easy on her while he is away.

Over time, Sylvia learns to submit to her husband. She also learns that her husband has two mistresses, and that he is obsessed by all things spanking. Gerald has long hoped and prayed that his spoilt wife would awaken to his world … and he is not disappointed.

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