A Random Spanking


random OTK spankingNo idea where this came from. It has been on the hard drive since before my PC was replaced two years ago. It is probably a spanking shoot picture, but I love the expression on her face and the ‘reality feel’ of it.

As you might guess, I am still on leave, hence the light post.

7 Responses to “A Random Spanking”

  1. 1 Johnxc

    She certainly looks startled, as if asking “Why did this happen?”. Maybe this was her first spanking, or at least the first from this particular spanker. Or maybe it was given on impulse, even though the young lady had not done anything to “deserve” it on this occasion.

  2. I recognize those drapes. That looks like it might have been taken at the hotel we had our first party at, back in 1991 in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles county. Then again, other hotels might buy those same drapes but I guarantee that’s a hotel room photo.

  3. 4 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    I’ve long heard tales, particularly from a friend who had lived in South Africa, about a “people” who had only one buttock. Now finally here is photographic evidence to back that story up. Oh, and nice authentic looking expression too. Great find.

  4. 5 nikolaikaa

    Looks like Skye from MySpankings.com.

  5. like the attitude on her face!

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