Sorority Spanking Rocks


sorority spankingA young lady called Sazza sent me an email subject tagged ‘for publication’ with this picture saying “This could be me and my sisters,” and signed off “Sorority Spanking Rocks.”

This very shy woman’s brief missive did not make it clear if she was saying that she thought that this was her, or as I suspect, just that she had been in this position. As yet she hasn’t replied to my reply and I suspect now that she won’t so enjoy this possible candid.

15 Responses to “Sorority Spanking Rocks”

  1. 1 Tony

    Check out those pj’s they are pretty recent vintage. I am positive that pledges are still getting paddled. It’s just so darn hard to get a full detailed description from a pledge. Any information that I have been able to get has been small bits and pieces that were told to me to just acknowledge it’s happening. I am hoping someday to meet a pledge who will give me a true, detailed account of her padding. I have a Sorority Paddle Story addiction. There I said it. Considering how popular this subject is, I don’t think I’m along.

  2. Or they could be any of the girls I pass by or chat with every day in my small university town. Those butts look familiar. Let’s hope so. 🙂

    • 4 Tony

      O.H.M. I have learned that the best way to get information is to ask questions. I haven’t gotten much but when I did get information I was the one who started the conversation in that direction. I would see a girl wearing a sorority t-shirt with the Greek letters and I would in a round about way say, my cousin was in a sorority and she loved it, except for the hell week when she got her butt paddled. See the reaction and if they reply with yes that was tough and I’m glad that is over. If you get a lead in that confirms they did get paddled then you can fish for more information. GOOD LUCK FISHING.

      • Tony, I have enough trouble mustering up the courage to say ‘hello’ much less engage in a conversation about spanking with a pretty college girl.

        • 6 Tony

          I’m 66 years old and they feel like they are talking to there grandpa. I have no trouble talking to them.

  3. 7 DJ

    No sorority girls to ask in my neck of the woods 😉

  4. 8 cindy2

    I wasn’t in a college sorority but had a friend who was. She admitted that she was paddled and gave me a few details. The paddling occurred not over her bare bottom but when she was wearing shorts and held the back of a chair. I wanted to ask all kinds of questions but was afraid I would reveal my own interests if I did so proceeded no further. I had another friend with whom I would have had no qualms inquiring further, but the sorority girl and I had never shared those kinds of intimacies.

    • 9 Tony

      Cindy2, I understand where you are coming from, BUT you are not a weirdo because you are a spankO. The Internet has opened up the whole world of fetishes. All you would have to tell your friend is spanking is your hot button. Tell her I don’t know why but I was born this way. When I hear about spanking it turns me on. Then add, I guess there could be worse kinks. Then ask, What’s yours? You will be surprised how this straight honest approach works. Don’t be ashamed to admit you have a spankO kink. There are thousands of sexual kinks. Straight vinalla sex is not the normal, kinky sex is and the world accepts that. Why do you think 50 shades made millions of dollars in sales? I look forward to your detailed follow post.

      • 10 cindy2

        Tony, I often wonder why 50 Shades has attracted so much attention. I “store” read a few pages but was not impressed enough to buy it. I would like to believe that there are loads of people out there who are closet subs or Doms/Dommes but I can’t bring myself to believe this is true. I wonder if it was curiosity that put 50 Shades on the best seller list.

        I think I was born with this fetish–or developed it early on for reasons I can not understand.

        • 11 Tony

          Cindy2 I can only agree that we all are born with this fetish. I am 66 years old and I tell people that I have been a Spanko for 66 years. I can remember from early childhood that I had a great interest in anything spanking. Way before I even had sexual feelings (an erection) I was looking for any material that mentioned spanking. The Sorority association came much later. I have a female cousin who is one year younger than I am. She joined a Sorority in college. One weekend she came home and I over heard her say that last night she really got roasted (her exact words) and she said her butt was still sore. Talk about instant erections, I pumped my cousin for the details and from that day on I couldn’t get enough Sorority stories. T1

  5. 12 alsq

    The appears to me from a film. I can’t get the name right now, but hope to check out a few on my comp and let you know.

    • 13 DJ

      Thanks 🙂

      • 14 alsq

        Sorry. It seemed to me that it was from a film titled “21 and Above” (2013). But, that apparently had only two “pledges”.

        • 15 DJ

          It looks like a candid to me – probably only horseplay – its not important really but thanks – 😉

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