Consenting Adults


consenting adultsTwo quick anecdotes in a real life strand.

Sarah J writing on Tough Love wrote:

When I met John I was totally into him even though he was 12 years older than me. Everyone said he was a bit weird but it didn’t deter me even when he made it clear that he wasn’t interested. He told me I was too young for what he was into and to come back when I was older.

I was 21 at the time so I was completely mystified. However, I was a bit naïve and probably immature back then which probably made him cautious.

One day he told me he was into spanking and wasn’t messing about. I thought this was totally cool and said I didn’t mind, although I had no idea what I was getting into.

I found out during our second date. After months of hounding him he finally ask me for a drink but the second time I got lost and wound up being two hours late. Luckily he stopped at the pub to play darts and was still there.

“You know you’re going to get it,” he said, “And I bet you’ll back off then.”

I was embarrassed as he said it in front of people in the pub, but I said that I knew and that I agreed. So we went back to his place.

Once there he had a go at me and told me take my knickers down from under my skirt. It was totally wild and I was really red, but excited too and did it. Then he took me over his lap and pulled up my skirt.

The spanking was hard and took me by surprise by how much it hurt, especially when after he just sent me home with a quick kiss and said he would call me.

My bum was really red and hurt for a couple of days, but I could think of nothing else. I wasn’t sure how I felt and made sure that when he called me for another date that I wasn’t late. Anyway the next date went well and he chilled a bit and we arranged dinner. Nothing much was said about the spanking and after another I date I decided to test him by being late again.

This time he made me take my skirt and knickers right off and stand in the corner for about 10 minutes. I was so embarrassed and totally wild, but still went ahead with it. Then he spanked me again, this time really hard and for a long time until I yelled and wanted him to stop.

He did, but said if I wanted to muck him about then I had to learn and he sent me to the corner again to think about it. After a really long time he said something like ‘you want to go on’ and made say what would happen.

He made me say sorry and ask him to spank me and finish it to the end this time or I could go.

I tried to be brave but by the end I was crying a bit, but it was really lovely hugging and he kissed me afterwards. That was the first time we had sex.

After that I learned about the cane and his belt and later we went on to me writing lines and other things. I was totally vanilla before that and I still get scared but it is also good to know that he is boss and I have to take it. I always feel good afterwards now.

I am still with him and getting spanked four years later.


Carla wrote about her most embarrassing moment.

Back when I played rugby I had a crush on this older woman. Oh yes, I am a lesbian, better to say. I used to hang back in changing rooms to catch a glimpse of her naked or in the showers. This went on for weeks until one day I got a bit too obvious and she caught me.

She pretended to be madder than she was, although I couldn’t tell then, and yelled at me until I was so ashamed. Then she went to the door and locked it and told me that I deserved to have my bare bottom smacked.

I could scarce draw a breath and my head was spinning but I didn’t resist as this athletic half naked woman (she was only wearing a shirt) took me over her thighs and bared my own bottom. We were the only ones there and she really spanked me hard with a training shoe for a long hard time.

She teased me about how aroused I was even though I begged and she spanked me again even harder. Eventually we heard a noise and the caretaker came in and saw us. Me wet at both ends and with a very red bottom and her still half naked.

I bet my face was redder, especially when she casually told him that if he wanted to lock up she could spank me at home.

I had already been over her knee for half an hour by then and that’s where I spent most of the rest of the evening and many times after until.

Two snippets pulled from the usual suspects.

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    Enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing those snippets.

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